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Chapter 1

A Mother's Love

It was nighttime in the East Forest, close to Magnolia Town and resident to many creatures. The moon was full and the stars were out, with no clouds to block anyone from the beautiful night sky. However there was one person who was not paying attention to such details. This figure was running through the forest wearing a cloak that covered their figure completely. They were moving at high speeds, however they had their arms holding something; a blanket wrapped in a bundle. After running for a few more minutes, the figure came to a stop at a river at the sound of a baby crying.

The figure looked at the bundle in their arms and started to rock the baby and sooth it back to sleep, but the figure knew the baby was hungry. The figure lifted up their hood and opened her cloak to reveal a beautiful woman. She had very long, wavy, blonde hair that if you removed the cloak, it would reveal that it reaches down to her feet. She had green eyes and her body was very curvy and voluptuous body, with large breasts. Under the cloak she was wearing a pink dress with a red bow over the chest area. This was the first Guild Master and the founder of Fairy Tail, Mavis Vermilion, also known as the Fairy Tactician and the Fairy Mother, though most of the world had no idea how right that last title was. She was a mother and right now she had to keep her child safe.

Almost a year ago she had given birth to a baby boy; he had gotten his hair from his deceased father but most of his features from her. He was the best thing to ever happen to her and she had wanted to raise him to become a great man and an amazing mage. But that won't be possible now because of those damn Zeref worshipers; you see her son was born with an amazing amount of magical power and added to the fact that he was still an infant. You can imagine how powerful he would become when he was older. When the Zeref worshipers had become aware of his magical power, they had tried to kidnap him to see if they could use his magic to either bring back Zeref or make him the new Zeref by acquiring his soul and putting it in the boy's body. Mavis had figured out what they were after and came to the hardest decision she would ever make and she would protect her son from those monsters that would try to harm.

Her attention was drawn to her son, who was having his fill from his meal. She gazed at him with tears falling down her face as he looked back at her with his black eyes. The baby looked at the crying woman as he finished, he raised his tiny hands to her face and gave her cheeks a little pat. Mavis laughed at her son's innocence, he was so adorable and she couldn't be happier at the moment she was having with her son. But the moment was ruined by a loud noise echoing throughout the forest; Mavis jerked her head up at the noise. She used her magic to try and sense for the dark wizardsthat were coming after her and her child, she could detect a few that were coming from the North; they were about thirty minutes away at the most. That gave her plenty of time to execute her place.

She sat on a branch next to a tree, taking in the last moments she would have with her son. Her tears were coming back full force as her body shook, unable to handle what she was going to do. She began to talk to her son, not that he would understand but she wanted to give him some words that she would not tell him as he was growing up. After all there are some things that only a mother could say. Taking a deep breath she looked at her son, who was looking at her with curiosity.

"Honey…There are many things that I wanted to do with you; I wanted to be there for your first words, I wanted to help you take your first steps, I wanted to be there for all your achievements and birthdays." Her eyes were closed as she cried, "I wanted to do so much with you…I had a feeling that you have been a bit of a trouble-maker, just like your daddy."

She brought him closer to her chest as she hugged him.

"I am not going to be there as you are growing up, and that hurts so much. The only thing that I can do right now is give you my final words and make sure you are able to find someone who will love and take care of you."

Mavis halted her words, trying to think of what to say. This would be the last time she could ever say anything to her son, but there were so many things to say that she had a hard time trying to pick the perfect ones. She decided to say as much as she could before it was time.

"Don't be a picky eater…but you have to make sure to eat healthy too, so you can become big and strong. Also be sure to take a bath everyday and keep warm. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, not too much though and don't stay up late." She took a deep breath, "Be sure to make friends; they don't have to be many, but make sure they are true friends that you can trust. I don't know what kind of mage you are going to be or what magic you take an interest in, but I know it with be great and I will be proud."

She knew there wasn't much time left.

"I know this might not sound great coming from your mommy… but when you get older you will find yourself interested in women and that is okay…but, just don't fall for a strange or crazy one. Find a woman like your mommy!" Mavis trying to smile as she said that.

"You will face painful times and some of those times will seem too hard to handle…but just be yourself! And have your dreams and the confidence to make those dreams come true!" Her eyes shut as even more tears and sobs racked her body for not being able to watch her son grow up or be there when he needed her. "I really, really, really, really wish I could be there to teach you so many more things, I really wish I could be with you longer. I love you!"

She held the infant close as she started to put him to sleep, so he wouldn't make any noise. After he fell asleep, she placed him on a bush as softly as she could so she wouldn't wake him. She hesitantly took several steps back as she heard the dark wizardsget closer, building up her magical power and even converted the love she held for her son magical power to make sure the spell she was about to use stayed up. This was one of the three great spells she made for the Fairy Tail guild and one that she knew would protect her son from any darkness that went after him.

"Fearī Sufia!" She shouted as a golden orb of her magical power surrounded her son.

The light from the spell was so bright that it carried throughout the sky, and it gave off a warm feeling that carried on to the town. Everyone went outside and saw the light tearing through the night sky. Mavis concentrated the spell to surround her son, making a small seal; she finished the spell as the Fairy Tail symbol solidified and the seal was complete. Now that the spell was complete all that was left for her to do was to send the sphere away and that whoever finds it will take care of her son and give him all the love he needs. With tears in her eyes she sent the Fairy Sphere away, giving her son her last thoughts before he disappeared from her sight.

"You have to live on! I want you to have a long and happy life!" She shouted to her son before the sphere completely disappeared from her sight.

She turned around and started to walk away, knowing that right at that moment, her heart was breaking at separating from her son and it would never heal.

She walked through the forest to go back home; back to her town and guild. Mavis continued through the forest until she was stopped at a small clearing, near the border between the forest and the town. The Zeref wizardsstarted to surround her, each readying their magic for a fight.

"We finally caught you Mavis Vermilion. Now where is the child?" question one of the men, who appeared to be the leader.

"You are already too late…I sent him far away and there is no way that you can ever use him for your twisted use." Mavis said glaring at the wizardsin front of her, her magic building up.

"You bitch! Do you know whom you are dealing with?" The leader said as he gave the signal for his men to unleash their magic.

"No…No I don't, and frankly I don't care. You threaten my son, you try to kidnap him and do horrible things to him. All I see right now is future blood stains ready to get washed away by the rain."

At that a few men started to tremble from the combination of her incredibly high magical power and her killer intent; as they say Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, especially a mother's. The leader even shook from the threat a little before trying to compose himself a little.

"Big talk woman, but there are over fifty of us dark wizardsand only one of you. Not to mention what will happen to you if you don't tell us." As he said this Mavis could see many of the men there were giving her lustful stares, it grossed her out.

"I'd like to see you try; also you might want to recount you men. There are not as many as you think." She pointed her hand, palm open, at the men behind her.

"Yōsei no Kyanon!"

A spell seal appeared before shooting out a gigantic blast of light, hitting fifteen of the dark mages, causing them to be sent flying into several trees. The other wizardswere shocked at the power behind the attack, they could see why she was feared, and she did that without even trying or looking in their direction. They snapped out of their stupor when Mavis spoke.

"You are right about being outmatched, but you were wrong about the number," She threw off the cloak and finished her statement "You are going to need a hundred times the amount of men here before you could even scratch me."

Three of the dark wizardscharged forward, angered by her words. One used a Take Over to turn into a metal demonic Vulcan, another was focusing his darkness magic into his hands to create demonic claws and the last had kept some distance as he built up his fire magic; the fire mage attacked first.

"Faia Baretto!" a bullet-like fire stream shot at Mavis. She held out her hand and focused her magic on the flame and made it spin around her, not touching her once, and sending it back at the mage with her own magic mixed in; the dark mage was incinerated instantly. This enraged the other two as they rushed at her with their claws ready to tear her a part. As their claws drew closer, she dodged both of the claws and gripped the arms attached tightly, she twisted her arms a little before slamming them into each other. As they were dazed from the impact, Mavis tossed them away and sent another Yōsei no Kyanon at them, finishing the fight. As their bodies crashed to the ground she turned to the leader.

"Like I said before…You won't even put a scratch on me. Now then, I had created a system for my guild to help deliver justice and I will now use it on you; I will give you the count of three to kneel and submit. However if you do not, I will destroy you." She said before she started to count.


"S-Shut up bitch!" the leader roared "Attack her all at once!"


All the dark wizardsreleased different spell all in complete synch; spells of all varieties from elementals to weapon magic rushed at incredible speed at the Fairy Tail guild-master. They all were about to make contact with Mavis, while she stayed in the same place; looking at the attack without any emotion on her face.


"It's over, Yōsei no Rifurekutā Tate" she whispered as a giant Fairy Tail symbol appeared at the attack made contact.

The blast slammed into the shield and the shield seemed to halt the attack before it started to absorb it into the symbol. As the attack was completely drained, the dark wizardseyes widened in shock; all of their attacks were stopped like it was nothing. Then the shield started to glow and before any of the wizardscould react, it released multiple beams of light at each and every one of them. At the end of the battle Mavis was left standing in the clearing, surrounded by the bodies of her enemies.

"Never come near me, my son or my guild again. If you do, I promise I will show no mercy and wipe you from existence." She warned as she continued to walk to the town.

She stopped when she heard rustling coming from her left, turning her head a little she saw a young man with black hair staring at her. He was wearing black and tan robes with gold trimmings and an open collar, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his main body and across his chest. His black hair that sticks upwards at the top, he had dark eyes and abnormally sharp canines. He was also wearing a circle-shaped necklace. He had a sad look on his face as he stared at her before looking at the men on the ground; his sad look turned to slight anger.

"Who are you?" Mavis questioned as she stared at the man, ready for any sign of him about to attack. The strange thing was that even though she didn't have any memory of him, part of her felt as if she knew the man that was standing across from her.

He seemed to ignore the question and instead asked one of his own.

"Did you do this to these men?" Mavis was unsure how to answer that, this man could be a danger but from how he was looking at the dark wizards; they were not allies.

"Yes, they were threatening me and my son, so I fought them to protect him." Mavis answered coolly, still not trusting the man in front of her despite what she was slightly feeling.

"Why were they after your son? Did he do something?" He continued to ask questions.

"No he did! He is not even a year old yet, but they want to take him because of his high magical power. These guys are Zeref worshippers, they believe that they could have used my son to bring him back and I didn't want that to happen to him." She started to tear up at remembering what she had done to protect her son.

"I see… So where is he? From the looks of it, he's not with you." The sad look from before was present on his face.

Mavis started to cry again, "I sent him away, and so he will be safe. I already know he will be a strong wizard when he is older and I wanted him to have a good life before he learns magic, and I-I…I can't do that for him if h-he is here being targeted all the time." She was shaking and sobbing in her hands.

'I'm sorry that you both had to go through this... Mavis.' The man thought to himself before he started to walk away, not wanting to harm the heart-broken mother anymore than he already had. 'It will be dangerous for me to be around anyone in any normal scenario, but with my curses unpredictability and the chance that…Wait…' He thought as he stared at the DEAD men surrounding them.

Mavis wasn't aware that the man she had been talking too was non-other than Zeref the Dark Wizard. He had been having trouble with his powers due to certain issues, and had accidentally released a small wave of his Ankuseramu no Kuro Majutsu, which killed everyone except for Mavis, whose self-made Yōsei Hikari no Mahō was able to save her. It was a known fact that even if children used other magic besides their parents, and if they were strong enough, the abilities and powers would transfer over. So Mavis's son, even if he learned another style of magic, he would still have his mother's magic to protect him from Zeref's Ankuseramu no Kuro Majutsu as it did her. Zeref had finally found someone other than his demons to kill him... and if Mavis had really married and had a child with that man then his death was almost assured.

"What is your son's name if I might ask?"

"Huh? Why do you want to know?" Mavis questioned as she looked at the man with a few tears in her eyes.

Zeref looked at Mavis for a second before staring at the starry sky above. He couldn't tell her the whole truth but that didn't mean he couldn't bend it a little. "... So if I ever see him, I will know who he is... I could also point him in this direction so he could home to you."

Mavis was surprised at what he said before she started to laugh. This man before her was confused on why she was laughing. She calmed down after a few seconds and answered the man.

"Sorry about that, it is just kind of funny about what you said. While there is a no possibility that you will meet him, if you do I am grateful if you pointed him toward Fairy Tail." Mavis said with a smile as tears fell down her cheeks.

"Heh, I see... So what is his name?"

"My son's name is…"



In a forest, hundreds of miles away from human civilization, resided a dragon. He was a powerful dragon, one of the strongest that existed in Earthland. This gigantic dragon is covered with dark red scales that can be easily seen. His lower body, specifically his belly, inner tail and legs, is beige in color. He also has noticeable scars on his belly and neck, with the largest one being in a form of an "X" in the center of his body. His back has numerous black spikes, reaching down from the back to the end of his tail. His head was a triangular shape with horns, a pair of round eyes with yellow corneas and round dark pupils, and a sharp horn pointing upwards just above his nose. He also sports very sharp canine teeth, and has claws with long red sharp nails. His large bony wings looks similarly alike as that of a bat's, with rippled tips. He was the fire dragon, Igneel.

Now Igneel usually lived in volcanic areas, it was where he was the most comfortable. For some reason though, he felt something call out to him in this forest; he didn't know what it was but he knew he should go and find it. He wondered around for a bit, starting to get annoyed with seeing nothing but trees and animal life. He was the one and only Igneel, he didn't need to go through this goose chase. But just as he was about to leave and return to the area he was residing for the moment, a golden glow caught his attention.

It was coming from a cave a few yards away, and whatever it was, it was spherical and seemed to have a symbol on it. The curiosity that Igneel had, had got the better of him and he traveled the short distance toward the cave. Getting a closer look at the sphere he noticed it had the symbol of that guild he had seen once when he was flying over Magnolia; though he hated to say it but he was glad Grandeeney had showed him how to use Light Form, it definitely helped with staying out of human's visual. He shook the thoughts out of his mind; he didn't want to even think of being grateful to another dragon. He looked at the sphere and noticed there was something inside it; getting a closer look he saw it was a sleeping child, an infant from the looks of it.

He reached out a claw toward the sphere, to try and see what it was exactly that was covering the infant. As soon as he touched it however, the symbol on the sphere glowed a little before disappearing and the orb soon followed. He brought his claw back a little to see the sleeping child and saw it was a boy; he had short rose-colored hair that seemed to start to spiky out a little. The boy began to stir as he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the gigantic red dragon in front of him; but instead of starting to cry, he actually giggles and reached his hands out to Igneel. This caused Igneel to respond with a chuckle of his own, he didn't expect the child to giggle at him.

"Aren't you an interesting little human." Igneel commented as he brought his snout closer for the boy to touch, "Instead of being scared, you seem happy."

Igneel brought his face away from the boy, much to his disappointment, and began to ponder what to do. If the child's parents weren't around then that meant that something must have happened to separate them and from the barrier that was on the child, it had to have been something that the parents had done everything to protect their son. He wondered what he should do with the boy; he couldn't leave him here to die and also there was the possibility that whatever was after him might come back.

A thought came to Igneel's mind; why not raise the boy himself. He could teach him how to survive on his own and many other things, even his own brand of magic, Ka no Metsuryū Mahō. Looking at the fussy boy in front of him, he could see a lot of potential and as the great Igneel, he could see no one better to have as a son. Coming to a decision, he decided to raise the boy as his own. He reached out to the boy, picking him up as gently as he could; he noticed the blanket the boy had wrapped around him had a name on it. The name was in bold letters.


"So your name is Natsu, is it?" Igneel got a squeal of delight as a reply, "Hmm... if I recall correctly you Humans use last names as well... I will call you Natsu Dragneel, it's the last name to the only Human I respect. From this moment on you will be known as the son of Igneel and the Fire Dragon Slayer."


To Be Continued

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Fearī Sufia = Fairy Sphere

Yōsei no Kyanon = Fairy Cannon

Faia Baretto = Fire Bullet

Yōsei no Rifurekutā Tate = Fairy Reflector Shield

Ankuseramu no Kuro Majutsu = Ankhseram Black Magic

Yōsei Hikari no Mahō = Fairy Light Magic

Ka no Metsuryū Mahō = Fire Dragonslayer Magic