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After they had got Blaine into bed after his outburst of anger, he slept for the rest of the Saturday. Kurt slept an hour. When he woke up, he heard the adults talking downstairs and decided to stay upstairs. He had a lot to study.

Carole and Burt told Ellen about the hospital trips Blaine had been through. They didn't tell her about everything he had told them, but it gave her a small insight of his childhood. They all cried for the little boy who just wanted to be loved. When she was about to leave, after hours of talking, she asked if she could see Blaine once more before she left. Carole and Burt followed her upstairs and knocked on the door. Kurt voice let them in. He sat on the bed with his laptop and his notes spread around him.

"Hi, I'm Kurt. Blaine's fiancé." He smiled to Ellen.

"Hi Kurt, I'm Ellen. Nice to meet you."

"You too."

"We just wanna see that Blaine's okay." Carole told him.

Kurt looked at Blaine next to him on the bed. He was lying on his back and was snoring quite loudly. He looked completely at peace.

"Oh, Blaine." Ellen said and ran her fingers through his curls.

She looked at him for some more time before she turned to Carole and Burt.

"Thanks for letting me know what happened to him. I'll call tomorrow."

"You're so very welcome." Carole smiled to her and followed her downstairs.

Burt stayed with Kurt.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine. Tired, but fine."

"Okay. Call if you need anything."

Finn came home at 6 pm with pizzas. They ate in Kurt's room, thinking they could get some pizza into Blaine as well. They did their best to wake him, but he groaned and shifted away from them so they let him be. When they were done eating Kurt went back to studying. It wasn't the most fun he had on a Saturday, but he had his fiancé next him, albeit sleeping, and he had to pass the test.

He studied until 9 pm and then decided to watch a movie instead. He tried to get Blaine's attention, if only to give him medicine, but he wasn't about to wake up. Although, as Kurt pressed play and the movie started, Blaine cuddled closer and was sleeping with his head on Kurt's shoulder. Kurt enjoyed the closeness, and even if Blaine refused to wake up, it wasn't a too bad of a Saturday.

Kurt didn't remember falling asleep but next he knew, it was the middle of the night and he'd woken up when Blaine had left the bed. He heard him go to the bathroom and it didn't take long before he stumbled back to bed.

"You okay?" Kurt whispered to him.

"Mmm." Blaine grunted and took Kurt in his embrace.

"Do you want anything? I can go and get some yogurt or something."

Kurt didn't get an answer, and he felt in Blaine's body that he already was back at sleep. Kurt smiled at his tired fiancée, cuddled closer into his embrace and fell asleep.

Blaine was shaken awake. He didn't know why, he was dead tired and all he could think of was sleeping. Sleeping and his wrist. It pounded with pain when he became more and more awake. Another reason to keep on sleeping. He tried to shift away from the shaking hands but it didn't help.

"Blaine. You need to wake up now." Carole said.

Blaine groaned and tried once more to get away from her. But she was persistent and he had to open his eyes at last.


"I get that, but you've slept for 18 hours now, you need to eat and we have to go to the ER and get an x-ray on your wrist."

"Tired. Sleep."

"You can sleep in the car. But we have to get some food into you."

"Five more minutes."

"I've given you five more minutes ten times now, so come on now honey!"

Blaine groaned but sat up.

"My wrist." He groaned.

"I know, that's why we need to get you to the hospital. I've talked to them and they are ready to examine and treat you."

Blaine had some of the pancakes Burt had made for breakfast. Kurt and Finn sat at the kitchen table and studied history together. Kurt tried to start a conversation with him, but Blaine was far too tired for that, he answered with grunting, and eventually Kurt let him be. Carole smiled at him.

"Don't take it personal, Kurt."

"I don't, I can see how tired he is."

Carole drove them to the ER, where Blaine was awake long enough for them to take the x-rays. They were shown into an examination room where they would wait for the doctor to look at the pictures. Blaine laid down on the gurney, but to Carole's surprise, he didn't go to sleep. He looked at her.

"I have no memory of what happened yesterday."

"What do you remember?"

"I remember getting angry."

"Do you remember why you got angry?"

"No?" Blaine thought about it. "Yes, I spoke with Ellen? Ellen! Is she..."

"She's fine, she came to the house and we spoke for hours."

"She not mad at me?"

"For what?" Carole frowned.

"For getting angry?"

"Oh, honey. How many times do I have to say this? You don't need to apologize for getting angry, it's natural. And I've been waiting for this to happen, actually. I think it was good for you."

"Tell me what happened, please."

"You spoke to Ellen, you got angry. I spoke to Ellen alone and I told her where we lived. You were angry for quite a long time. After that you got really sad. In the middle of it all, Ellen came over. When you had calmed down, you were sweaty and bit bloody; you had hurt yourself, unintentionally. Kurt, I and Ellen helped you into the bathtub and cleaned you off, and then Burt got you to the bed. You slept until I woke you up today."

"You bathed me?"

"Yes, you were so sweaty."

"But... You saw me naked?" Blaine blushed.

"Blaine, please just let that go. Haven't we moved past that? Weeks in the hospital together, with you passing out from exhaustion caused by heavy medication, remember that? I helped you shower every morning then, have you forgotten that?"

"No..." Blaine looked down.

"Look, I get that it's... I don't know... Weird, but remember that I'm a nurse and a mom. As both, I've seen my fair share of naked bodies over the years. Okay?"

"Okay." Blaine looked up at her and smiled a little bit.

A male doctor entered the room. He explained to them that the wrist was indeed broken more than before. They didn't have to operate it though. They would remove the cast he had now, since it had been destroyed during Blaine's anger, and replace it. Blaine would be given more heavy painkillers for a while as well.

He left them and they waited for a nurse to come to remove and replace the cast. Carole looked at Blaine to see if he wanted to talk, but this time sleep had overcome him and he was sleeping on the side on the gurney. Carole smiled at him. They didn't have to wait long, within half an hour they were back in the car with a new cast on.

When they came home, Kurt and Finn had moved their study to the living room. Finn was lying on the floor and Kurt was sitting on the couch. Blaine sat down next to Kurt. Kurt removed the paper from his lap so Blaine could place his head there. Kurt started combing through his hair while he was asking Finn questions for the test. It didn't take long before Kurt felt his fiancé getting heavier on his lap. He smiled when he saw he'd fallen asleep.

"Kurt?" Finn's voice brought him back to reality.

"Yes? Sorry." Kurt looked down at his noted again.

"No, I just... How do you know Blaine's the one? When you first met, how did you know you were. in love with him and not just liked him as a friend?"

Kurt looked at Finn who looked so serious that Kurt didn't have the guts to joke with him. Kurt thought about it for a moment.

"I can be myself with Blaine. I don't have to think about how I act. I know that he loves and respects me no matter what I do or say. When I'm with others, I always think about what I say or how I move. I don't wanna come off as super-gay. But when I'm with Blaine, I don't even think about that.

"He makes me laugh, but he also takes me in his arms and lets me cry when I'm sad. He knows when I'm pissed off and he has to let me be. But he also knows when I'm annoyed and he has to ask me questions to get me to talk about it. He makes me feel pretty, if I've dressed up for a date or if I have just woken up.

"He makes me feel things you don't feel for a friend. And not just sexually, that's one thing, but he makes me feel proud of him, protective of him... I just want to be near him, even if he's sleeping, I have this need to be close to him. And it doesn't make things better that he's sexy as hell as well." Kurt grinned to Finn, expecting him to roll his eyes at him.

But Finn sat there on the living room floor and looked at the two of them with wonder in his eyes.

"Finn? Do you wanna talk about something?"

Finn shook his head.

"Is it okay if I study in my room for a bit?" Finn asked.

"Sure!" Kurt watched him go. He wondered that he was processing. Was he about to propose to Rachel? No, that couldn't be it. He shrugged and turned his focus back on his notes. This was massive test, but he felt good about it.

They had a family evening, Blaine didn't want to wake up for dinner but Kurt was persistent and in the end he won. Blaine groaned as he sat down at the table.

"It hurts!"

"If you manage to stay awake long enough, I'll be able to give you some medicine." Carole smiled at him.

"Well, you're too slow, mom!" Blaine poked out his tongue at her.

"Yes, that might be!" She poked out her tongue at him while she gave him the painkillers.

"So, today's Sunday. That means tomorrow is Monday..." Kurt stated.

"Wow, that year in Dalton really paid off, huh?" Burt joked.

"Haha. I was just wondering about Blaine..."

"I'm not ready to go back to school, dad." Blaine looked at Burt who just stared at him, taken by the 'dad'. Carole who saw his struggle to keep the tears away answered.

"You're not going back to school tomorrow, honey. I don't want you to even start on the catch up work next week. Okay?"

Blaine nodded; he had too much food in his mouth to answer. Kurt reached for his dad's knee under the table and squeezed it. Burt was Blaine's dad just as Carole was his mom.

After dinner Kurt took Blaine's hand and pulled him up the stairs and into their room. Blaine looked at him when he sat them down on the bed.

"Are you okay?" Blaine looked at him seriously.

"Yes! I just wanted to talk to you, we haven't spoken since yesterday. A lot happened..."

"Yeah..." Blaine moved on the bed so he could lean back on the pillows. Kurt moved with him and sat so they could face each other.

"I'll be honest I don't remember much from yesterday, but Carole filled me in at the hospital..." Blaine looked at Kurt.

"Okay?" Kurt encouraged him to keep going.

"I don't know what to say really... I'm okay... I'm tired; it feels like I haven't slept for days. Which is odd, since I slept all day today."

"But, honey, you have to remember that you used a lot of energy yesterday. You spent a lot of time screaming and pounding the floor. Even I was spent after that. You have to allow yourself to be tired. It's okay."

"Yes... I guess you're right..."

"I'm always right, Blaine, don't you know that yet?" Kurt smiled at him. "Have you thought about Ellen?"

"No... I heard she was here yesterday? Did you talk with her?"

"No, I didn't, Carole and dad did that. I said hello to her, but nothing more. But she seemed really sorry for not being there for you. They spoke for a long time. Before she went home she came to check up on you."

"She did? I really don't remember."

"No, you were asleep by then. She called earlier today as well."

"She did?"

"She really cares about you, Blaine."

Blaine nodded but didn't say anything. Kurt realized he wouldn't be able to get anymore out of him; he had to think about this alone to process it.

"Wanna cuddle?" He asked him. Blaine looked up at him with a huge smile.

"Can you hold me?"

"Always." Kurt cuddled close and held out his arms. Blaine scooped in and sighed.

"I might fall asleep." Blaine mumbled after a while.

"I know, its fine, sweetie. You rest, I'll be here." Kurt kissed his hair and smiled, of course he knew he would fall asleep. But he didn't mind.

The week that followed they could all see a difference in Blaine. He was still very tired, but the hours he was awake for, he was happy, was able to laugh a lot and could joke. Kurt felt such relief; he was seeing glimpses of the old Blaine.

Ellen called every day. At first, Blaine refused to talk to her. But she spoke with Carole and Burt. On Thursday when Carole came in to wake him, he was already awake and dressed. He sat on the bed with his laptop.

"Good morning Blaine."

"Good morning Carole."

"Are you doing homework?"

"No, I'm not allowed this week, remember? You told me not to study."

"Breakfast?" She asked him.

"Sure." He smiled and got up from the bed.

Carole noticed that Blaine was thinking about something but she didn't pressure him. She'd learned by now to let him be when he was like this. When they were cleaning the table after they had eaten, Blaine looked at her.

"Do you think we could go and see Ellen today?"

Carole stopped. This wasn't what she had thought. But it made her happy.

"Of course. Do you want to go to her house?"

"Is it far?"

"Not at all. Maybe ten minutes by car."

"Do you think she'd mind if we came?"

"No, she's invited you there."

"Then I wanna go."

"Okay, I'll call her."

An hour later Carole stopped the car in front of Ellen's house. It was a large mansion, like many of Blaine's and Kurt's friends from Dalton were living in.

"That's a big house." Blaine stated.

"No wonder she was able to save so much money for you."

"Money?" Blaine looked at her dumbstruck.

"Yes, you've got a savings account, have you forgotten?"

"Yes, but it rings a bell now that you mention it."

"Are you ready to go inside?" Carole asked him while putting a hand on his arm.

"Yes, I'm ready." Blaine nodded.

They got out of the car and walked towards the front door. Blaine didn't hesitate before he rang the doorbell. He had no memory of seeing Ellen, so when she opened the door and smiled at him, he wasn't sure it was her. She could see his confusion.

"Blaine! I'm Ellen, welcome to my home."

All Ellen wanted to do was to hug him tight and never let go, but she knew it had to be on his conditions.

They drank some coffee and talked. They didn't speak about Ellen's visit nor about Blaine's childhood. They spoke about the upcoming Christmas and school. When Blaine and Carole left the house, Blaine felt happy. When Ellen called later that day, he talked to her for the first time.

Kurt and Blaine had talked about Christmas. When it became clear to Kurt that Blaine hadn't experienced even one good Christmas, he decided to do everything this Christmas. On the following Saturday they got up quite early and went looking for a Christmas tree. They went to three different places before they found "the one", as Kurt put it. They placed if on top of the car and drove home. When they came home they unloaded it and were met by Carole.

"I'll make you some hot cocoa."

"Thanks. Where are all the decorations?"

"It's still in the basement. Finn was going to help you, but he suddenly had to go to Rachel's."

"No, problem! I have my fiancé with a cast to help me!" Kurt said with sarcasm.

"Martin and Kristen are coming by later, you can wait for them of you want." Carole smiled at them.

"Nah, its fine. We'll manage."

They found the boxes for the tree and brought them up. It was still a lot of boxes labelled Christmas down there, but they had to wait until they got some help carrying.

Carole had put on some Christmas music and she sat and watched Kurt and Blaine decorating the tree. They laughed and bickered about small things. Carole felt a peaceful feeling filling her as she watched them. They had both been through hell, but watching them now made her feel certain they both would recover. She'd seen a difference in Blaine since last Saturday. After he'd screamed and punched all his anger out of his system, he'd been more at peace. He had been dead tired this week, but he had become more focused and was now living in the moment and spent less time just staring ahead. This wasn't even something they had noticed him doing, but now that he wasn't, it made a huge difference.

When they considered themselves finished, they sat down next to Carole and admired their work. While they sat there Finn came home and sat down on the couch.

"What do you think about the tree, Finn?" Kurt asked him.

Finn stared straight ahead. Kurt shot a glance at Carole who frowned; it wasn't like Finn to not answer or not listen.

"Finn?" Carole put a hand on his arm.

"Yeah?" He looked up at her.

"The tree, Finn?" Kurt asked.

"Yeah. I just broke up with Rachel."

"What?" Kurt looked at him. He had never been the one to break up with her; it was always the other way around.

"Yes... I had to." Finn kept staring straight ahead.

"You had to?" Kurt asked again.


When he didn't say anything else, they didn't ask, they all sat still until Blaine's head started lolling forward. Kurt placed his arm on Blaine's shoulders, which made him jump awake. Kurt pulled him closer until Blaine groaned.

"What are you doing?"

"Just lay down in my lap, honey."

"I'm not sleepy."

"That's good, but we still can cuddle, right?"

Blaine nodded and let himself get dragged down. He was sleeping when his head reached Kurt's lap. Carole put his feet up on the couch and draped a blanket over him. Then she went to the kitchen to fetch some cocoa for Finn.

"Not sleepy, huh?" Finn looked at Kurt.

"He doesn't have the best self-awareness right now." Kurt smiled at him.

"When it comes to sleep and Blaine, I'd say he never had the best self-awareness."

"That's probably true." Kurt looked at Finn. "Are you okay?"

"I am. Rachel got really upset; it's always hard when you hurt someone. But I know it's for the best. We weren't meant for each other. You knew that too." Finn looked at Kurt.

"Yes, but this was still a bit unexpected."

"Well, something happened which made me act instead of just waiting for her to take the initiative."


In that moment Carole came into the living room with a cup of steaming cocoa and the doorbell rang. Finn jumped up from the couch and nearly knocked his mom over in the process. He was out in the hallway in no time. Carole and Kurt looked at each other. When they heard the door open and Bonnie's now familiar voice could be heard, they both smiled. Here came the reason behind the breakup. Finn and Bonnie came into the living room.

"Hi Bonnie! Welcome!" Carole smiled at her, she like Bonnie.

"Hi. Thanks."

"You want hot cocoa?"

"Yes, please. If it's not a problem."

"No problem at all." Carole got up on her feet and went back to the kitchen.

"I think he's been sleeping every time I've been here this week." Bonnie said and looked at Blaine.

"He needs to sleep a lot." Kurt said.

"Yes, I know. I just... It would be nice to talk to him sometime."

"Here you go!" Carole handed her a cup of cocoa.

"Would it be okay if we took this upstairs?" Finn asked.

"No, no problem at all." Carole smiled to him.

"I don't wanna be rude, we can drink it here!" Bonnie said.

"I have something important to tell you." Finn said and held out his hand for her. She took it and got pulled up by him. They left the living room chuckling.

Carole looked at Kurt who now was looking down at Blaine with that lovey-dovey look on his face. She smiled. Soon her husband would be home. Kurt had met his dream man, Blaine as well. Finn and Bonnie were about to discover their love.

No matter what life would throw at them, she was sure they would pull it through; they had all the love and respect they needed for a lifetime.

The end