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Chapter 1: Blasts From The Past

Greg was leaning on the counter top of the lab's reception waiting to see if he had any messages for the morning when a tall man approached him. The man had short black hair and was wearing black boots and jeans with a blue button down shirt, nothing unusual about that. However what Greg did find intriguing was that the man wore a skull ring on his left hand very similar to the one Nick had, and he had told Greg it was very rare.

"Excuse me sir?" the man said to Greg in a thick Texan accent. Greg smiled at the man to show he had his attention. "I'm looking for Nick Stokes?"

"Sure I'll take you to him" Greg replied eager to help as usual "Is he expecting you?" he asked after giving the lady at the reception a swift wave goodbye after she told him she had no messages.

"No not in so many words" the man said in a low voice and shoving his hands in his pockets.

"So how do you know Nick?" Greg asked curiously as he began to lead the way. He was currently guessing the man was an old friend of Nick's from Texas on a surprise visit.

The man opened his mouth to reply when Nick suddenly appeared from Grissom's office sifting through some papers.

"Oh, Nick!" Greg called and his older college looked up in horror at the sight of the man stood next to Greg.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Nick almost growled at the man. Greg remained stood in the middle his curious gaze zooming back and forth between the two men.

"Nicky please…" the man started but Nick soon interrupted.

"No, get the hell out of here!" Nick yelled. People in the surrounding labs stopped what they were doing to be nosey and see what was going on. "Get away from him Greg" Nick said in almost a whisper now. Greg remained where he was feeling awfully confused. "Greg get away" Nick said his tone more demanding now. He grabbed onto the young CSI's arm and pulled Greg behind him protectively.

"Still scared of me huh?" the other Texan sighed and looked down at the floor helplessly.

"I know what you're capable of" Nick said with a glare.

"Nick what's going on?" Greg whispered in his friend's ear more than a little worried now "Who is this guy?"

"This is Jason" Nick replied bluntly "My so called oldest brother"

"Nicky no matter what you believe I will always be your brother" Jason said trying to look meaningful but Nick just scoffed.

"You are no brother of mine and you know damn well why not" Nick said going and standing right up in his brothers face now. "Leave, and don't let me ever have to see you again" and with that he stormed off down the corridor. Jason ran a hand down in face and leaned against the wall. Everyone else went back to work.

"Nick, wait!" Greg called going after his friend to find out what was wrong, but Jason grabbed his wrist tight and pulled Greg back towards him.

"You're Greg Sanders right?" Nick's brother asked desperately. Greg slowly nodded but refused to take his eyes off Jason's iron grip. "Yes I know all about you, Nick talks about you a lot to our parents. He's very fond of you…" there was something about Jason's voice then that made Greg feel quite intimidated and scared. "And that means he'll listen to you, so I need you to get him to talk to me, just for five minutes" Jason pleaded looking desperate now.

"I don't know…" Greg said quietly feeling very hesitant. He may be feeling scared but that didn't give him the excuse to force Nick to talk to someone he clearly didn't want too. "I don't know what happened between you two but Nick's clearly upset by it and I don't want to make him do anything he doesn't want too."

"Please you have to help me" the man's grip tightened on Greg's wrist and the young CSI winced. "I've barely spoken to Nicky in nearly twenty five years. I just want to tell him I'm sorry and that I love him and miss him. I just want my brother back…" the man seemed genuinely broken. Greg bit his bottom lip whilst he considered this for a moment.

"Ok…I'll see what I can do" Greg finally conceded and the Texan smiled in relief finally letting go of Greg's wrist. Greg rubbed it sheepishly; it hurt pretty badly and was definitely going to leave a bruise. He wondered if strength was a genetic trait that ran in the Stokes family.

Greg went off in search for the younger of the two Texans. He found Nick minutes later sat alone in one of the interrogation rooms looking at the floor with his hands clasped. He seemed in deep thought.

"Nick?" Greg said quietly as he entered to room so as not to startle Nick.

"Hey G" Nick replied in a somewhat anguished voice. He didn't look up from the floor.

Greg quietly closed the door behind him and sat down opposite Nick still rubbing his wrist which had just started to turn purple.

"Look, I don't expect you to tell me what that was all about, it's obviously private" Greg said being very careful not the hurt Nick's feelings. "But I just want you to know that if there's anything bothering you, then you can talk me. I don't like seeing you upset." He explained genuinely.

"You…you wouldn't understand" Nick sniffed, he seemed close to tears and that made Greg feel sad as well.

"Hey…" he said softly reaching across the table to put a hand gently on Nick's arm "Man, you can tell me anything. I would never judge you."

"I know…" Nick said with a light smile looking Greg in the eyes. He felt so lucky to have someone like Greg as a friend. "Did Jason put you up to this?" he asked warily.

"In a sense" Greg said pulling his sleeve down lower over his bruised wrist. Nick sighed heavily and leaned back in his chair "but I would have come to see if you were ok anyway!" Greg quickly defended; he didn't want Nick to get mad at him.

"Greg, just please don't get involved. You don't know what went on back then and I don't want you to know." Nick said sternly.

"Ok" Greg said but he felt the need to push the matter further. "I know that I'm an only child so I will never fully understand this whole sibling thing, but you, Warrick and Sara are close enough and I know being the youngest of seven must be pretty tough, I mean I'm the youngest of us six and I hate it sometimes… but all I know is I couldn't stand to fall out with any of you and not talk to you no matter what you'd done, because your family and I love you guys." Wearing his heart on his sleeve was not something Greg had intended to do today but now seemed a more appropriate time than ever.

"Thanks Greg but…if you knew the things he'd done to me…he made my life a living hell. And yes I hate being the youngest too but at least I have you as a younger brother because it gives me the chance to be protective like older brothers should be" Nick explained "but that doesn't seem to apply to mine" he said with a scowl.

"Just give him five minutes" Greg said trying to play peacemaker as usual. Nick opened his mouth to protest but Greg held up a finger to interrupt him. "Listen to what he has to say and see where it goes, if you're still uncomfortable after that and you don't like it, tell him to leave and you won't ever have to see him again."

Nick sighed "I don't know Greggo…" he said still feeling really apprehensive. But everyone deserves a second change right? But the things he said and did…but this feud, had it been going on to long? Nick did have some good memories with his older brother before it had all happened, but they were easily over shadowed with the bad.

"Do it for me then, because I can't stand to see you upset." Greg said and Nick could see the sadness in his little brother's eyes.

"Alright" he said with a sigh "For you" Greg smiled and this time Nick went to put his hand on Greg's but he noticed Greg flinch.

"What's wrong?" Nick asked looking confused as Greg rubbed his wrist.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong why should anything be wrong?" Greg rambled seeming pretty quick to deny everything.

"Oh yeah? Then let me see your wrist" Nick challenged. Greg just moved his hands off the desk and hid them under the table. "Greg…let me see" Nick said seriously holding out his hand. Greg sighed and begrudgingly placed his hand out on the desk so Nick could see his now purple and blue wrist. At first Nick looked horrified but then he just looked plain angry. "Did Jason do this to you?" Nick asked quietly but Greg didn't reply if anything he seemed a little frightened. "Greg I'm not mad at you ok, I just need to know" Nick said calmingly slightly.

"Yeah…he did it" Greg said quietly pulling the sleeve down over his wrist. Nick cried out in rage at this slamming his fists down on the table, startling Greg. "He didn't mean too and it's not as bad as it looks." Greg said hoping to stop Nick from worrying.

"None of that matters, he hurt you!" Nick said angrily kicking his chair back and standing up.

"Nick relax it's just a bruised wrist" Greg said standing up too and trying desperately to calm his friend down.

"That's not the point!" Nick exclaimed. He knew how sensitive Greg had been to physical contact the past few months after he'd been beat up and Nick's good for nothing brother had clearly scared him. "I'm gunna kill him" he mumbled beneath is breath so Greg didn't hear him and stormed straight towards the door.

"Nick, wait!" Greg called thinking it really wasn't a good idea for Nick to go on a rampage around the lab.

"Just stay here Greg!" Nick commanded "Please, it's for your own good" and with that he left slamming the door behind him leaving Greg in a stunned silence.