Glass House,Chapter 5


Through the wood I could hear his heavy breathing and It wasn't long before I was dreaming of me and Shane and what could be.

I woke up completely deflated. It was 12.30pm, shit, missed school again. But that was maybe what I needed to calm down, set things straight.

I picked up some clothes and headed to the shower. Shane's door was closed which meant he was probably not up yet, thank god it gave me time to think. Eve was already up which meant (for once) I could have a long hot shower, I threw on some old shorts and a cropped top and a dash of make-up before heading downstairs. I had my hair down so it hung over my shoulders, still damp from the shower. No music which meant Michael wasn't home. Sometimes I wonder whether he's he just works days. I walked into the kitchen, Eve and Shane were there but they weren't alone. Two police officers stood in the doorway. Crap, police weren't good! Especially in Morganville. "Morning officers," I smiled. "Could I help you with anything?" One of the officers stepped forward. "Alicia Glass?" "Yes sir, my brother owns this house?" "Is he around at all?" "No sir, he works during the day." The other officer now stepped forward and handed me a sheet of paper. It had a picture of a girl on it. I knew that face, just I know it with a few more cuts on it. That was Claire. "Do you know this girl,?" I stiffened up. What the hell had this chick done? "No sir, never seen her before in my life. Is she new to Morganville?" The officer grunted, "Yes she is new. Now if any of you see this girl, you report her immediately. Understood?" "Yes sir completely," Eve said. Then without a word, the officers left the house and shut the door. I let out a sigh of relief and Eve ran into my arms. Shane waited till he heard their car pulling away before he pulled open the pantry door where Claire emerged. "What the hell have you done?" demanded Shane making the girl jump. "I..I..I haven't done anything, they hurt me." She stuttered. "Who beat you up Claire? Who hurt you." I already knew what she was going to say, I didn't need to have asked. "Monica.." she stammered "Monica Morrell!" Shane ran his hands through his hair, "Shit, oh no, What the hell did you do to piss her of?" Claire blushed a deep crimson "I corrected her on a history statement." Not the answer i was expecting. I looked at Eve, she looked at Shane and he looked at Claire. I was the first to break the silence, I laughed so hard I fell to the floor. Soon Eve and Shane joined in, leaving Claire stood there staring. I pulled myself up and wrapped her in a big hug, "You are officially one of us, Claire!"