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Light's POV

Today is Halloween, the very last day I may ever see L again. I embraced the fact maybe one day he will come back. Sayu ran into my room.

"HAPPY HALLOWEEN, LIGHT!" She shouted happiliy. I rubbed my ears (again). Sayu was very happy but sad because this may be goodbye to Near and Mello too.
I tried my best not to cry when L came over.

"Hey Light, I can't wait to do something." L said. The weird started then do you know why? Because L laughed after saying that.

'Why the heck is he laughing?' I thought. I mean why would he laugh if he was going to leave? Maybe he doesn't like me anymore...

"Whats wrong?" L asked me. I looked up and told him it was nothing. L shrugged and walked over to the candy Mello laughed as L stuffed his face in it I laughed too.
Matsuda came in with Matt in his wagon he was already wearing his costume.

"What are you supposed to be?" Near and Mello asked. Matsuda walked up to them and smiled.

"I'm a gremlin, I cause bad luck." Matsuda said. Now he admits it. I told him it was a nice costume and he hugged me.

Matsuda's POV

I walked around in my gremmlin costume, for some reason Mello said I would make a perfect gremlin. I played with Matt for 20 minutes when Sayu and Near came towards me.

"Do you want to see my costume?" Near asked. I nodded Near ran upstairs and came down wearing a crown, fake fangs, fake scars, and some other stuff.

"What are you?" I asked. Sayu and Near looked at me.

"He's the king of all monsters." Sayu said. Near had the fangs of a vampire, the claws of werewolf, he had metal bolts on his neck to represent Frankenstein, he had scars like a zombie.

"Nice costume." I said. Near smiled and ran towards Mello and Light. I smiled and continued playing with my toy.

Matt's POV

Matsuda said he was going to take me trick-or-treating with him. He said he wanted people to think a gremlin can kill. I held in laughter at that thought.
I was laying around when Mello came over.

"Hey Matt, I'm sorry about I said and you can play with Near." Mello said.

"How much is L paying you?" I aksed.

"$20 and a chocolate bar." Mello said and walked away. I rolled around for awhile and thought about my wish.

Later... L's POV

We were trick-or-treating only a few hours left until midnight ending October. Light and the others walked up to a house.

"TRICK-OR-TREAT!" They shouted. They all got their candy and walked down. I saw the stars form the monster symbol for wish I tugged Near's sleeve which is the signle to make a wish.
I wished with all my might. I opend my eyes and saw Matt growing hair and flesh at an extremley fast rate HE WAS HUMAN!

"Hey I'm human." Matt said rubbing his freshly grown red hair. Near made an attempt to run through a door but failed meaning he was human too. Mello wasn't in wolf forme which I guess means he's not a werewolf anymore.
Finalliy I grabbed a mirror and looked into it I could see my face I WAS HUMAN!

"LIGHT I'M A HUMAN NOW! I DON'T HAVE TO GO!" I shouted happily hugging him.

"What's going on here?" Matsuda asked. Matt raised his hand.

"We used to be monsters but now we turned human." Matt said lifting up his goggles. He had blue eyes now Mello ran up to him.

"You look cute when your human." Mello told Matt. Matt rolled his eyes and giggled. I then picked up Light.

"It also means I get to stay with you Light." I said about to cry. Light hugged me.

"Im glad L." Light said. I hugged him back happy to regain my human life.

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