Chapter Two


I digged my fingers into my hands as I gazed out the window waiting for my father to return home. I worried like hell-every day-if my dad will return home alive.

He was part of the Latino Blood. And it was all my brothers' fault.

"Relax he's going to be fine" Alex, my older brother said from behind me. The brother that made him be part of the LB. He didn't care, didn't care that dad was taking his place.

"Fuck you" I clutched onto the window panels, my knuckles turning white.

"Seriously relax will you?"

I swung at him but I missed as he ducked his head.

"No you bastard" I shouted at him, throwing myself at him.

We landed on the floor, me on top.

"Get up both of you!" Our dad's voice yelled at us.

I stopped and then he kicked me in the chin.

"Alex" Dad snapped then came towards me, lifting my head up gently examining my chin. "Come on" He helped me stand up and sat me down on the sofa. "Alex get a bag of frozen peas from the freezer, now"


"Okay" Alex threw his hands up in the air and stalked towards the kitchen.

"Are you okay dad?" I asked.

"I'm fine kid; I told you, you don't have to worry about me"

"But you're in a gang"

"I know" He kissed the top of my head.

"Here" Alex held out the bag. Dad took it from him and applied it to my chin.

"Alex, you can just wait"

"What?" Alex snapped.

"Don't take such attitude with me, now why did you hit your brother?"

"He was going to hit me first"

"That's because you're an asshole" I growled.

"Okay boys enough. Alex go to your room"

"Maybe I'll just go out"

Dad stood up grabbing Alex's wrist. "I don't think so young man, you can stay home tonight"

Alex stormed off in a huff, dad going after him never less to lock the front door.

My chin was numb now, my dad took over when he came back in.

"I'm okay now dad"

"You sure?"

"He didn't hit that hard" I managed a wry smile. "Like a little girl"

Dad laughed but as he removed the peas he winced.

"Dad seriously it doesn't hurt"

"I just don't like seeing it" He said quietly. "Please" He clutched my jaw. "Do not fight with him"

"He pisses me off"

"Language. And it's not he's fault"

"It is dad"

"Dom please" My father held up a hand and went into the kitchen.

I pouted on the sofa. I hated the feeling of waiting for my dad to come home when he's working for that gang, he could easily get killed and where would we be then? I couldn't cope without my dad. My dad is my saviour, without him I'll be broken. He rescued me and Alex, adopted us, became the world's best father.

"Dad I worry about you"

"Dom" My dad hugged me, tightly. "Everything's going to be fine. Besides you start your last year of school tomorrow, you excited?"

"Oh yeah. School, yay"

Dad chuckled. "You survived last year"

Last year was an up going battle. I didn't reply I just went to my room. The floor, the walls and the ceiling were covered in posters and sketches. All I wanted was a box room with a single bed and a box with my belongings in, except my dad wouldn't allow me to. He pushed my limits making me have more stuff, a bigger space. I liked to be enclosed; I hated big and empty spaces. I wouldn't dare go to a mall, it's too big and there are too many people. Going to school started as hell, it was everything I hated.

My dad pushed my limits. At first I resisted until eventually I relented.

I lay back on my bed with my laptop resting on my stomach when I came across a before senior year party.

Why not?

I dress into a red shirt, dark blue jeans, short black boots and all my bracelets; I never went out without them.

"Dad can I go out to a party?" I asked dad.

"Sure don't be too late you have school tomorrow. So be back my midnight."

"Okay thanks"

"Here" Dad chucked his car keys at me.

I got into his blue BMW and drove off. The place was packed when I got there, cars filling, people milling around.

I got out and headed straight to the keg and drowning a beer.

"Hey man, you're here" Andrew slaps my back.

I wince and turn around to face him. "Yeah"

"That's great, want something stronger?"

"Nah I'm good" I told him, grabbing another beer.

"Okay come on, there's someone I want you to meet"

I followed Andrew where he led me to a chick in leather pants, a vest-top which spilled skin and a light blue jacket. If it was warm I shiver to think what she'd wear.

I hated them sort of people, I wasn't attracted to them at all. I didn't want to date a nun but someone who has the decency to not flash their body to the world.

"This is Chelsey" Andrew introduced me.

I gave him a WTF look because really he knew I didn't like these sort of people.

"Chelsey's my girlfriend" He told me.

Oh great. Trust Andrew to date a bimbo, I mentally rolled my eyes.

"I'm going to go mingle" I told him and went to search for Nick. Nick was my best friend; he was the only one who knew everything about me and vice reserve.

I didn't find him, I wandered around the party a while but it was pretty boring. I preferred house parties where we played spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven, now that was fun.

The music started to deafen me so I escaped to the bridge where it was peace and quiet. I couldn't go home yet, it was too early too.

I stared out over the lake thinking of Alex which just got me angry when after a while I felt someone. I glanced to the left and saw a girl, a beautiful girl.

My breath caught.

She had long wavy white blonde hair that fell against her leather jacket, her skin tone was olive like mine, she had blue eyes with green tips that caught my attention.

She had such pretty strong features and as my eyes flickered down her hourglass body, covered up I could just tell that she was hot.

I flicked my eyes back up to her face to see her staring at me.

I stood staring as she came to me and leant on the bridge next to me.

"It's peaceful up here" She said.

"Had to get away from the music" I told her.

"We match" She smiled.

I looked down at myself and then at her, she was right we did.

"How weird" I said.

"Or destiny" I quickly glanced at her, she had a quirky smile on her face as she leaned half looking over the bridge.

I licked my lips. "Or yeah"

She turned back to me. "I'm Ebony"


"Is that short for Dominick?"

"Yeah but I hate it"

"Do you go to Fairfield?" She asked.

I nodded.

"I haven't seen you around"

"I only came here last year"

"We must have missed each other, shame"

"Yeah?" I raised an eyebrow. "Maybe we'll be in the same classes this year"

"Well I definitely won't be missing you" She smiled at me.

The wind gushed across us and the lake picked up making it cold, I didn't have a jacket and I started to shiver.

"Here" Ebony shrugged off her jacket and offered it to me.

"Don't you need it?" I asked.

"I have zero tolerance to the cold, take it"

I did. "Why wear it then?"

"Fashion Dom. It compliments my look"

"You don't need anything to compliment your look" I said.

"Sweet" She leant out to me and stroked my cheek, my scar throbbed at her touch although she never went near it. Then she walked away.

"What about your jacket?" I called after her.

She didn't turn, just stopped. "You need it, now you're have to see me tomorrow"

Man, I was lost and suddenly I was itching for school.