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The wolves circled Ryder, wary, snarling. Derek took a quick gauge of their surroundings. The warehouse was cramped, few exits and fewer windows.

He snarled, "Where's Peter?"

"Lost a pack member already, werewolf?" Ryder mock-smiled.

Isaac charged the warlock, reaching for his throat "He asked you a question!"

Ryder swerved easily and directed a blast of energy that sent the wolf sprawling. Fire raced along the floor and caught on the wooden beams. Derek leapt aside with a growl and the pack gathered close to him. He raced forward, fangs bared, leaping over the streak of fire Ryder seared on the ground. His claws grabbed the man's neck and Ryder choked out an incantation before his head was slammed against the wood.

"Answer the question if you want to keep your fucking throat."

Ryder's eyes narrowed and suddenly something was wrong, terribly wrong. Derek staggered back, snarling, and the room tilted. The fire was a strange pulsing violet and he fell to his knees as Ryder straightened his collar, a sheen of sweat on his pale face.

"It's a glorious thing," his voice was still hoarse, "Wolfsbane."

Derek tried to lurch forward but the fire-heat was inside his veins, racing like fever, and black splotches blurred his vision. He turned to see his pack on the ground, clawing helplessly, choking.

No. No no no

Ryder's shoe caught him across the face, "Works beautifully with the right spell. Or didn't your little witch know that?"

His ears rang. Something slammed faintly and he gasped for air, unable to hold his breath any longer. There was acrid dust in his lungs.
And then, miraculously, a burst of clean air. He coughed, breathed again, and his blood pumped clear through his body.

Derek rose unsteadily. What the hell

The fire was gone, and he saw Maya advancing on Ryder through the dying smoke. The latter went sailing through the air and landed with a crunch of bone.

Derek lifted him by the throat, Ryder pawing helplessly at his inexorable grip, "Where's Peter."

"Keeping...," he gasped, "a...little"

It took a moment for his words to register.


The spray of blood soaked his shirt as Ryder slid to the ground. Derek let the remains of his throat drip between his fingers.

Maya glanced at the fresh corpse disdainfully before striding up to him, "Bonnie's at the Hale house -"
Derek was off before she could finish, the others barely keeping up to him.

"Where's Derek?"

Peter cocked his head, "I'm not good enough? You wound me ."

"You said he was in trouble."

Trust your instincts Bonnie

He sidled forward, "Oh yes, I knew you were trouble the moment I saw you. I hope he enjoyed the ride."

"Go fuck yourself. I'm gonna find Derek-," she whirled around but he was in front of her swift as a flash. His canines gleamed in a smile.

"Don't worry, I'm sure my friend Ryder is keeping him company."

Her fingertips were ice. "You son of a bitch."

Bonnie tried to push past him but he blocked her. His breath snaked up her neck and hair.

"Delectable. Except for the faint undertones of my nephe-"

She slammed her hand in his chest with a quick incantation and he thudded against the wall. He bounded up swiftly and leapt in front of her, blocking the stairwell. "That tickled."

Bonnie took a step back, gathering her stance. The energy rushed up through her veins and out her joined palms, knocking Peter to the ground. He grunted in surprise.

She directed another surge at him and he leaped aside, clearing the stairs. She was halfway down when Peter grabbed a handful of her hair and pinned her to the wall.

"What's the rush, love?" he cut his teeth, "I thought you liked wolves."

The energy seared her eyes but she made herself focus, concentrating on the veins in his temple.

"No delicious sharp remarks? Why I -," he broke off with a pained snarl, clutching his head, and Bonnie knew it'd worked.

Seizing the opportunity she shoved him aside and scrambled down the stairs. She knew she only had seconds before the werewolf healed himself.

Nearly tripping on the porch stairs, Bonnie yanked the car door open and grabbed it. The wolf-sword.

Her arms could barely heft it.

Peter swaggered out, and she extended her arm, "Don't come any closer."

"Don't want more darling?" his grin was blood-flecked and Bonnie drew her shoulders up.

I'm a Bennett witch I won't die at this slimy bastard's hands

Peter's head jerked sharply in the direction of the woods and he growled. Derek slammed into him and they rolled together, fangs bared, biting, clawing.

Isaac, Boyd and Erica circled them, looking for an opening, but the two Hale wolves had a death grip on each other.
Bonnie rushed forward, dragging the sword. Peter snapped viciously at Derek's neck and leaped aside, prowling. Derek threw a quick glance her way, and she nodded. I'm ok.

Boyd and Erica charged Peter, tussling him to the ground, but the older wolf threw them off. She seized her chance. "Derek!"

The sword was heavy and her throw awkward, but Boyd intercepted easily and tossed it to his alpha.

I need to slow Peter down.

She shot directed energy out her palms, catching Peter in the chest. He stumbled and Bonnie rushed forward. Close enough.

She focused hard as she could, trying to rupture the blood vessels in his brain faster than he could heal them.

He snarled and tried to rise but she pushed forward. Fighting the werewolf's rapid healing took every ounce of her concentration, and her temples started to throb. Blood trickled out of her nose and she could taste it on her lips.

Peter's eyes were blue fire, "Is...this...good for you witch?"

"Derek do it now," she hissed through clenched teeth. His arm hitched ever so slightly as he lifted the sword. Then there was a gleam of metal and a strange squelched sound like rotten fruit smashing to earth.

Then snapped energy shoved her backwards and she stumbled to keep her footing. A long deep wolf-growl rolled through the air.

Bonnie looked up and Derek met her eyes as the crimson faded slowly from his own. Blood spattered his shirt and jeans. Sheathed the sword in dark-red slime. Soaked the leaves in a slow widening pool around the two halves of Peter Hale's body.

Peter took longer to burn than most. The fire roared hungrily long after it was dark. One by one the others slipped away.

Boyd stopped briefly and Derek gave him a small nod, "You did well today."

The younger wolf shrugged, "Pack makes you stronger, right?"

He glanced in the direction of the fire one last time before heading off with Erica and Isaac.

Bonnie lingered beside him long after the others left, determined yet unobtrusive. In the flickering shadows her face was grim but calm as she watched the fire. Blood stained her torn blouse and jeans.

His hand found hers without thinking.

There were things he wanted to say and do.


Her fingers curled into his and she released a breath.

It was enough for now.

The house was blanched and quiet in the moonlight. Like sleeping bones.

Bonnie tried to imagine it before the fire, all white walls and sunny windows and children begging to put off bedtime.

Derek was gazing at the porch, and she wondered if he'd built it with his father, when he was just an eager-eyed teenaged boy before Kate Argent saw him.
Her throat tightened. Maybe someday he'd tell her all the stories.

"You can rebuild it you know," she said quietly, "It'd take time, and it probably won't look the same, but it could still be beautiful."

In the waiting silence she saw his cheek curve slightly, and Derek Hale looked down at her with a smile; dawn through forest leaves, the light angling with steady unexpected perfection.

Green-grey eyes tugged at her like a river current, and she felt it again: her heart in free-fall through a sudden sky.

Bonnie brushed her lips across his cheek, feeling his hand on her back as she lowered from her tiptoes. He held her there for moment and his breath brushed her hair. "Let's go."

They turned away and left the ashes to the moon.

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