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Chapter 17 - Reunion

"Just great… I hope that idiot is happy." Natsu said to himself with a growl before turning his head to the side. Lying in the rubble a little ways away from him was a 'man' named Zalty, who was wearing a shaman-like mask over his face, the man was assisting the Sub-Zero Emperor, who was actually someone from Gray's past. His real name was Lyon Vastia, he and Gray had studied under the same teacher, who was the very same person who sealed Deliora away at the cost of their life. But thanks to Lyon and his followers using the power of the Mūn Dorippu, the ice created using the forbidden magic Aisudo Sheru was melting and turning into the water surrounding them, releasing the feared demon from its prison.

After they had discovered the giant demon, the group of four had gone to confront the ones who were responsible for Deliora being on the island. After listening in and spying on the large group, they found out that they were planning on releasing the beast from its seal. After a few words were said back and forth between Lyon and Gray, Natsu had sent Lucy and Happy back to the village to keep them safe while he and Gray stayed to fight. Natsu had easily handled most of the group while Gray was fighting Lyon himself, but he was defeated and severely injured before Natsu interrupted the fight. The Dragon Slayer had brought Gray back to the village so they could treat him, but before anything could really be done Sherry, Yuka, and Toby had arrived to destroy the village using a large amount of acid. But thanks to his powerful flames, Natsu easily dissolved the acid before it came in contact with the village.

Lucy had gone off to fight Sherry while Natsu took care of Yuka and Toby, before leaving Gray in the care of the villagers. Erza had soon showed up, looking for her husband with a scary look on her face, who had actually contacted her as soon as he realized a demon from the Book of Zeref was involved, and had talked to the recovering Gray and tied up Lucy and Happy about the situation. Gray had revealed his past involving Lyon and Deliora to the others before they agreed to put a stop to Lyon and his followers. Gray had managed to catch up to Natsu and both agreed to let Gray have one last chance against Lyon while Natsu went to stop Zalty from continuing the ritual… but their battle were for not as Deliora emerged from the ice, letting out a roar that everyone on the island could hear.

"That's one loud roar," Natsu couldn't help but flinch since he was so close to the beast and the sound was hurting his ears. "I should've taken care of it when it was still sealed up in that ice… Hmm?"

Natsu turned his head as he picked up a familiar scent from behind him, he could see Gray staring up at Deliora with a look of shock, with went solemn as he looked down at the water. The coal-haired teen scooped a handful of water and stared as it fell to the water at his feet. '…Ur…'

"It's about time you got here Gray," Looking up from the water, he watched as Natsu made it to his side. "Now that Deliora has been released, we need to destroy it now before it goes on a rampage."

"Kukuku… exactly right… Salamander." The two looked to see a defeated Lyon crawling towards them, his body covered in bruises and blood and his clothes torn apart. "It's impossible… for you two… so let me handle it…"

"Lyon…" Gray muttered.

Natsu crossed his arms with a frown, "Don't be stupid. In your condition I really doubt you could even scratch him."

"Shut up!" Lyon yelled back at Natsu before turning his head back to look at the giant beast towering over them. "I've been waiting… Deliora…" The bluish-silver haired man let out a pain-filled chuckled as he somehow was able to stand. "This is the only monster...that Ur couldn't defeat...I will defeat it...with my own hands...right now...I will surpass her!" Lyon shouted, remembering some of the memories he had with his teacher. Natsu silently watched as Gray moved behind Lyon and delivered a chopped to the back of his neck, knocking him back down.

"That's enough... Lyon..." Gray said and he crossed his arms at his wrist, releasing large amounts of magical energy spiraling around him. "I'll seal Deliora using Aisudo Sheru!"

"Don't do this Gray!" Lyon shouted as he glared at Gray's back, a few feet away from the coal-haired wizard Natsu had an unreadable expression on his face. "Do you know how long I have waited for this day? Even if you use that spell, I'll just unfreeze him again! It would just be an endless cycle!"

"… It doesn't matter, I will stop him here and no-" Gray was cut off as Natsu took a step in front of Gray, standing between the demon and the two ice wizards. "Natsu, get out of the way your idiot!"

"If I move then you'll use that spell, turning yourself into ice. You'll never move or experience any else besides holding that thing in place, you wouldn't be dead but you wouldn't be truly alive anymore." Natsu said making Gray's eye widen, wondering how the Dragon Slayer figured out what would happen. Natsu bent down and scooped some of the water at his feet, watching as the liquid escaped his hand. "I knew there had to be a reason why I was sensing a second magical presence… this is what happened to your teacher."

"Yes, she turned herself into ice so Deliora could be sealed away, as one of her pupils it's my responsibility to take care of this thing. I have no problem giving up my body to seal this thing away!" Gray said with a determined expression, the magic surrounding him increasing in power. This made Natsu frown as he turned to face Gray before instantly appearing in front of him and punched him in the face, sending Gray to the ground with a grunt. The ice user grunted as he rubbed the spot where Natsu had hit him, "What the hell Natsu!"

"Shut the hell up!" Natsu growled as he glared at Gray, "It's your responsibility? Bull shit, who are you to say it's okay to give up your life! If you think I am going to let you kill yourself then you are out of your fucking mind!" Behind him Deliora let out another roar as he raised his arm into the air.

"We don't have time for this, with Deliora released from his seal he will go on a rampage and cause destruction and death to many!" Gray shouted at Natsu, who turned back to face the giant demon.

"Then I'll just have to finish what your teacher started… Neither of you have noticed it, have you?" Gray and Lyon looked at Natsu with confused looks before noticing the Deliora seemed to freeze up, before his arm started to crack and broke off, shocking both of them. "… I don't know the effects of this Aisudo Sheru your teacher used, but remember that Deliora has been sealed up for ten years. During that time, she had been slowly killing him… right now he is very close to death."

"N-No… IT CAN'T BE!?" Lyon exclaimed as Deliora let out a roar as it grabbed the stump, more areas on its body began to crack. "YOU'RE TELLING ME ALL THIS PLANNING, ALL THESE YEARS WERE FOR NOTHING?!"

"This is its final moments… One more blow will finish this Demon and put it out of its misery…" Natsu took a few steps closer to Deliora, raising a fist and sent his magic into it, whatever water that had remained on his hand quickly evaporated as his covering it with his Faerīenryū no Mahō. Unnoticed to anyone, some of his magic started to seep into the water at his feet causing it to give off a soft glow. "Take a step back and watch over that friend of yours, Deliora could still try something."

"Natsu, why are you…?"

"… That teacher of yours sealed away this darkness away and has been slowly removing it from this world." Gray had a shocked look on his face at those words, this didn't seem to bother Natsu as he kept his gaze on the crumbling Demon in front of him, shifting his stance as he moved his arm back. Deliora let out another roar as his body continued to break apart, raising his remaining fist into the air before throwing it at Natsu, cracks continuing to spread across its body by the second. The Dragon Slayer spread the fire and light across his forearm, before throwing his fist forward and slammed it into Deliora's. "It's time to end this, Faerīenryū no Gekitetsu!" The effects were almost instant as Natsu's devastating blow tore through Deliora's fist. A large orb fire and light ejected from Natsu's fist and continued up the demon's arm, taking a good chunk of Deliora's side and collided with the cave was behind the beast, creating a large hole.

Gray could only watch in silence as Deliora's body completely froze, chunks of its body falling to the ground and becoming dust. The words Ur had said to him all those years ago going through his mind… she really got rid of Deliora, the thing that had tormented him for so many years. His body started to shake as he brought a hand up to cover his the upper part of his face, tears falling down his face. "Thank you so much… Teacher!"

Behind him, Lyon was still lying on the ground with gritted teeth. "All of that work… only to see its final moments, it would have died even if Salamander hadn't attacked it." Raising his fist a little of the ground, he quickly slammed it into the ground as he felt tears building up. "I couldn't surpass Ur… I was no match for her."

"She was pretty amazing, who knows what would've happened if Deliora was at full strength." Natsu commented with a small smile. After a few minutes of silence Natsu took noticed to something strange happening few yards away from them, the water seemed to be glowing gold and blue. The water seemed to be gathering together and forming a figure within the water, "… Hey Gray, there's something over there."

The coal-haired wizard wiped away his tears to look at the S-class wizards, "What are you talking about? What's… over… there…?!" Gray's body froze as his gaze focused on the figure floating on the water, a nude female figure. "It can't be… UR!"

"Wha?!" Studying her for a moment, he could see that she was unconscious. Natsu quickly moved to her side with Gray right behind him, Lyon had a look of shock on his face as he watched Natsu kneeing down a little and picked up a woman with short dark purple hair and a curvaceous figure. Ignoring the fact that the woman in his arms was naked, Natsu walked to a dry area near Lyon and gently placed her down, leaning her back against a large, smooth piece of rubble. "… She's alive, that's for sure."

"But how, Ur said that once someone cast Aisudo Sheru they could no longer return to their human form." Gray wondered as Natsu used Kansō Mahō to summon a blanket to cover Ur's nude form.

"Who knows, but we should probably get her back to the village so we can do a proper check." Natsu turned to Gray as he said this, making the Fairy Tail wizard of ice nod his head in agreement. Natsu looked back down at Ur with questioning look, 'I'm pretty sure I haven't met her before… but for some reason she looks familiar…'

"Natsu! Gray!" The rose-color haired man dismissed his thoughts as he heard Lucy's voice call out to them from the cave's entrance, turning around to see the busty blond and Happy make their way towards them at a fast pace while Erza stood off to the side.

Happy flew closer to Natsu's head and gave his best friend a hug around his neck, "Natsu! I'm so glad you're alive… If you died then I wouldn't get anymore gigantic, delicious fish from that lake in the East Forest."

"Seriously Happy!" Natsu shouted with a tic appearing on the back of his head, before shaking his head with a sigh. While the blue cat said stuff like that, he knew Happy cared about him more than just a person to get him free food… right?

"We were scared for a while there when we heard Deliora getting free earlier... wait… who is that?" Lucy asked as she looked at the sleeping woman next to Natsu, Gray stood up and started walking to the side.

"That is Ur, the one who taught both Gray and myself on using Aisu Meiku." A few heads turned to the direction Gray was walking and saw Lyon lying face-down on the ground. "She was the one who defeated Deliora…"

"But I thought she was turned into ice!? How did she get out of that?!" Lucy exclaimed from shock.

Natsu cracked his neck before moving to pick Ur up bridal-style, making sure the blanket was secure over her form. "A good question for another time, right now we should get out of here. We have injured people that need treating, or did you think I didn't notice your new wound, Gray."

Said ice wizard flinched a bit as he looked down at the stab wound on his abdomen where Lyon had stabbed him, he had managed to seal it up using ice but he would need someone to look at it later. Natsu started to lead everyone out of the cave, giving his wife a quick glance as if he was silently asking her something, to which she nodded before moving over to Gray and taking Lyon from him. The group made their way out of the cave and made a small stop at a cliff a few miles away from the village. Lucy and Happy were cheering at the fact they completed an S-class job while Gray had a proud smirk on his face.

"Now that Deliora's been defeated, we've completed our job!" Lucy said with a starry-eyed look, "I wonder if this means that we can go on the second floor now?"

"Aye Sir!" Happy was flying in circles on from how excited he was.

"Don't be ridiculous!" Erza interrupted, causing the non S-class wizards to freeze at the sight of her scary expression, "It was only thanks to Natsu agreeing to take the job that you even got this far, don't forget that punishment awaits you two for stealing an S-class job."

"That's right! I can't believe I forgot about that!" Lucy cried out as she began to shake in fear.

"You won't be getting the primary reward for taking this job either. That was one of the punishments that Gramps had issued before we got on the boat, remember?" Natsu pointed out while crossing his arms. "Besides, we're not finished with this job just yet."

"B-but with Deliora defeated... the curse should be lifted..." Lucy said to Natsu and Erza, who shook their heads at the blonde girl's words.

"No... Deliora didn't cause the phenomenon you call a curse..." Erza replied as she crossed her own arms over her armored chest. "The people were affected by the enormous power from the Mūn Dorippu, Deliora and its destruction doesn't mean things would go back to normal."

"N-No way..." Lucy muttered.

"I only agreed on destroying Deliora because it was a major threat and was about to be released without any knowledge on what its condition was." Natsu looked up to the moon and narrowed his eyes at its color.

"So then... how do we supposed fix this?" Gray asked before a thought came to mind, turning his head to the side to look at Lyon, who was probably the best person to get answers from, "Is there anything you can tell us Lyon?"

Lyon shook his head, "Unfortunately I don't know."

"Whaaa?" Happy questioned as he landed on Natsu's head.

"How can you guys not know about it? If you don't, then how can we help the villagers?" Lucy exclaimed.

"In the three years since we arrived here, our group and the village's people have never crossed paths." Lyon explained from his seat with his back leaning against the boulder. "We knew that there was a village on the island, but that's all that we knew."

"Not even once? For three entire years?" Erza questioned, while turning to meet gazes with Natsu. The Dragon Slayer nodded his head

"Hmm... Come to think of it, it does seem strange because they should have definitely seen the light from the Mūn Dorippu shine down on the ruins." Lucy brought a hand up to her face to form a thinking pose. "… I wonder why they didn't try to investigate."

Natsu closed his eyes in thought, before slowly opening them. "… Tell me Lyon, did anyone in your group show any reactions to being exposed to the light from the Mūn Dorippu? You guys were under it for just as long as them." This caught the attention of the others while Lyon just nodded his head.

"You're exactly right on that regard Salamander. In the three years we've been exposed to that light, nothing has happened to us." Lyon told them before turning his head away. "I suggest you be careful because they're hiding something… Though it doesn't matter to me anymore...this from now on is a Guild's job correct?"

"Yeah..." Gray muttered. He looked at Lyon with a frown on his face.

"Let's go." Erza told the others. "Let's go find out the truth from those villagers."

Natsu went over to Ur, who was still unconscious, and picked her up once again. "That would be the best choice of actions right now, then we can finish this job and get home." The group nodded their heads in agreement before starting their way towards the ruins and back to the village. But after a few steps Gray suddenly came to a stop and turned to look back at Lyon.

"What are you looking at?" The white-haired ice mage narrowed his eyes when he noticed the look Gray was sending him.

"Maybe you should join a guild, Lyon." Gray suggested with a soft smile, "I'm more than sure that you'll make comrades and rivals… You might be able to find a new goal while you're there as well."

Lyon blinked a few times with a surprised look on his face before turning his head away, "D-Don't be ridiculous. Just get out of here already!" Gray stared at Lyon for a few seconds before shaking his head with a smile, turning away to follow after his friends. But before he left the area, he could hear Lyon say one last thing. "… I'm counting on you to take care of Ur, you're planning on taking her back to Fairy Tail, right?"

"Yeah, we can get her checked up when we get back. You're welcome to come visit whenever you want." Lyon said nothing back as he looked out towards the ocean. Gray turned around and started walking again, this time he continued until his form vanished from Lyon's sight.


Upon returning to the village, the group were immediately welcomed by some of the villagers. But it was Moka who caught their attention as he walked towards them from his son's tombstone. "Oh...you are back. Tell me Fairy Tail wizards… When will you finally destroy the moon for us?!"

"Hold on a minute..." Lucy said as she raised her hands to try and calm the old man.

"Do not worry," Erza was the next one to speak as she walked up to them, in the distance Natsu was moving Ur to the building they were staying in. "Destroying the moon will be an easy task."

That caught almost everyone by surprise, and Gray could feel sweat falling down the back of his neck. "She's saying something that outrageous like it's nothing."

"Aye!" Happy agreed with a slightly worried look, "But I suppose that is to be expected from Erza…"

"But before we do anything, I want to ask you and your villagers a few questions so I can double-check something." The scarlet-haired knight said while scanning the environment around them. "Can you please get everyone together?"

"Huh? S-Sure..." Mocha agreed to Erza's request and went to gather everyone at the village's entrance, and Erza quickly studied each and every one of them. She could see what Natsu had been talking about earlier when he had contacted her via Communication Lacrima. Speaking of the fire wizard, he was currently standing a few feet away from her with Gray, Lucy and Happy by his sides. "To make sure I understand things correctly… you all gained those appearances when the purple moon first started to show up, am I correct?"

"W-Well to be more precise, we only turn like this when the moon is out." Moka replied with a bead of sweat falling down his face.

"That started three years ago, according to your story, correct?" Moka and the other villagers nodded their heads while some whispered among each other. "However, the Moon Drip ritual has been held daily for three years on this island. You should have been seeing a ray of light at the ruins every day." As she was saying this she was walking towards a suspicious patch of earth, though since her eyes were closed she didn't see it as she took a step on it. The obvious trap gave way as the weight from Erza's foot pushed down on the surface and she fell into the pit. "KYAH!"

"I didn't think the pitfall would actually work!" Happy stated with a surprised look, he didn't think it would actually work since it was so simple.

Natsu could help but smack his palm against his forehead, Erza always seemed to block things out when she was like this. This had happened several times in the past, though falling into a pitfall was new. "… She even said kyah."

"T-That was… kinda cute..." Gray managed to say, he had never heard Erza do something girly like that before.

"I didn't do it! I didn't do it!" Lucy was panicking behind the three, scared to find out what Erza would do to her for setting up the trap, though Virgo had helped out for most of it.

Erza quickly got out of the pitfall and continued as if nothing had happened. "In other words, that's the most suspicious part of the island. So let me ask you this, why didn't you investigate it?"

"… She continued talking as if nothing happened." One of the villagers muttered with a sweatdrop falling down the back of his head.

"She's a tough one." Another villager nodded his head in agreement.

"I agree with her on this, why didn't you guys try to investigate?" Natsu spoke up as he walked to his wife's side. The villagers all looked at each other and began talking amongst each other.

"T-That's b-because it is forbidden for anyone from the village to go to those ruins." Moka spoke up to answer for his village.

"Yeah...but...the situation was serious, wasn't it?" Lucy asked. "I mean, you did have casualties and even offered an expensive reward for it."

"Can you tell us the truth?" Erza finished as Moka started to sweat nervously as he looked down at the ground.

"To be honest… we don't know what is going on either." Moka admitted, looking up at the wizards with a serious expression. "We tried to investigate the ruins a bunch of times. However, we couldn't get anywhere near the ruins, even if some of us charged with weapons. We noticed that every time we tried to go down the road toward the ruins, we would always wind up in front of the village gates."

"Wh-What do you mean?" Lucy asked as she, Happy and Gray were shocked to hear this. They had gone to and entered the ruins quite a few times and the group didn't have trouble any of those times.

"We don't know...but we kept it quiet because we thought you wouldn't believe us!" One of the villagers spoke.

"But it's true! We tired many times to get to those ruins!"

"But none of the villagers were able to go there!"

"… It looks like we were correct with our suspicions Natsu." Erza said as she turned to look at Natsu.

"Eh? Suspicions?" Lucy repeated while blinking a few times as a look of confusion grew on her face. "What does she mean Natsu?"

The pink-hair man ignored Lucy's question as he looked up at the sky, more specifically the moon. "Yeah… So you were able to see what I was talking about?"

Erza nodded her head, "I was. And now that we have all the information we can deal with the situation."

"Wait a minute...can someone please tell me what's going on?" Lucy asked the two.

"You're an idiot Lucy..." Happy placed his paw in front of his mouth to stop himself from laughing.

The blonde turned to Happy with one of her eyebrows twitching, "And like you know what they're talking about?!"

Happy lowered his mouth and adopted a blank expression before replying. "… Not a single clue!"


Meanwhile on one of the tree branches hovering over the village, Zalty was watching the scene below with a smirk. His cheek was swollen red from the hard punch Natsu had delivered earlier to end their battle. "As expected of Titania and Salamander, those two are pretty amazing to have figured it out so fast."

"Well then Natsu…" Clouds covered Erza's body as her armor started to glow from her using her Kansō Za Naito. The clouds quickly dispersed to reveal Erza in a large golden colored armor with blue lining and furry trimming, and a large cross on the breastplate. The golden armor had a skirt that reached an inch or two above her knees. At the top of her head was a pair of large golden animal-like ears with blue lines going through them. "It's time for us to destroy the moon."

Natsu pounded his fist into his palm with an excited grin on his face, "All right! I've been waiting for this!"

"EEEEHHHHH?" That was all the other three could say, or shout in this case, as their mouths fell to the floor in shock. They were ignored however as the two S-class wizards made their way to one of the watch towers and climbed to the top.

"Are we really going to see the moon get destroyed?" One of the villagers said in amazement. Other villagers talked amongst themselves as they watched Erza and Natsu reach the upper levels of the watch tower. Many were excited to see what the two would do, eagerly awaiting for their curse to end and return back to their normal lives.

"They're going to destroy the moon? Even if it is those two, it's impossible…" Gray muttered with a look of disbelief on his face.

"W-What exactly are they planning to do?" Lucy spoke up while wondering what was going through the married couple's heads. It was hard to imagine them actually destroying the moon even if they were two S-class wizards from Fairy Tail.

Happy had a small grin on his face as he sat on Lucy's shoulder, "Aye! The excitement makes your heart race, doesn't it?'

"… I suppose you could say that." Lucy replied as a sweatdrop went down the side of her face, "Though I'm sure it's for a different reason."

"Are you ready, Natsu?" The armored female asked Natsu, to which he gave her a nod and a small smirk. "Alright then! This armor is known as my Kyojin no Yoroi, it increases one's throwing power and with this Evil Crushing Spear which subdues darkness…" A large golden spear with red decorations appeared in her hand, which she spun around once before slamming its bottom against the floor. "We will destroy the moon."

"W-Wait...she's kidding right? She's not really going to throw that thing, is she?"

Gray had an exasperated look on his face as he look up at Erza and Natsu. "… Knowing those two, she's completely serious… But it's impossible…"

"Aye." Happy nodded his head in agreement.

"Natsu… As soon I get into position to throw the spear at the moon, use your flames to give me a boost by hitting the end of my spear as hard as you can." Natsu nodded his head at the woman's request. "The combined force of my armor's throwing power and your firepower, the spear will definitely reach and destroy the moon."

(Play Fairy Tail – Saigo no Maho)

"Sounds like a plan." The pink-haired Dragon Slayer summoned flames to cover his right hand, "Okay… Let's do it!"

"Alright! Here we go Natsu!" Erza yelled as she reared her arm and the spear back, Natsu reared his own arm back and punched the back of the spear. Erza quickly threw the spear as hard as she could, the power behind the throw and Natsu's flames blew the watchtowers roof clean off. The entire village watched with looks of amazement and awe as the spear was launched toward the purple colored moon, traveling through the sky at an incredible speed. They all waited in anticipation for the moon to be destroyed, while the three other members of Natsu's team couldn't help but feel nervous on what would happen. Narrowing her eyes slightly, Erza had only one last thing to say, "Reach it!"

The spear became a large speck of light as it drew closer to the moon, before the sound of something crashing was heard as a bright light came from the center of the moon, followed by an explosion. Everyone watched a crack began to form at the exact place Erza's spear had made contact, and the crack began to grow and spread, soon covering the entire moon in cracks. The villagers all cheered in joy, while Team Natsu was so shocked that they dropped their jaws to the ground.


Erza and Natsu watched with small smiled on their faces as they watched the cracks grew in numbers, just a little more and the truth would be revealed. The cheering below them soon came to a hale as the villagers and the three Fairy Tail wizards noticed the cracks expanded passed the moon and extended to the sky surrounding it, confusing many as the cracks finally gave way and broke apart. Pieces of the sky continued to break, revealing more and more of a more natural moon and sky, the broken pieces were falling to the island and ocean below.

Almost everyone was surprised by what was happening, Lucy was the first one to speak as she raised her hands to catch the falling pieces in her hand like snow. "It wasn't the moon that was shattered… but the sky instead…?"

"It wasn't the moon or sky that was the issue, it was the layer of evil energy that had been covering the island." Erza explained to the others as she and Natsu looked down at the remaining pieces that were falling from the sky.

"Layer?" A certain blue cat asked as he tilted his head to the side.

"Think of it as exhaust fumes produced by Mūn Dorippu, the gas crystallized and created a layer in the sky. That's why the moon looked purple." The Scarlet Knight finished as the villagers began glowing.

"That why moon and sky looked normal that night when we first arrive, we were outside the layer's reach. As soon as Virgo had told us about Mūn Dorippu and its affect, I figured that it might have ties to what was happening to the villagers." Natsu spoke up as he leaned on the railing of the watchtower, "I knew Erza would most likely come here after finding out about me taking the mission, so I contacted her to confirm the layers reach."

"W-Wow..." Lucy commented at the beautiful light the villagers were emitting from their bodies.

"Now that the layer is gone, the villagers should return to their normal forms." Erza said as she and the others watch the glowing villagers being freed from their curse. To everyone's shock however, the light surrounding the villagers disappeared to reveal that they were still in their demonic forms.

(End Song)

Natsu leaned more on the railing with a grin on his face, "And just like that their back to normal."

"What are you talking about flame-brain? They didn't change at all!" Gray yelled back as he looked away from the villagers to the Dragon Slayer of fire.

"Why would they change?" Natsu questioned with a raised eyebrow, "The Mūn Dorippu didn't do anything to their appearance, just their memories. That's what they've always looked like."

"No way… Are you saying that…?!" Lucy's body started to shake as she slowly turned back to the villagers. Gray and Happy both grew uneasy looks as they looked between Erza and Natsu and the villagers, who were also starting to get what Natsu was saying.

After returning back to her regular armor, Erza and Natsu made their way down and stood near their team, "That's right. It wasn't that they turned into demons only at night, they were demons to begin with."

"You got to be kidding me!" Lucy shouted, falling to her knees. Happy fell off of Lucy's shoulder from the shock and landed on his head.

"S-Seriously...?" Gray questioned as he stood in front of a villager, who seemed to be as surprised as them.

"W-Well… things are a little fuzzy, but now that they mention it…"

"They all have the ability to transform into humans. It was simply a case of them starting to believe that they were truly humans and their true forms were the altering effects of a curse. That was the effect that the Mūn Dorippu had on their memory." Erza explained.

"But why weren't Lyon and the others affected?" Happy asked.

"It's because they were humans." Erza crossed her arms as she answered the question, "This memory loss seems to only effects demons. Also, the villagers can't approach those ruins because they are demons. People from the darkness can't approach the ruins which holds holy light within it."

Natsu nodded his head, "Even if they themselves had forgotten about being demons, their instincts reacted whenever they would get to closer and send them right back to the village."

"Very impressive… I'm glad I left it in your hands…" A male voice was heard coming from the side, making everyone turn in the direction of the voice and were complete shock see Bobo waved his arm at them, his body already returned into its complete demon form. "Thank you… Fairy Tail wizards."

"AAHHHH! GHOST!" Lucy and Happy screamed while they hugged each other.

"Y-You're that sailor!" Gray shouted in shock as well.

"… Bobo…" Moka muttered while his body began to tremble at the sight of his son, who was alive and well.

One of the villagers took a step forward, "B-But you were…!?"

"Getting stabbed in the chest isn't enough to kill us demons. Something as simple as that would never work." Bobo said with a grin before he started to laugh at their reactions.

"B-But you vanished from the ship…" Gray started to say as he thought about how the person in front of them had disappeared without a trace. Bobo simply smiled at him before suddenly disappearing again, making Gray and Lucy's eyes widen in shock.

"I'm sorry for not being able to tell you the truth back then." Bobo's voice was heard and everyone looked up to see him smiling down at them, on his back was a large pair of wings. This explained on how he had vanished so quickly. "I got away from the island because I was the only one who got their memory back. I was scared of everyone because they thought they were human."

"B-Bobo…!" Moka had tears building up in his eyes as his own wings shot out of his back, and the old demon flew into the air towards his son. "BOBOOO!"

Bobo managed to catch his father mid-charge, and smiled happily as the two hugged each other. "I'm glad you regained your senses pops!" The villagers all cheered for the reunion between father and son as they joined them in the sky. The group of wizards all watched with grins and smiles as they watched the villagers fly around happily. One of the villagers screamed something about a party, which everyone happily cheered for.


Ur began to twitch in her bed, her eyes slowly opened to a room she had never seen before. She slowly raised herself up as she looked around in confusion, before looking down at her hands which was clenching and unclenching. "How… am I… alive?"

"Take it easy there." A voice spoke up, making her turn to see a pink-haired man sitting against the wall with his legs and arms crossed, "From what I've heard, you haven't been in human form for a long time. It'd be best if you didn't push yourself."

"And just who are you?" Ur questioned with narrow eyes, before they quickly widen as a thought came to mind. "Deliora! What happened to Deliora? I remember using Aisudo Sheru and sealed him away!"

The pink-haired man let out a small sigh before speaking, "To answer your first question my name is Natsu Dragneel, I'm an S-class wizard from Fairy Tail."

"S-class… from Fairy Tail!" Ur repeated with a look of surprise, this Natsu person looked to be in his early twenties.

"That's right. And to answer your question regarding Deliora… I destroyed it after it had been released." Natsu said, not paying attention to the look the woman was sending him. "Your spell had weakened it so much that it was on the brink of death almost immediately, so I ended it before anything else good happen. I have to say, you're a pretty powerful wizard to have done something like that to one of Zeref's demons."

"Maybe, but it's like I told my students. No matter how strong someone is, there can always be someone even stronger…" Ur looked down and noticed she was wearing what appeared to be pajamas. "Where did these come from?"

"Those belong to my wife, she had spare clothes in her pocket universe and lent them to you for the time being." Natsu explained to which the female ice wizard nodded her head in understanding, after all she had gone without clothes for who knows how long… speaking of which.

"So how long had I sealed Deliora for?" Her thoughts immediately went to her two students, were they alright? How much of their lives had changed since she had sacrificed herself to seal Deliors away. "I had two students at the time as well, do you know if they're alright?"

Natsu had a small grin on his face as he answered the woman, "I think those questions are better suited for another person…" Natsu turned slightly to the room's entrance, "Oi! Ice stripper, how long are you going to just stand out there? You know I can smell you,"

'Ice stripper? And what does he mean smell?' Ur thought to herself as she watched the door for a few seconds, and then it started to slowly open. Ur's face was cover with a combined look of shock and surprise as a familiar, yet older, face entered the room with a solemn look. "G-Gray!"

"Master…!" It was almost instantaneous as the coal-haired man was by his teacher's side, surprising her once again as she was pulled into a tight hug. She looked at his form for a few seconds and she could feel him trembling, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!"

Ur smiled softly at her pupil and patted him on the head, "It's alright… You've grown up, how old are you now?"

"I'm 18 now." Gray replied as he pulled away from the woman.

"18, huh? So it's been ten years… I'm guessing a lot has happened since then." Ur had a sad smile on her face as she closed her eyes in thought. After a few minutes she looked back at Gray, "So how about you fill me in on what I've missed." Natsu watched the two start to converse, shaking his head a bit when Ur seemed to be laughing at something. The Dragon Slayer made his way out of the room, he had some things to discuss with Moka and the villagers before they left.

(Meanwhile in Era)

"It is a shame about Deliora." Ultear spoke up as she entered into a room where Siegrain was sitting with his back to the door, reading a book.

"It couldn't be helped." Siegrain replied as he closed his book and channeled magic into it, the book moved on its own and returned to its place on the bookshelf. "No one would have expected for Deliora to have already been on its last legs. Even though he is a Dragon Slayer, Natsu Dragneel has certainly slain a lot of demon in the past."

"Yes, though most of those times it's been the result of him stumbling upon them by coincidence." Ultear commented.

Siegrain had a small smirk as he stood up from his seat to face the woman. "Very true, but it was still because of him and your mother that Deliora was killed."

"I apologize about that woman Lord Siegrain, I didn't think her magical power would be so powerful." Ultear said as she walked closer to the man.

"It's not a problem at all. I'm more impressed by the fact that your mother's magic was able to hold one of Zeref's demons for over ten years." Siegrain placed a hand on his hip, "And the fact that she managed to return back to her human form is incredible indeed."

"You think too highly of my mother, Lord Siegrain." Ultear replied with shrugging her shoulders, "She was just a woman who was dumped by my father and threw herself into magic."

"Don't say that. I respect your mother for what she was able to do. If she hadn't sealed Deliora away and lived her life fully to this point, I have no doubt that she would be one of the Ten Wizard Saints." Siegrain reached up and grabbed the chain around his neck, which held onto the medallion that each Wizard Saint held. "They say that the greater the loss one experiences, the stronger they become."

"I was just a speck in my mother's life." Ultear said before moving close to and put a finger to his lips just as he was about to speak. "Enough about that stuff, we should get ready for the next stage of your plan."

"… Hold on… Your face…"

Ultear blinked a few times in confusion at his words and his surprised expression… until she felt her cheek start to swell up. She placed a softly placed a hand on her cheek to feel it and let out a scream. "Kyaaahh! What is this?!"

"So, it finally swelled up!" Siegrain said as he started to laugh at her reaction, before calming down a bit. "So, how what do you think of your battle with Natsu?"

Pressing her hand against her cheek, she silently recalled the 'battle' between her and Natsu. "I was definitely right years ago about him having a lot of potential. He's gotten even stronger than when he fought against Vanitas, I could tell that both of us were fighting at full power."

"I see. That's to be expected of Igneel's son… and the one who won Erza's heart." Siegrain clenched his fists as a cold smirk grew on his face, "I look forward to see how bright he burns, for the sake of my dream." Ultear said nothing in response to that, focusing more on the swollen cheek she had received from Natsu's punch. Though as she moved her hand to rub the cheek and send some magic to soothe it, she felt something move around in her sleeve. Reaching into her sleeve she pulled out a small piece of paper, which had both her name on it. The blue-haired man took notice to the letter and motion for her to open it. Opening the letter, she read the letter out loud.

"I don't know why a member of the Magic Council was helping a group with releasing Deliora from the ice, Ultear. But next time you want to disguise yourself as a man, try not to wear perfume. It was easy to figure out that it was you, especially since you were using your Toki no Āku. I'm also guessing that Siegrain is near you while you're reading this so I have a message for him… Do not involve Erza, my family or any of my friends in whatever plans you have, or else you'll have to deal with me.

As soon as Ultear finished reading the letter it burst into flames, not even the ash remained when the fire disappeared. The two quietly contemplated what the message had said, it was clearly a warning from Natsu. "I'm impressed that he knew who I was the whole time."

Siegrain only let out a chuckle as he looked out the window, "What an interesting challenge Natsu, I look forward to it."

(Back on Galuna Island)

"W-What? You can't accept the primary reward?" Moka was shocked at what Natsu had said. It wasn't just him though, the entire village was surprised that Natsu and Erza were turning down the 7 million Jewels.

Natsu nodded his head, "Yup, we were just happy we could help you guys out."

"My husband is right… Your happiness is enough for us." Erza said in agreement.


"While our guild had officially accepted your request, it was because a couple of our members were stupid enough to take the request without permission." Natsu explained as he glanced back at Gray and Lucy, who were sitting back a few feet away with Ur resting against a wall. Even though she was awake and fine to walk, the woman was still feeling a bit weak from her transformation back into human form. They didn't want her using her magic just yet, everyone agreeing to wait and have her get checked out when they got back to Magnolia.

"But that still doesn't change the fact that this village was saved because all of you and your hard work. Will you accept this as a token of appreciation between friends instead?" Moka offered, wanting to show how grateful he was for their help.

Erza let out a soft sigh as she gave them a soft smile. "When you put it that way, it's difficult to turn it down…"

"Sweet! We're getting 7 million Jewels!" Behind the couple, both Gray and Lucy had excited looks on their faces at the chance they would be getting the reward after all while Ur shook her head a little in amusement. Happy was simply eating a fish on top of Erza's cart of luggage.

"But by doing so, we would go against our guild's principles. Especially since it was what our master had ordered upon completing the job." Erza finished saying. "Though we'll happily accept the additional reward you were offering, the Gold Seirei Key."

Though her refusal of the reward money was a downer to Gray, Lucy was still happy to get the additional reward. "You both are the best!"

"At least let me take you back to Hargeon." Bobo offered, he was just as grateful to the group for helping his friends and family.

Natsu nodded his head, "Thanks that would be grea-"

"We appreciate that sir, but we already have a ship ready for us." Erza interrupted Natsu, causing him and the others to look at her with confused looks. After a few seconds Natsu had a look of realization.

"Wait… are you talking about… Never mind, of course you would find them and have you bring them here." Natsu let out an amused chuckle as he turned to the other members of his team, who were still confused on what he was talking about. "Get all your stuff together guys, we're heading out now." After a little while of the group of wizards following Erza to the beach, many were shocked to see a pirate ship docked by the shore.

"A pirate ship!" Gray shouted in shock. Lucy was staring up at the ship, unable to speak. Did Erza hijack this thing just to get to them, what sane person does that?!

"So it was Capt.'s ship!" Natsu grinned as he looked at the familiar ship. Happy was grinning as well as he floated next to his best friend, the blue feline really enjoyed sailing on the pirate ship.

"Ahoy Big Sis Erza!" A bunch of pirates were waving down at them, apparently excited to see the group… or to be more specific two of them and a cat. It appeared that the captain was the one who called out to them. He had gray hair and a large beard, and wore an eye-patch over his left eye. "It'd be a long time since we've seen ye both, Big Brother Natsu and Happy!"

"… Did they just say Big Sis and Big Brother?" Lucy asked as she looked at Erza and Natsu hesitantly.

"Yeah, they're pretty nice guys once you get to know them. We met them a while back when we had a job on an island and Erza had hijacked the pirate ship, after that they grew fond of us and offer us rides if we ever need to go somewhere and they're in the area." Natsu explained as he recalled when they first met the pirates, it was still funny whenever he thought about it.

"… Sometimes you both are just too scary." Lucy looked back at the ship before letting out a sigh, "I really don't want to ride that thing."

"You could always swim all the way back." Natsu offered while flashing her a large grin

"There's no way in hell I'm doing that!" The blonde exclaimed while crossing her arms in a negative motion. "That's just insane!"

Laughter was suddenly heard, making them turn to see it was Ur who was laughing. "You guys certainly make things entertaining, you've got an interesting bunch of friends here Gray."

"Just wait till you see the guild…" Gray muttered while looking away, though something caught Lucy's attention as she got closer to his face. "What are you looking at?"

"I didn't get a good look last night, but that injury on your face left a scar." Lucy noted as she looked at the scar above Gray's eyebrow. Already knowing about it, the male ice-wizard simply shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't really care about it…"

"But it's on your face!"

"I don't care where I get hurt as long as my injuries are visible." Gray said with a cool smile on his face as he looked away. "It's the ones you can't see that are the worse ones to get."

Lucy did a playful wink, "Well put mister smooth-talker."

Gray continued to look away… until the sound of two people snickering was heard, making him turn to see Ur and Natsu standing side by side. They both had their hands to their mouths as they snickered, mirroring each other as they looked at Gray.

"What kind of line was that?" Ur questioned with an amused tone.

"I don't care as long as I can see my injuries…" Natsu was copying Gray's voice as he said this, before laughing like crazy. "Hahaha, that was so bad I can't believe it!"

"Shut up you two! I was trying to say something cool and you mess it up!" Gray shouted at his rival and teacher while Lucy let out a sigh.

"… I'm surprised you and Lucy are so relaxed…" Erza spoke up as she turned away from the group of pirates that had come down to get her luggage. "Don't forget there is still a punishment waiting for you both as soon as we get back to the guild."

That caught the two off guard as they snapped their heads to look at the armor wearing redhead, Lucy was the first one to speak as she looked at the woman. "But everything worked out in the end! Can't we just forget the whole punishment thing?"

Erza put a hand on her hip with and shook her head with a small smirk, "You're right everything worked out… this time. But only because Natsu and I came here to finish the job neither of you were qualified to do. Steal an S-Class request is a serious offence and you need to be punished for it."

"We said we're sorry." Lucy said pathetically.

"But your actions could have caused problems for the guild as a whole and could have led to serious consequences if I hadn't gotten Gramps to agree to it." Natsu said, his expression completely serious as he crossed his arms.

"If you promise never to do it again, then I don't think you need to be penalized." Erza told them, being with Natsu had soften her up a little, "Unfortunately I don't have any say in the matter. Your fate is in the Master's hands, and there will most definitely a punishment."

Happy had his hands in a praying manner with his eyes closed, "You better pray he won't be having you do that."

Just like when they were leaving Hargeon, Gray started to freak out at Happy's words. This time he was crouching down and holding his head, his body shaking like crazy. "NOT THAT! I CAN"T LIVE THROUGH THAT AGAIN!" Gray yelled in fright.

"YOU'RE FREAKING ME OUT!" Lucy shouted as she stared at the shaking Gray and the praying Happy. "WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT?!"

Natsu calmly walked up to Lucy and patted her shoulder, "I wouldn't worry Lucy, I doubt Gramps would do something like that to you since you're an attractive new member, though he might think of something else."

Lucy looked at him with a sweatdrop "… Somehow that doesn't really reassure me that much."

"Natsu, I doubt she'll get off because of her looks. Even the Master isn't above doing that to women, he did it to me and Mira that one time, remember?" Erza said to Natsu, who blinked a few times as he remembered what happened after Mirajane and Erza had destroyed a lot of buildings and injured a few people during one of their battles that escalated a bit too far.

He turned to Lucy again and patted both of her shoulders, "… You poor, poor girl." Not saying anymore, the pinkette picked up the shaking Gray and made his way onto the ship. Ur, Happy and Erza followed after him leaving Lucy by herself.

Natsu's final words only made Lucy freak out even more as she ran after her guild mates, "WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THAT IS?! I'M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT HERE!" As soon as everyone was on board, the pirate ship set sail.

"Everyone! Thank you so much for everything you've done for us!" The group turned their heads to see Bobo shouting at them and waving his hands goodbye, his father was standing next to him doing the same. A lot of the villagers were standing behind them waving and shouting their goodbyes, which the Fairy Tail wizards, plus one extra, happily waved their own goodbyes back. Watching from a cliff on a different part of the island, a bandaged up Lyon and his group were watching the ship as it sailed away. Tobi was denying that he was crying even though he was obviously bawling.

"And there they go." Yuka said before turning to look at Tobi with a deadpanned look, "Just how long are you going to do that?"

Ignoring the two, Sherry turned to look at Lyon, who had a peaceful look on his face. "Are you sure you're okay with this Lyon, you didn't get a chance to say goodbye to your friend and master… and give them, your love~"

"I'm sure, it's not like I won't ever see them again." Lyon replied with a smile. He looked up at the sky, which seemed to be bigger than he remembered. "Tell me Sherry, Yuka… is it fun being in a guild?"

(Magnolia Town)

"Thank you again for helping me find a place to live Mira." Vanitas said as he and the white-haired beauty walked down the street, both holding supplies for the guild. Mirajane had needed to pick up a few more things before meeting with Makarov to open the guildhall, taking Nova with her since Elfman was in the middle of his work out and the young girl had wanted to go with her godmother instead of wait for Elfman to finish. They had met up with Vanitas along the way and he was helping her bring supplies to the guildhall, Nova was happily walking between Mirajane and Vanitas with her stuffed dragon in her arms.

"It was no problem at all, I knew the previous owners were moving and it seemed like a good place for you since it was close to Natsu's house and the guild, it's even near me and Elfman's home so if you need anything you can come to us." Mirajane replied with her usual bright smile.

Vanitas turned away with an awkward look on his face, "T-Thanks."

"What is it?" Mirajane asked while tilting her head to the side.

"I… I guess I'm just not used to it yet, everyone's been so nice to me since I arrived. Before I had joined Phantom Lord I was mostly on my own, and while I did make some… friends, it was usually me by myself." Vanitas admitted, which made Mirajane nod her head in understanding.

"It's alright, just take it one step at a time. That's how I did things when it came to the guild."

"Really?" Vanitas raised an eyebrow at that, "But you're so nice, and everyone seems to love you."

With a giggle Mirajane gave the Devil Slayer a wink, "Believe it or not, I wasn't always like this. I was known to be a very scary person, I would pick fights and cause trouble."

"That would have been interesting to see… so what change?" The black-haired man noticed Mirajane's expression went from happy to sad in an instant as she looked away.

"… Let's just say… something terrible happened and I decided I needed to change."

Vanitas was quite for a little bit before turning to face the road, "Is that why you aren't going on missions anymore?"

"It's part of the reason, but I don't mind it that much anymore. I enjoy working at the bar and looking after Nova, she's too adorable to leave." Mirajane once again had a happy expression on her face as she look down at the three year old girl a few feet ahead of them, who turned back to look at her after hearing someone say her name.

"Is something wrong Aunt Mira?" Nova asked as she made her way back to her side.

"Oh nothing, just thinking of all the work I'll be doing today. I could use my special helper again if that's okay with you." Mirajane gave the girl a playful wink.

"Uh-huh. You can count on me!" Nova replied while taking a pose that she's seen her mother do sometimes, placing her hands one her hips and puffing her chest out, though thanks to her age and the stuffed dragon toy it looked more cute than anything.

"I know I can, now let hurry and get to the guild before everyone else does first." Nova nodded her head excitedly before hurrying her pace, they were getting close to the guild now, just a few more blocks. "… I may not go on missions or train anymore, but I would still do everything I can to make sure Nova is safe."

Vanitas nodded his head as he looked at the tiny girl as she was about to turn the corner leading to the guild, 'I can see why Fairy Tail is known as the number one guild, and it isn't just because of their strength… I'm glad I get to be a part of tha-"

"AUNT MIRA!" That caught the two off guard as they heard Nova's voice, it sounded scared and like she was about to… cry. The white-haired barmaid and her companion dropped everything in their arms and ran around the corner to where Nova was, and they were shocked at what they saw. In front of Nova, the entire guild building was almost in complete ruins, punctured in multiple areas by over a dozen massively iron pillars. As horrible as the sight was to Mirajane, she quickly ran up to Nova and hugged her as securely as she could, though as soon as she did the young girl started to cry.

"I was hoping she wouldn't see this. This is something one so young shouldn't see." Vanitas turned around to see Makarov walking up to his side with an unreadable expression on his face, "… I'm guessing you have already figured out who did this, can't you Vanitas?"

"… Of course I did," Vanitas answered as he looked back at the pillars, he only knew one person who had the power and the magic to do this… One of the only people he got along with while he was a member of Phantom Lord. "Black Steel Gajeel, the Iron Dragon Slayer."


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Aisudo Sheru – Iced Shell

Faerīenryū no Gekitetsu – Fairy Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer

Kyojin no Yoroi – The Giant's Armor

Toki no Āku – Arc of Time


A chibi Erza, Natsu and Lucy stood in front of the mission board.

Lucy (Letting out a sigh while starting to slouch): Haaaaa, I can't wait to get home and take a nice, relaxing bath.

Erza (Crossing her arms with a frown): Don't be so quick to relax. We are returning to the guild first so you and Gray could face your punishment.

Lucy (Taking a step back with a scared look): Come on Erza, can't you try to say something to Master.

Natsu (Smiling while moving his hands behind his head): You know what they say Lucy, every action has a consequence… I can't wait to get home and see Nova, she's going to love hearing about this job.

Erza (Nodding her head with a smile): She will definitely enjoy the fact we were close to destroying the moon. When we get home the four of us should go out to eat before heading home. We're staying away from that seafood restaurant though, Happy really caused a mess last time.

Natsu (Placing his hands on his hips as he started to laugh): Fine, fine. Maybe we could go to that magic restaurant Mira was telling us about, Nova really loves that place whenever she takes her.

Lucy (Turning her head away with a depressed look before muttering to herself): Wow… you guys are such a happy family… I wish I had that…

Natsu (Tilting his head to the side with a look of concern): Are you okay Lucy?

Lucy (Waving her hands in front of her): Yeah, I'm fine…!? Wait, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GUILD?!

Natsu, Erza and Lucy: Next time on The Fairy Flame Dragon…Chapter 18 – Phantom Lord

Erza: I cannot forgive such a horrible and cowardly act… Those fools better pray to whatever God they worship because I will not let any of them leave unscathed!