Hello. I'm not that sure what I should say. Just this girl who said her name was Meg handed me this and said that I should get down everything I remember.

"But I don't remember anything!" I said.

"Yes," she made a little face and nodded, "You just write what you know, and stay in bed. I'll come back in a little while."

She walked out the door, closing it, then opened it again, "Do not leave. I am not kidding. DO NOT LEAVE."

Write what I know. Okay. I know I am in a bed. In a bed in a room. And the room has one little window on the other side of the bed. And there is a door. On the other side of the door is a girl named Meg. She told me not to leave.

I have no clue who I am. And my head hurts. My stomach hurts. I'm really hungry.

OOH! I can hear voices outside!

"Wait, don't go in!" That's that Meg girl's voice.

"What? Why?" says a male voice. I wonder who that is.

"She woke up."

"What?! That's great Meg! I going in!"

"No don't Carl! She doesn't remember anything."

So the guy's name is Carl.


"Would you stop saying that? Yeah, didn't the wizard or someone say that? That they stole her memories too?"


"She… doesn't remember… anything?" Carl-guy asked.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, Carl. You want to go in there and talk to her? I can tell the others," Meg-girl said and I hear footsteps and a door closing.

ACK. I'm not supposed to be up!

Okay. I'm in bed again. I wonder who this Carl guy is!

I wonder if he's cute.

OMG. I can't believe I just said that! For all I know I could be married!

That would be weird. If I was married. Huh. I'm probably not married.


I have to breath. Ohgosh. Ohgosh. Breeeeaaaathhh….

I just woke up, with no memories and I'M MARRIED! AAAHHHHH!

It's a very nice ring. Hmmm…

I wonder what my name is.


It's this guy. This tall, blonde, cute guy. He smiles. I bite my lip, then smile back.

"Hi," I say.

"Hi," he says.

"Um," I stop smiling and bite my lip again, "Can you tell me what my name is?"

"You really don't remember anything, do you?" guy-who-might-be-this-Carl-person says.

"Um, no."

"Your name is Summer Jacobson," he tells me.

Summer Jacobson. Hun. I thought I was more of a Allie. Anyway.

Summer Jacobson.

"And… what's your name?"

"Carl Jacobson."

"So this," I hold you my left and point to the ring, "is from you?"

"Yes," he smiled again.

OHMYGOSH. OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH! HOLY- …uh, I'm not sure how to end that.

"Are we… engaged?" I try.

"No, Summer."

OHMYGOSH! I just woke up married! It's like Las Vegas! Only worse because I DON'T REMEMBER ANYTHING!

"Um, MEG?" Carl yelled, turning slightly, "MEG?! She's hyperventilating!"

Meg ran in with three girls following.

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" an Asian girl demanded.


"What did you tell her?!"

"That we were married that's all!"

"CARL!" all four girls yelled.

"WHAT?!" he yelled.

"Let's go make breakfast," one girl said and she and another girl grabbed Carl's arms and lead him out.

"Okay Summer, breath…" the Asian girl said, "I'm Taylor and that was Brandi and Daisy."

"Okay," I said, "I am so lost."

"Well," Taylor said, "What do you remember?"

"Past waking up? NOTHING!"

Meg and Taylor exchanged glances, "Okaaayyyy…"

"Do you need medical help when you get amnesia?" Meg whispered to Taylor.

"I don't know!" Taylor hissed back.

"Um, guys?" I whispered.

"What?" they said at the same time, putting on fake smiles as if couldn't just hear them.

"Am I gonna die?"

"WHAT?! NO!" they both yelled.

Meg laughed nervously, "Everything is cool Summer,"

"Cool?" I made a face, "It's not cool, it's fine. Why? Are you cold?"

"What? No, I mean- do you know what cool means? The slang definition?" Meg tilted her head and looked at Taylor.

"It means cold," I said and smiled, the girls smiled back.

Taylor stood up, "Um, yeah, Why don't you rest here and we'll help the others with breakfast."

"Okay?" I said and watched them leave.

So this is Meg now. I took the datapad from Summer because I'm currently on my break from working at the Electric Diner.

Not sure if the sentence made any sense, it has been a busy morning!

So after Taylor and I left Summer we had breakfast and Brandi and I went downstairs to start work at the ED. But before we left we gave Carl strict instructions on not to freak Summer out anymore.

"No talking about your love life, no talking about you child, no talking about the people that wnt to kill us!" I hissed.

"What am I supposed to say then?!" Carl demanded.

"Talk about the island," Brandi said, "Show her how to use the Force, talk about going to Oz and read her the book, The Wizard of Oz."

"You want me to tell her she has the Force but not that she had a child?"

"YES!" we all yelled.

"Look, you see how freaked out she got when you said you two were married, mentioning your kid might send her over the edge," Daisy said.

"Plus, I'm pretty sure she'll believe the whole force thing," Taylor added, "She didn't even know what cool meant!"

So after yelling (quietly, as to not scare Summer) for a while Brandi and I came down to work at the diner.

"Hey you guys!" Hector said, "Have a good sleep?"

"Yep," we replied nonchalantly.

"Cool, why don't you put on these aprons and I'll show you the ropes?"


It was this girl holding a paper with a laptop bag slung over her shoulder.


"Yes, we tend to… do that. Exist, I mean" Hector said, rather awkwardly.


"Um, I think you're awake…" Hector said.

"Are you from a universe parallel to this one where the Electric Company is just a tv show on PBS too?" I asked.

"What?" Brandi and Hector said.

"YES! Where I just thought it wasn't real, but then I come to New York City to see Phantom of the Opera and BANG! I find a help wanted sigh for THE ELCTRIC DINER!" the girl paused for breath, "I'm Tessa by the way. Did you think the EC was fictional too?"

"Yes! I'm Meg- hey wait, Tessa? You were going to see Phantom of the Opera?" I asked.

"Love that musical," Brandi sighed.

"Yeah, I won tickets through a radio station contest."

"Do you write… fanfiction?"

"Yeeeaaahhh… whhyyyyyy?"

"Are you The Electric Phantom?" I giggled.

"YES! Do you write fanfiction too?" Tessa giggled back.

"Yes! I just posted a whole bunch of fics that are.. well… the truth, I'm Jedi Annie Scrambler!"

"ANNIE SCRAMBLER'S A JEDI?!" Hector yelled.

"OMG THOSE ARE REAL?" Tessa gasped.

"Wait, you posted about us?!" Brandi asked.

"Yes! Just the transcripts I got off the datapad about, you know, our merry mis-adventures."

"Um… can we get back to learning how to work the diner?" Hector asked.



Dear Fiyero, THIS IS BUDDY. I just wanted to say that I need meat! And that I am taking over your role as chief spy-er-on-er of the peoples! And that I LOVE MEAT! That is all. Buddy

Dear Elphaba and Fiyero, I am writing you to say that Summer has woken up from her coma but she has severe but yet patchy amnesia. I say severe but patchy because she does remember anything about herself or her life but she can speak perfect French while Taylor and Meg didn't even know she could speak French.
Carl is quite disturbed by the whole thing, especially when Summer freaked out because he told her they were married. We have decided to not tell her about their baby.
We have settled in nicly in New York City, and are trying to help Summer recover some more while we search for the Violet Dagger. Daisy

Dear Girls, Guys, and the Jacobsons, YO YO YO! Fiyero here with a little update from Oz! First off, Buddy, you creep me out, don't ever write me again, I HAVE NO MEAT!
Secondly, I'm so glad to hear that Summer's French has improved! And Elphaba is glad to hear that she is doing better, aside from the amnesia thing. I suggest whacking her on the head, that's how they fixed Mr Crazy-hair-teacher's amnesia on Happy last night!

Anyway, we have gone into hiding because Morrible is back! YES! FISH FACE HERSELF! She has taken over the government and everything is in a sad state. Luckily Fae has found a little rebel group for us to join so we can help OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT! YAY!
Good luck finding the Pink Knife! Fiyero and Elphaba

Dear Fiyero, ONE, it's Mr. Schuester from GLEE, not 'Happy' GLEE. Second, THE VIOLET DAGGER. VIOLET DAGGER! And third, have fun overthrowing the government.
I can't believe I just said that. Meg.

Dear Carl, I don't advise taking Yero's advice on fixing Summer's amnesia. I need not remind you that he is NOT a certified doctor, and he got his ideas from watching Happy or whatever it's called. Best of luck to you, might I suggest a true love's kiss?Elphaba

Dear Elphaba, I wasn't planning on hitting my wife over the head. Also, she seems a little freaked out that we're married, so for the moment a kiss is out of the question. Why is she concerned that we're married?! Carl


Dear Fiyero, Oh where is my meat? Oh where is my meat? Oh where oh where oh where oh where is my meeeaaattt! Love Buddy

Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey! The most exciting thing just happened! SO! Brandi, Tessa and I were working in the diner and Daisy was having lunch and talking with Keith and Jessica about something (Harry Potter I think). Annie and Danny were sharing a smoothie. (Which really isn't important to what I'm going to say. But whatever.)

And then a blonde girl walked in. I swear you could hear a pin drop.

Tessa and I looked at each other.

"Lisa?" Jessica whispered.

Yeah. Hi. My name is Jedi Annie scrambler and you probably don't remember me... Kidding. But yes, it has been waaayyy too long since I've updated this. I sear I am still thinking about it and I will probably be able to post more regularly now that I've got this 'school' thing under control. Jessica?

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Manny: Now Disney owns Star Wars!

JAS: Yeah! If you didn't know!


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Taylor: But now we know that the movies were wrong and that Padme lives and Anakin's okay!

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