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T'lyn stood alone before two double doors. They had given her time to change her clothes and bathe on the way back from Vulcan but found that she still looked like an antique still. There was no reason why she wouldn't look such. Her hair was still braided in the ancient designs of Surak's time, and she was wearing the white robes Surak had the master weaver make for her for their sixtieth anniversary. Around her neck were three of the IDIC symbols, she had tried to take them off but found her hands simply would not obey.

She peaked through the door and sitting in spectators chairs were Soval, Sovar, and Solok. She looked away, against the back drop of the humans and aliens around them they were all sitting so straight it was as if they had been placed there like wax statues. She was surprised to see her father there at all, but as the men who were debriefing her entered and she saw Soren among their number it made sense. He was there to see his son take apart her story.

The only reason Solok had come was to satisfy a morbid curiosity, it had to be. Her grandfather was there because she had no doubt that he believed her, that he and grandmother T'Pel would support her. Soval on the other hand, she was fairly certain was there because she had been there for him during his debriefing, and he also found Sovar's company agreeable.

A couple of people passed by her in the hall, one was a Vulcan woman, who she could feel was staring at her in disbelief. The andorian with her whispered something about that being T'lyn, the teacher. She looked at her hands and her attire, she was T'lyn, wife of Surak and…what else she did not know. She had the knowledge enough to be considered one of the priestesses, the reldai, and that was how she served the people for so many years, but now in the light of her own time…she no longer knew who or what she might be.

She rubbed the small bump at her stomach. One thing she was sure of, she would have to find out quickly. She had a child to raise. She had raised three children in far less luxurious settings than those the modern world had to offer, but she had a partner then….

"Lieutenant T'lyn, they are ready for you." An ensign said as he opened the door.

Taking a deep breath she smoothed her robes and walked in to face her debriefing with her head held high.

The admiral in the center of the table looked up at her, "State your name for the record."

"T'Lyn." She said softly scanning the panel of men and women. Soren looked like barely controlled disdain, much like their father, and she noted at least three officers from the Temporal office, and one of the things they all had in common was that it looked like they had sucked on Vulcan sandworm before entering the room. She found in that moment she wanted to feel Surak near her, feel his hand on her shoulder telling her all would be well. She fought a smile, it was silly, and she had fought Romulans before they were Romulans and watched her friends die a room full of suits shouldn't even faze her. The truth was, it wasn't the suits; it was her brother and her father. The years she had been away she had thought many times how much she would love to see her family again and now not so much.

"The chair recognizes Soren, of the Vulcan academy of science to assist with this debriefing. Lt. T'lyn do you have any objections?" The admiral asked, watching the reaction of both Soren and T'Lyn.

"I have no objections, Admiral."

Soren stood up, and placed his PADDS neatly on the table, "T'lyn, how old are you today?"

"My official record states that I am thirty five years six months twenty seven days and twenty seven minutes."

"How old do you now claim?"

"I am one hundred and five years old six months twenty seven days, and twenty seven minutes."

"So for the record you are stating that you have been out of this time for seventy years."

T'Lyn hesitated slightly, and then answered, "Yes."

"You hesitated, why?" Soren asked coldly, "It seems a simple enough questions, why the hesitation?"

"Your accent, Soren is terrible and translating your Earth standard into," she paused searching for the word, "Ancient Vulcan is proving to be difficult."

"Where is your Universal translator?"

She hesitated slightly again and spoke, her own accent while speaking standard "Destroyed, and I have not had time to acquire another."

Soren nodded at his aid who jumped up promptly returning with a translator. He approached T'lyn, and as her eyes fell on him his gate slowed until he stopped short of her holding up the tiny chip to her as he she might bite him. "Thank you," T'lyn said softly and took it placing it in her ear.

"Is that better?" Soren asked raising an eyebrow.

T'Lyn blinked getting used to the stream of translation again, "Yes."

Soren picked up the PADD before him, "Your official report states that you and Lt. T'Klaas set camp in the Gateway and planned two weeks survival training. T'Klaas then reported to you that there was a new recruit had arrived, at that point the two of you went to greet the new recruit. You then saw who it was, it was the being known as Q. You stated that he looked, somehow different, older, but you recognized him from reports. Is this all accurate?"

T'lyn nodded, "It is."

"You go on to stated that Q took you both away from the Gateway of our time, and deposited you in a Gateway that you estimated to be about 2000 years previous, the time Vulcans call the Awakening. He then left."

"That is not completely accurate; he kissed me stating I was to deliver that as a message." T'lyn interrupted.

Soren's eyebrow raised, "Did he specify who that particular message was for?"

"No he did not."

"Who do you think it was for?"

"I cannot extrapolate that, he could have meant Surak, or he could mean something that is yet to come. It is unknown and without further information I would be hard pressed to offer a guess."

Oh Mon Cheri, this is boring . Q said playfully inside her mind.

I would not argue with that,Q. T'lyn returned trying to pay attention to what Soren was saying. However, I would say that you could simply appear and tell them my statements were true, this would be over quickly.

Oh my sweet, would that I could, but there are people here now who need to hear you, and see you. I've made you an important figure for a reason. I must say, I am proud of you for not being small minded about the kiss. I owe you another when we see each other again, not to worry my sweet, it will be soon.

She felt him leave her and Soren was staring at her unwaveringly, his blue eyes burning through her. "Answer the question, T'lyn, or has your translator malfunctioned?"

T'lyn let a small sigh, "Why do we not cut to what the science academy really wants to know? " she waved a guard over and asked him to retrieve her a stylus for the computer in front of her, "I can tell the temporal officers what they wish to know while I wait for computer access. Yes, I did change history, but not the way you might assume. I induced my second child's labor to keep Surak from going to Gol, a city I knew would be destroyed. He stayed with me to see the birth of his child, rather than going to Gol. That said, however, it was always known to us that Surak died on Mt. Seleya before the final battle between those who would become Romulans and those who would remain on Vulcan." The guard handed her the stylus, "This is what the science academy wants to know, and what I believe Star Fleet also may have interest."

Taking in a deep breath she began writing the equation of the IDIC, "This is the first part of the equation, the one I believe we shared with you humans when you began your work in warp sciences so many years ago. Soval, would you confirm this for me?"

Soval looked at the figures taking shape on the PADD, "I confirm this."

"This is the portion of the equation that the Vulcan science academy teaches all Vulcans. It is they believe the equation in whole, but recently have been begun to realize there is more. None, including my brother Soren up there have been able to solve it beyond this however, and no computer will either. This," and she began writing more of the equation, "Extends and solves the first portion, I believe you will find that to be the answer to many of your energy problems, and this, "she wrote more of it out, "Which is not the next portion of the equation I will say, speaks to the genetics of not only Vulcans but of all life." She placed the stylus on the table beside her, "Yes, there is more, there is a lot more, what is known now of the IDIC is a shadow of its true meaning. Yes, I know the entire equation; I am perhaps the only one who does. I know it because I was with Surak as he solved each portion, one building on the other until finally He had it in total. It took him forty years to accomplish. He said there would be more but never truly had the chance to finish his work. If the command and the science academy wishes me to interpret Surak's writings for them, then I suggest we move to Mr. Seleya, because it will take the rest of all of our lives for me to begin to adequately explain all he said and wrote, as a scientist, philosopher, logician, and husband. Everything else of pertinence is in the report. You know how T'Klaas died, you know how I was sent back, where I was, who I was with, and why I was sent to the time of the NX programs, it's all there. Does anything else need clarity?"

Soren sat in his chair, his jaw clenched tightly as his eyes flickered between his sister, and the new equations staring back at him.

The Admiral looked at T'lyn, a human grin playing over his lips, "The issue, as I see it, T'Lyn is what we do with you now. Where do you see your career, T'lyn, because frankly neither Earth nor Vulcan know where you fit. Half of Star Fleet wants to pin a medal on you, the other half wants to throw you out."

T'lyn nodded, "It is a reasonable question, and one I cannot as of yet answer. I would respectfully submit a leave of absence until sometime after the birth of my son." She looked down and saw her IDIC necklaces and then looked directly at the Admiral, "I would respectfully submit before I activate my leave, that Lt. T'Klaas be recommended for the Christopher Pike medal of Valor. As you will see in my report his conduct from the time the incident happened until his death was nothing less than brave, and selfless. He was a shining example of what it is to be a member of Star Fleet, including sacrificing his right as a Vulcan to have his Katra stored to protect the timeline. "

The Admiral nodded, "Noted, it will be taken under advisement."

T'lyn bowed respectfully, "Thank you Admiral."

"This hearing is concluded, Lt. T'lyn, though we would ask you to let us know where you will be in case we have further questions."

T'lyn looked at her Grandfather, who nodded, "Let the record show, that you may contact me through Ambassador Sovar's estate on Vulcan."


The men all stood, and she watched as her father made his way to Soren.

Soval and Sovar followed T'Lyn out the door. Her grandfather spoke first, "Speaking as an Ambassador, I would say to you that you spoke well, T'Lyn. Speaking as a grandfather, I would say that I was proud of you." He let just a hint of a smile touch his lips, "Wouldn't you say Soval?"

Soval nodded, "I agree, Ambassador, your Granddaughter spoke well."

T'lyn looked back through the window looking into the conference room, and then back at the men before her, "It is agreeable that you think so." She said passively.

Sovar cleared his throat, "Your father, my son…I will speak with him. You need his support in this time."

T'Lyn raised her hood and placed her hands in her sleeves, "I do not need his support, Grandfather. I think I realized this for the first time, just now. I must go to my rooms now and clear them of my personal possessions. "

Soval stepped forward, "I would help you."

T'Lyn nodded, but Sovar spoke before she could reply. Looking at the guide the Federation had assigned to them he said, "See the Ambassador to T'lyn's room. I would have words with my granddaughter before she goes."

The young human man nodded and guided Soval away.

"Grandfather?" T'lyn said looking at Sovar.

"My child," he said softly placing his hands on her shoulders, " The road ahead will not be an easy one. There are those on Vulcan who would see you silenced, and those who would have you for their bond mate just because of the child you carry in your womb. The house of Surak in Shi'Kahr has requested your presence and has insinuated that you should be a part of their clan and not ours. What I am saying, T'lyn is that your life is going to be changing, and complicated."

T'Lyn considered his words and gave a small human sigh, "Has father passed the duty of arranging a marriage to you, Grandfather?"

Sovar nodded.

"Then do not arrange a marriage for me. Surak said that a man and woman should only bond if one to the other they stirred each other's Katra. My own," she whispered to him, "Pon Farr is several years away so I am in no pressing need."

Sovar's eyes widened, "So in spite of your human blood you…"

T'Lyn nodded demurely, "Yes. As to the other matters. I know of a secret place deep within the Forge, a place I can reside until after my son is born. I will not play politics, human or Vulcan, until such time as I am centered again."

Sovar nodded, "Do you think it wise to live in the wilds, pregnant and unprotected? Would you live like…"

T'lyn held up her hand, "Grandfather, I raised three children under the hammer of the Forge, living there again a few more months will harm nothing. "

Sovar raised his eyebrows and his nostrils flared, "You would have me tell this to your grandmother? She will not be agreeable to this, nor am I."

"I do not see your problem with my logic, Grandfather. I am more comfortable in the desert than I am here. I find replicated food unpalatable." She let a small shiver, "I will be fine, Grandfather, your worry is noted but un-needed." She got up on her tip toes and kissed his cheek. "I will meet you at pad five when I have retrieved my things." She bowed to him and pushed her hands deeper in her sleeves and made her way to her room.