A/N: This a story about Halloween I'm going to make a new chapter everyday of October OK? Enjoy

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L's POV I was flying through the city to my current child Light Yagami it was October 1st which meant a monster like myself, was supposed to watch a child every October until he or she turned 18. I got out of my bat forme when I reached Light's house I always feel happy when my ghost buddy, Near is with me because Near has to watch Light's sister Sayu. I went up to Light's window and looked inside to find the 10 year old currently reading a book I smiled cause Light gets cuter every year, well as cute as a human can be to a vampire anyway. It was around 8:00 PM when someone came running through the door "LIGHT, IT FELT LIKE FOREVER SINCE I LAST SAW YOU!" I heard Light's friend Misa Amane say "Misa, please get off me." Light said with his friend since kindergarden hugging the life out of him, I then started to look around for Mello, a werewolf who I knew since Light & Misa were 5 I then found him in a tree next to me, I feel sorry he has to watch Misa until she is 18. I then saw 7 year old Sayu come in the room to show Light a painting she made, I also saw Near who was in the air vent above her head it was then Mello growled at the ghost boy. It makes my 15 year old body shiver.

Light's POV "I like your painting Sayu." I said as Sayu put the painting of a puppy in my face Misa hugged Sayu and turned on the TV there was a movie about monsters on, I loved monsters ever since I was 7 years old and my family took me to a Halloween fair. Misa & Sayu clutched my body when giant spiders appeard I admit to being scared too when ghost started coming I swear hearing a giant dog bark in anger