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It's been three thousand years since I last saw you. Three thousand five hundred and ninety-two, to be exact. I told you I would never forget you.

I saw someone today who looked like you. Just the slightest resemblance. But it brought back all the memories I've tried so hard to keep down; laughing, talking, pizza, saving Cardiff, stopwatches, suits, coffee. Myfanwy. She missed you. Almost as much as I did.

I've been around for a long time, longer than long, and I have never felt like this about anyone else. I hope you knew that, while you were still alive. I've loved other people, that much is true, but never as much as I loved you. I'd never wanted to be normal as much as I did when I was with you. I remember I used to dream of what our life could have been like, if I could grow old with you.

You were supposed to grow old. You were supposed to live for at least another fifty years. You were supposed to turn heads: being an old codger and walking down the streets hand-in-hand with me. But…

It's been three thousand years, and I'm still getting teary. But you're worth it, Ianto Jones. You always will be. And I didn't tell you that enough when you were alive. I don't think I ever told you that when you were alive. And I should have. I should have told you every day that I love you. Because I do, Ianto. I do more than you could ever believe.

I remember when you told me those three words. I didn't want to hear them. Not then, not like that. But I still should have told you that I felt the same. But I like to think you knew without me telling you. I'm actually sure you knew. I'm sure you knew from the moment you were lying on top of me, staring into my eyes, with Myfanwy lying unconscious beside us.

I know you'll never get to read this, but it's making me feel better. Letting out all the things I'd never gotten to tell you while you were still breathing. And…

I'm sorry.

For everything. For letting you think you were just a casual shag, because I was too scared to admit how much you really meant to me. For still not showing you exactly how I felt, even after the only thought that kept me sane sometimes was you. For pretending to be interested in other people so you wouldn't know how deeply I'd fallen for you. For taking you to fight that bloody alien with me.

The stars sing your name, Ianto. And they will for as long as I love you. I hope they're prepared to sing forever.


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