Solok stood in the ritual circle, his hands clasped before him. If he was nervous, no one could tell. His face was as placid as a lake on a windless day. He was watching the ceremonial path thought it would be ten minutes and seventeen seconds before Roxanne arrived. The rest of his clan stood around him in the same stoic silence. It had been many years since the entirety of the clan of Gol had gathered. Many of them there to support Solok's choice of bond mate, some of them curious because they had heard he was taking another human wife. Not only that, but that he had mated out of the pon farr with her, and she was already with child. If all that was not enough to rouse them for the bonding ritual, then the fact that this human wife would soon be the Clan Matron was. The news of T'Pel's death had gripped their clan, she was the best matron in the clan's history. Many of them were also curious to see Solok's first daughter, T'Lyn. They had heard she was now Reldai, and their clan had not had a strong Reldai in two hundred years. It was a curious time for the clan of Gol, especially with rumors of challenge wafting from the Shi Kahr clan, who were already stating that T'Lyn was theirs.

Solok looked at all the family gathered. He surmised why most of them were there. It didn't matter to him, none of it did. He was about to finalize a bond he had begun years ago, over calculus, chocolate, and wine. That was what was agreeable to him. It was a completion, it would be his completion.


Roxanne stared at herself in the mirror, she loved the purple gown, the sash over her head was beautiful, but as her eyes drifted down her body she began to cry. She was showing big time. "T'Lyn," she whimpered, "I look so fat!"

"You do not, Roxanne, you look pregnant and there is a difference." T'Lyn replied putting on her own head piece.

Roxanne slugged her in the arm hard, "That wasn't helpful! You should have told me I look pretty." Her tears at least were now replaced by mild anger.

"You do look pretty, Roxanne, but that was not the statement you made. You said you looked fat, I answered that statement. Next time, if you wish me to reassure you of your aesthetic appeal, make a statement that lends itself to that. " T'Lyn turned from the mirror and checked Roxanne over one more time.

"Vulcans!" Roxanne growled, "So damned literal!"

"Yes, and you are about to marry into a clan of Vulcans. Today you will bond, not only with father, but with his entire clan, including me. You will take the mantel of wife, and Clan matron."

"Yeah, T'Lyn, I wasn't nervous enough already," she said rolling her eyes, "Thanks for that, a real comfort."

"I am not trying to be comforting, Roxanne, I am trying to prepare you. " T'Lyn frowned lightly, "And advising you will be my job for many years to come. " She took Roxanne by the shoulders, "A job I am honored to do, you will make a fine matron."

Roxanne swallowed hard, she fought not to ask the question "do you really think so" because she already knew the reply would be "I have already said this." She grinned at T'Lyn. "Ok, so tell me, again how this ceremony goes down."

"I will lead you to the circle, you and father will kneel before each other touching fingers. I will say some things, and initiate a meld with you both to bond you and induce a pon farr. You will then leave the ceremonial ground and return here, where you will be left alone for three days. You and father will stay on world for a year after, to cement your bond." T'Lyn nodded, "See there is nothing outrageous."

"Pon farr, like in mating fever for both of us?"

"Yes, it is a change to get used to and understand the fever, because it will be mild, so when Father's time comes you will know better how to handle him." T'Lyn grinned slightly, "Though in spite of rumors to the contrary, Vulcan men who bond with human females do tend to have an easier time. I believe it has to do with the fact that they do not have to endure the same repression other male Vulcans do with their more traditional spouses."

"You mean the once every seven years thing? Yeah I'd be climbing the walls if Solok didn't…" her eyes snapped up to T'Lyn's, "Yeah I bring the awkward like a boss don't I."

"It is fine, Roxanne. It is your humanity that gives my father balance. Be you, always." T'Lyn nodded, "It is time."


T'Lyn stood before Roxanne and her father, "What you are about to see comes down from the time of the Beginning. This is the Vulcan heart, this is the Vulcan soul - this is our way. Kali FARR! Now is the time of challenge!" After a brief pause, T'Lyn touched the psi points of Roxanne, and then looking at her father, she realize this would be the first meld she ever performed on him, he nodded up at her, and she touched his face. "Two people no longer kneel before me, but one person who inhabits to bodies. Pon Farr!" she felt the bond between them in an instant, and having performed hundreds of these ceremonies she could tell the strength of their relationship was powerful. Releasing them she stepped back and turned away.

Solok looked into Roxanne's eyes and caressed her flushed cheek, "It is time we were away from here, My Adun'a."

Roxanne smiled, "Yeah," she wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered into his ear,"I kind of like this fever thing so far." She purred and captured his ear in her mouth. Hefting her up, Solok took her to the waiting flitter. When they were in privacy, he nuzzled her neck, "So far I see no difference in you while in pon farr, and you just being Roxanne."

Roxie laughed as they pulled away, "Humans are constant Pon Farr, Solok, learn to love it!" She reached out her hand and gently squeezed his groin, the flitter swerved, and the gathered Vulcans in the ceremonial ground heard laughter fading into the distance.


T'Lyn watched as her distant relatives milled around the circle, and then left. When she was alone she looked out over her planet, a planet and a people that were changing even as she sat there. She had bonded her father and Roxanne, initiated a base bond between Gelly and Soval, her chosen family was out there in space now looking for lost family and mates. She thought of her grandfather, and hoped along the way he might find a new measure of contentment.

Her head dropped, she felt completely alone, and yet surrounded by all she held dear. The face of Vulcan was changing, she was changing, and life itself was moving on.

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