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Mello's POV The sun was rising and I told L to put on his special blanket that protects him from the sun all 3 of the children were starting to wake up I then changed from my wolf forme to my human forme. Light & Misa started going to school and L & I followed them, I saw my skeleton friend, Matt distracted by his video game to pay attention to Matsuda, the child who Matt had to watch. "HEY LIGHT, MISA WANNA PLAY!?" Matsuda screamed at the sight of them I swear that 9 year old gets on my nerve sometimes.

Near's POV I followed Sayu to school and hid in places where I can't be seen I then saw a guy with pumpkin head "Hi I'm BB and I'm following him." BB said pointing at Sayu's classmate Taro Kagami. I admit reciognizing BB from last year when Taro would come over to play, BB and I then followed Taro & Sayu to school.

L's POV I saw Light sitting with Misa and Mikami, a boy who liked playing with Light. Mello & I were watching them play when Matt came he said Matsuda started whining and he left because he was annoyed.
I felt like having some blood when Halle Lidner, a witch who watches Kiyomi Takada suddenly came. "Matt you know you can't just leave Matsuda like you did when he was 2." She said lecturing Matt Matt then lest reluctantly.

Light's POV I was walking home from school with Sayu when a boy fell from a tree he had ebony hair and milky white skin he looked about 15 I decieded to speak to him "Hello I'm Light, who are you?" I asked he paused for a minute "Ryuzaki." Ryuzaki said hesetantly "I'm Sayu." Sayu said "Want to play with us Ryuzaki?" Misa said "Sure" Ryuzaki said

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