The cover picture above was the inspiration for this little ficlet. It was drawn by my best friend in the entire world, tumblr user ferbfletch. uwu

The afternoon sun poked through the leaves of their tree, dappling their bodies with light and warmth. They sat side-by-side, as they so often did, but for perhaps the second day on record there were no blueprints or plans laid out before them. They were merely two young boys basking in the glow of their favorite season, and in the presence of one another.

"Ferb? You look kinda nervous. You okay?"

Their hands met on the grass, and Phineas took his brother's firmly and stroked the back with his thumb, as he had seen Jeremy do to Candace when she was too stressed.

So often when they were alone, the floodgates would open and release a wave of observations and comments from Ferb, who was not the emotionless robot so many assumed him to be. But now… now, he had no words. They refused to pass his throat. So instead, he stared down at their entwined fingers with the look of a young boy with a very big crush. This look had crossed his face before… but always with the older girls who made him feel smart and important wen they noticed him.

Never with Phineas.

The boy in question laughed and moved closer, their hands parting as he instead moved to wrap his arms around Ferb's neck. "Aw, c'mon, Ferb! Don't be worried about that! We talked about this already. It's only the best thing we could do." He bumped their noses together and grinned. "We complete each other. Remember?"

Ferb couldn't help but smile. The look in Phineas's eyes almost demanded it.

"I'm not worried," he said in his soft voice. "I'm… just acting like a normal boy with a new date."

"Are you implying that I'm not normal?"

"Has anyone ever implied that you were?"

Phineas laughed, and in observing this wonderful phenomenon Ferb missed his brother's hands leaving his shoulders and taking their place on either side of his own body. And suddenly they were kissing.

It was gentle, and it was sweet, and it was over in a matter of seconds. Still, the ever-calm Ferb was blushing like mad, his brows furrowed in those few precious moments as he tried to kiss back in the most satisfactory way possible.

"I love you," Phineas beamed, and that was that. No review of the performance, no comments on how utterly amazing it was, no flustered giggling.

"I love you too," Ferb mumbled, and his brother leaned against him and nuzzled his shoulder and placed a hand on his leg like all of it was nothing. Nothing at all. Two boys, two brothers, so young and inexperienced, allowing themselves to do these things…

And then Phineas was talking. He spoke, of course, of grand inventions and adventures, of unfinished blueprints and schematics, all while resting against Ferb with the kiss still fresh on his lips.

This was just how it was. It was life - their life. And neither would trade it for anything in the world.

Ferb wrapped an arm around Phineas's shoulders and listened to him as attentively as ever, even as his heart hammered away in his chest and threatened to just up and stop if Phineas ever kissed him by surprise again. He would, though. He always did.

It was just how things were.