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Chapter 5: Caring

Nick grew cautious when he arrived home that night to see the living room light was switched on. He was a hundred per cent he hadn't turned it on. He realised Greg's car parked across the other side of the street. He had given Greg a spare key to his house after being buried alive but it was odd for Greg to let himself in without calling first, that's just the kind of guy he was. The Texan walked up to his front door to find it already unlocked.

"Greg?" he called uncertainly but there was no reply. "Greg, are you in here?" he called again but still nothing. He entered the living room to the sight of his brother sat on the sofa polishing the barrel of a revolver.

"Hey Nicky" Jason said quietly without even looking round. He'd seen his brother enter in the now gleaming silver weapon.

"Jason!" Nick yelled in utter shock but the older Texan put a finger to his lips as if asking for quiet. "What the hell are you doing here?!" Nick commanded, ignoring Jason and not lowering his voice at all. "I thought I told you…" he stopped suddenly when he felt a horrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach "Where's Greg?" he almost whispered as he remembered the car outside.

"He's sleeping" Jason replied bluntly before going back to admiring the gun. That simple statement scared the hell out of Nick.

"What's that mean? Jay where is he!" Nick demanded a response, but instead his brother just smiled.

"You called me Jay" he said with a sense of pride "you haven't done that since you were nine"

"Slip of the tongue" Nick said through gritted teeth. He was getting angry now but also anxious about Greg's safety.

"He's in your bedroom" Jason said unclicking the revolver to check it was fully loaded. Nick didn't say anything else just ran up the stairs too his room.

Greg lay very still facing away from him with one arm handcuffed to the bedpost. Nick could see the blood on the white sheets that had come from Greg's head as the sticky red substance clumped his hair together. Nick ran round so he was in front of Greg and dropped to his knees. Greg's eyes were closed and he wore a somewhat troubled expression on his face, but he genuinely looked like he was sleeping.

"Everything's going to be ok G" Nick said trying to open the handcuff "I'm going to get you out I promise" he felt he needed to say these comforting words even though Greg probably couldn't hear him.

"I used to watch you sleep you know…" Jason said as he suddenly appeared leaning on the doorway. There was something about his voice that seemed distant "When you were a baby, I used stand over your crib and think about all the stuff I was going to teach you. How to play football, how to ride a bike…" he smiled at the memory "I promised I'd be the best big brother in the world."

"Why thanks, I really appreciate the thought" Nick said sarcastically as he searched for the handcuff keys. "But none of that stuff really happened did it? You didn't look after me, you just chose me to treat like crap because I was the youngest, the most naive and easiest to manipulate. "

"I never wanted it to be that way" Jason said trying to seem sorry but Nick just wouldn't listen "Looking for these?" he asked pulling the handcuff keys out of his pocket and dangling them there, now he had Nick's attention.

"Give me those" Nick commanded going over to his brother and making a grab for the keys but Jason moved out the way "Give me those Jason!" he yelled that time but his brother just laughed.

"My, my you have developed quiet the temper. You know I think it's a trait in the Stokes men."

"I am not messing around anymore!" Nick said clenching his fists, ready to use them. "How dare you do that to Greg, this has nothing to do with him! Now give me the God damn key!" he went to take the keys once more but this time Jason grabbed hold of his wrist. He swung Nick round and pinned him up against the wall.

"Not until you listen to me!" Jason said sadistically as he got his face right in Nick's.

"Why the hell should I listen to you?" Nick said quietly, but the intimidated feeling his use to get when he was a child was slowly coming back to him.

"Because your friend's life depends on it" Jason whispered into his little brother's ear. Nick felt the barrel of the revolver being threateningly pressed against his chest "now go back in there, sit down on the bed and listen to me"

Nick slowly nodded without saying a word and did exactly as Jason told him; his and Greg's lives were not worth the risk. Jason started pacing slowly up and down the room but kept the revolver trained on Nick. Nick would keep taking quick glances at Greg over his shoulder but still he did not move. Now he was worried.

"When I was sixteen, college was starting and I was under a lot of stress" Jason started to explain. "I had barely passed high school because I fell in with the wrong crowd. Once the real work started my friend offered me these pills to help me stay up late so I could study more, they weren't your average drugs but I was ignorant to it all. Anyway after that all I wanted was more of those pills, I was hooked. So one night this friend invited me to a party and his said he'd give me something even better than the pills…cocaine, mixed with alcohol, not a good combination."

"So that was the first time you ever came home and hurt me" Nick said quietly. He looked at the floor; he couldn't stand to look his brother in the face. "But that's not an excuse to start taking drugs, a lot of kids have to put up with that kind of stress…I did when I started college." Nick argued.

"I know, I know but at the time for me it seemed like there was no other way out. It helped me escape everything" Jason tried to defend his actions.

"Well if you were having trouble you should have just told mom and dad" Nick countered. "They would have helped you."

Jason snorted "Are you kidding? You know Dad hates me, he feels threatened by me. As for mom you're the youngest so naturally you're her golden boy" he said rather bitterly.

"That's not true!" Nick said raising his voice now "they love us equally and you know that, you're just making up excuses!"

"You believe whatever you want to believe" Jason said stopping his pacing now and standing in front of Nick. "But the point I'm trying to make is…all those times I yelled at you and hurt you. That wasn't me, that's not who I am. That was the drugs taking over, I wasn't in control…I know that's not an excuse" he added when Nick opened his mouth to protest "but I would never mean to hurt you, you're my kid brother and I love you."

"What about the time when I was nine, with Lucy?" Nick asked his eyes now brimming with tears "what was going through your mind when you saw that happening huh? What happened to protecting me?!"

"That was the worst thing that I have ever done, and you well never believe how sorry I am about that. I haven't stopped feeling guilty ever since."

"Oh yeah? Well I haven't felt completely normal ever since!" Nick yelled jumping off the bed "I was nine Jason, nine! I didn't know what the hell was happening but I knew it was bad. I saw you, you looked right at me and I screamed your name and begged you to make it stop. But you didn't you didn't make it stop!" he couldn't control his tears by the end. "I couldn't sleep properly for weeks, I was hurting and I couldn't even tell mom or dad from fear you'd do something to me!"

"I know; I know I'm sorry!" Jason yelled putting his hands to his head but still keeping hold of the revolver. "What do you want me to say, what do you want me to do? I'll do anything to put this right" he looked at Nick with pleading eyes and took hold of his arm.

"Get off me!" Nick cried "why don't you get it? Why don't you understand? Nothing you can say or do will ever put this right!"

Just then both men spun round as they heard soft moans coming from the bed.

Greg's head was pounding like crazy; he didn't remember what happened at all. He put a hand to his head and felt the drying blood. His eyes flickered open and his expression turned into a confused scowl. When he tried to move his other hand he found it was attached to the bed. Where the hell am I?

"Greg!" he heard someone exclaim and suddenly Nick appeared as he squatted down in front of him, although Greg's vision was still a little out of focus "Buddy can you hear me?" Nick pleaded "Greg, please say something"

"Nick" he said quietly, Nick sighed in relief "Where…what…"

"Ssh everything's going to be ok I promise" Nick said not wanting the younger man to talk much in case he was concussed. "We're in my house…Jason brought you here" he explained gently.

"Jason?" Greg said having to think for a moment, but then is all came flooding back to him like one horrible tidal wave, his eyes widened. "Jason!" he exclaimed that time trying to jump up, but then yelped in pain and fell back down when the handcuff cut into his skin.

"Hey take it easy" Nick urged him, not wanting to get even more hurt "Greggo I'm so sorry you had to get dragged into this".

"Greggo huh?" Jason said looking at Nick as if he found this interesting "So he gets a nickname and I don't…"

"It's not your fault" Greg said sincerely, totally ignoring Jason "you have no reason to feel guilty. If anything I'm sorry for making you talk to that psycho. I know what he did to you…."

"That psycho is still here!" Jason said annoyed at being forgotten. Greg managed to turn himself round and look at the older Texan. "See this is why you will never listen to me because he is always in the way!"

"No, he's not always in the way. It's just the fact he's more of a brother to me then you ever will be and I will always choose him!" Nick exclaimed.

"Oh really?" Jason said with a questionable look "Let's put that to the test shall we…get over there" he said indicating to the corner of the room and pointing the gun at Nick. Nick didn't move he didn't want to be more than a foot away from Greg "Move over there!" Jason commanded aggressively as he took the safety off the gun that time. Nick did as he was told.

Jason went over to the bed and carefully unlocked Greg. The youngest man tried to make a run for it but Jason grabbed him round his waist and pulled him back across the bed.

"Get off me!" Greg pleaded kicking and squirming to get free but the Texan had an iron grip "please let me go!" he was scared out of his mind and close to tears now.

"Choose which one you want to die!" Jason yelled at Nick as he moved the barrel of the gun between his own head and Greg's.

"Jason, please…" Nick started to beg in pure desperation but Jason was having none of it.