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Porn Call

Janis was at her apartment with Tig, she was watching some really interesting pirate movie when the phone rang and she saw the call came from Caracara. "Luann, is Tig being a jerk? I'm gonna pick him up right now." She said before the caller said anything, Tig said he was going to Caracara with Juice to watch 'art being made'.

"Hey, baby, it's not Tig. I just want to tell you, your old man is here." Luann said, Janis already asked her, when Chibs is in Caracara to tell Janis, not because she is jealous, but she wants to know how often he is passing his time with these bitches.

"Oh ok, at least he is behaving, right?" Janis asked, she had a deal with Chibs, he could watch any of the girls, just not touch them.

"Chibs is, but the girls, they cannot see a man with a ring and they all get crazy. I know how you hate them; I just want to give you a heads up, before you break one of them in half again." Luann said, one of the girls was sited beside Chibs, trying to get his attention. "I think you should come here." She said.

Although Luann said to Janis go fast, the girl didn't take a lot of mind to it; she finished the movie and just then decided to go, an hour later. "Hey baby!" she said, as she entered the warehouse, Chibs was beside Tig and Juice, the last one making out with one of the girls. "I thought you have work today." She said, Tig laughed as Chibs got blushed red.

"I did, love, yer da asked me to come to Caracara, I came, ya know I get distracted by this art." He said, Janis could just laugh at his lie. He got up from the red couch and approached his girl, holding her waist and kissing her forehead. "None of them is as beautiful as ya babe, don't ya worry." He whispered in her ears.

"It's not your fidelity that I'm concerned, it's theirs." She said, looking at a few of Luann's girls, watching them from far. "If you want Lil'Chibs to have any action in the next months, you come with me now." She said and that made him look quite concerned. "Ok, I'm leaving" she said, but Chibs held her hand.

"Let's go, my beautiful jealous wee thing." He said to her, kissing her neck and then her lips. She ran to accompany him walking as he rested his arm in her shoulder. "I want nothing with those girls, love." He said then. "You are me love." He completed, making Janis laugh as he said that and laugh as she was worried for nothing. Chibs loved the sound of her laugh. "Now let's go home, so we can practice what I saw here." He said, making her laugh even harder and grin with lusty eyes.