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Puss P.O.V!

I woke up with a start, sitting up slightly. Suddenly, a massive migraine game thundering through my brain with masses of pain. I fell backwards, back onto my back again. Then i heard a slight groan next to me. I turned onto my left side and saw Kitty, asleep next to me. I put my paw on my head to try and stop the migraine. I spotted a bowl of water and started to stand up and padded along towards it. The room was dark and black. It smelt like a uncleaned litter box. I cringed at the odour of the room and stood next to the bowl of water. I moved it gently with my paw towards Kitty, and daubed my paw into the water. I daubed my paw onto my thumping head and felt better already. I dipped my other paw into the water and daubed it onto Kitty's forehead. Her bright blue eyes opened and looked towards me. She looked like she was thinking the same as me. Why are we here? What is this place? We don't know, But what we do know is that us being here seems a little bit suspicious.

Kitty started to sit up, and suddenly let out a loud groan. She put her paw onto her head as the pain ran through her head. i daubed my paw back into the water and placed it gently back onto Kitty's forehead. She suddenly let out a sigh of relief. She must of felt better. Kitty looked up at me with a puzzled face. "Where are we?" Kitty mumbled to me. "I don't have the faintest idea, Mi Amor" I whispered. I scooted up closer to her and embraced her. "Do not worry. We will get out of here soon. We are known for managing to get out of the most impossible prisons. That's what we're famous for. We have nothing to fear." I mewed. Kitty grinned at me and planted a soft passionate kiss on my furry orange cheek. I always knew that wherever were are, we can always get out of it.

Suddenly, i heard footsteps. I ran up to the end of the black, dark room. I gestured to Kitty to run up as well. We both sat there, staring at the rusty metal gate. The footsteps got louder and louder, and i started to feel a suspicious feeling. The footsteps got closer and closer to us. Then the footsteps stopped. But then we heard a massive stamp right in front of the gate. My mouth just dropped open. Kitty's eyes were so wide open that her eyes nearly popped! Suddenly Kitty fainted and i managed to catch her.

I cannot believe what i am looking at. Who i'm looking at. The person who catnapped us is just unbelievable. As the person came up and unlocked the gate, he came up closer, and into the light. Humpty Dumpty. Were my eyes deceiving me? "Humpty? Is that really you?" I said to him, shocked.

"Yes Puss. It is me. I never died when i fell off that broken bridge." Humpty said to me, staring straight into my eyes, making me shiver.

"I-t ca-an't be. I saw you, dead on that piece of broken bridge! You were a golden egg and you were cracked." I said to Humpty. Still wondering why Humpty was alive.

"I never died. You really want to know what happened?" Humpty asked me. Looking away from me.

"Yes Humpty. Tell me. Why in all these years you never came to find me? You were really alive!"

"Then i'll tell you. On that bridge, when i was hanging on for dear life on that rope, i saw a little bit of broken bridge that i would be able to reach. I knew that i didn't want to die, and i was going to fall if i liked it or not. Kitty woke up from her unconsciousness, and looked up to Humpty, now listening to his phenomenal near-death experience.

"As you, Puss, told me that you were going to never let go of that rope. And it was obvious that the rope wouldn't hold us both, including the Golden Goose hanging over the other side of the broken debry. So i told you that it wouldn't hold us both and i won't make you choose. I let go, closing my eyes. I knew that i was going to die. But i didn't. Puss you looked away to try and save the goose so once i opened my eyes, i actually wasn't dead. I realised that i was no longer a white egg, i was a golden egg. I took my mirror and looked at myself. I didn't have a face at all. I was horrified. I put my mirror back and started to just think over what just happened."

"Then i noticed you walking over to the side of the bridge. Looking down on me, Your face was so devastated. You removed your hat and said the most happiest words i still remember now. The Golden Goose looked really sad aswell. You said. I always knew that you were a good egg inside. Then the golden gooses mother rubbed her beak against me and picked me up. You then said the most saddest words in my life. Goodbye. Humpty. It was so sad. So as me, mama goose and Golden Goose were flying up into the clouds, she put me down onto one of the clouds. Suddenly, as if by magic, i turned back into my normal eggy self. I found a dried leaf and jumped off the cloud and swooped down back to San Ricardo. I went back to the Cat Cantina and got myself a job as the supplies manager. I even got to have my own bedroom at the back of the cat Cantina. Ever since then, i always wanted to see you again"

"But i thought that if anybody saw me, they'd send me to jail. Forever. And even worse, for the sight of you seeing me, i was scared of the reaction i would get from you and Kitty. That. is the reason i never returned. But i always dreamt of seeing my brother and my friend again. It would bring back all of the memories i've had. The happy ones. Not the bad ones. But i still remember the bad ones. They have scarred me for life. " Humpty finished his story and sat down next to me. Kitty was looking at Humpty, apologetically.

"Well your here with us now, Humpty." Kitty said to Humpty. "Yeah. But i needed to see you. Urgently. You guys must stay away from San Ricardo. Your both in terrible, terrible danger." Humpty said, anxiously. "That is the reason i brought you guys here. I apologise for hitting you guys over the heads with a frying pan. I didn't want you guys to see me. I was fearing the most horrifying reaction. Seeing your half brother - Best friend-enemy. It would of made me feel so guilty if you guys saw me there."

"But why are we in danger? We are Kitty Softpaws and Puss In Boots! We deal with danger. We can never be in danger." I said proudly, to Humpty.

"You can say that again. But this time you can't do anything. The sight of it is to heartbreaking for you, Puss."

"Why. What's happened? Humpty. TELL ME!" I yelled suddenly, feeling quite frightened of the regret i might feel if i knew something that i wish i didn't hear.

"Its not good news Puss. Your not going to sleep, for weeks. Neither did i. But i got over it. Life goes on Puss. Remember that. Are you sure you want me to tell you?" Humpty asked quietly.

"Yes. Now tell me. If it's anything to do with me, i must know!" I said to Humpty quickly. I needed to hear this. Now. Not any other time. Right now.

" OK but you won't like it. Last night. When you saw that man stealing the statue in the town square. He took the statue. But he killed Imelda. She was calling the guards and the bandito didn't like it one bit so he got out his gun and shot her in the chest. She's been buried in the cemetry. Right on the little hill, it was in her will. She always wanted to be buried there. I'm sorry Puss that it's got to be this way but its not a nice thing to know. It upset me dearly as she was also my guardian too. But she loved you and cared for you so much Puss. She will always be looking down on you Puss. Im so sorry." Humpty said sadly. He felt sad aswell.

I can feel anger, pain, heartbreak and grief in my heart. How can someone do that to my Mama?! Whoever it is, wherever he is, I. Will. Kill. Him. I started crying. I couldn't help it. I managed to cry myself to sleep but the pain was breaking through me like a dagger. I can never forgive that man. I'll make him feel sorry. And he will be sorry.

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