Effects of a Rider chapter 13

Once a upon a time a writer saw an inspiration, a strange event that haunted her. It came in a form of a boy and his friend.

She had been sitting in a café trying to sort out a plot line that she feared never would even reach the publishers, let alone actually get printed. The material was too dry, too formulaic, too normal – too boring. She sighed and stretched while her gaze wandered lazily around the room. Then she saw him.

He was hidden in the corner, his blond hair in a mess. Another teen waiting for a date she presumed, but thought again when she saw his eyes. They were wrong, lifeless, like the body was running on autopilot because no-one was in. It was chilling.

It lasted for a second - maybe a little longer - but then it was broken by the entry of one of his friends, he started smiling, laughing, he looked alive. But she wondered. What was his story and were would it lead?

She still wonders today what happened to him. Not even her fortunes from the sale of her best-seller novel can tell her the end of the story of the blond with dead eyes.