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Puss P.O.V

It was pitch-black outside. The village of San Ricardo was like the abandoned city of Atlantis at night. The silence felt eerie. There was nobody else in the town square. But i knew i wasn't alone. I walked up to a small pile of crates and peered behind the pile. The first thing i saw was two big sapphire blue eyes staring at me. "Hola, Mi Amor." I whispered, looking towards Kitty who was now emerging out of the darkness and into the moonlight.

"Hola, Puss." Kitty said, waltzing up towards me and laying a little kiss apon my ginger cheek. I smirked at her and embraced her round the waist and pulling her closer to me."I have missed you so, Mi Amor." I mewed. I dipped Kitty and leaned into her and kissed her lips. As we pulled back, i grinned at her again. "What are you grinning at, my Furry Lover?" Kitty asked me, obviously suspecting why i was grinning at her in such a way.
But i knew she was not a cat who has no idea why her boyfriend was grinning at her in such a way. " My beautiful amante peludo precioso" I whispered into her ear, making her giggle. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. It felt beautiful. She's beautiful. Sometimes, i wonder how i even got her in my grasp. I have never thought about it in that way before. Ever.

As we broke apart, it's her turn to grin at me . She's never smiled so beautifully before. But there must be a reason why she's smiling like that. Her smile looks so seducive, so naughty, it just sets me off. "I have something i want to ask you, Puss." Kitty said, grinning. I had an idea of what she was thinking. She's a bad kitty. But altogether, i am too. "And what is you want to-"

There was a big bang. Kitty and I pulled apart and looked at what was happening. I saw a man with a big hammer and was hitting the big statue in the middle of the village. Then i saw a man standing behind me and Kitty. He then suddenly slapped Kitty round the head, knocking her unconscious. Then i felt really bad pain behind my head. Then everything went pitch black.

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