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Prince Sammy's Secret Part 1

On the morning of January 27th during the Silver Millennium upon the planet Uranus, a young queen as well as a female pirate named Loof Merrow was about to give birth to her first child with her husband, King Stephano of Uranus by her side.

"Oh Loof Merrow Honey," King Stephano said gently. "I can't wait to see my son... I want to see my baby boy Alexander right now!"

"What if we have a daughter... a baby girl named Amara?" Queen Loof Merrow asked her husband.

"IF WE HAVE A DAUGHTER," King Stephano yelled furiously at Queen Loof Merrow. "MY HOPES FOR AN HEIR TO THE THRONE OF URANUS WOULD BE CRUSHED!"

"But Amara would make an excellent heir to the Uranian throne! And for certain she would make an excellent Sailor Scout of Uranus!" Queen Loof Merrow protested to King Stephano.

"WE WILL NOT BE HAVING A DAUGHTER!" King Stephano bellowed furiously at his queen.

A few hours later, the royal doctors had delivered the heir to the throne of Uranus.

"Congratulations Queen Loof Merrow & King Stephano," the royal doctor exclaimed. "you are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl!"

"NO!" King Stephano shouted in pain & agony making the infant Princess Amara cry.

"Hush now Amara," Queen Loof Merrow cooed to her newborn daughter who inherited her father's blonde hair & dark green eyes. "Father didn't mean anything by what he had just now said."

Upon the Earth's moon upon the frozen pond, 17-year-old Princess Amara was snapped out out of her thoughts by her best friend, Princess Michelle of Neptune.

"What's the matter Amara?" Princess Michelle asked her long time best friend.

"Someone I can barely remember." Princess Amara answered Princess Michelle sadly as her lover, Prince Seiya of Kinmoku skated up to Princesses Amara & Michelle.

"Was it your mother that you were thinking about?" Prince Seiya asked Princess Amara.

"I remember my mother singing to me... my father wouldn't tell me the secret of my mother," Princess Amara said. "but I do know the lyrics to the only song she sang to me."

"How does your mother's song go?" Prince Seiya asked.

Princess Amara cleared her throat & began to sing the only song that she had learned from her mother.

Princess Amara: Omoeba kore made;

Unabara sakamaku arashi mo;

Hitori de norikoete kita;

Nakama wa iru keredo;

Wa ga mi wo mamoru no wa kekkyoku;

Jibun jishin da to;

Arasoi no hazumi de ichido dake;

Fureatta sore dake nano ni;

Wasurerarenai fukai manazashi;

Migi no katasaki ni yubi no kioku;

Atsuku nokori mune made itai;

Hajimete no kurushii kimochi;

Mou kokoro ni wa ano hito dake.

"That was a beautiful song Amara." Princess Michelle wept bitterly.

"Can you sing in it in English?" someone asked Princess Amara.

"I will Hotaru," Princess Amara said to the Princess of Saturn who had come over to join Prince Seiya and Princesses Amara & Michelle. "but when the time is right and only when the time is right!"

"Oh man!" Hotaru groaned.

Princesses Trista of Pluto & Kakyuu of Kinmoku and Princes Sammy of the Sun, Yaten of Kinmoku, & Taiki of Kinmoku came over to their comrades.

"Queen Serenity requires our presence in the council room." Princess Trista said.

Princess Trista & the others raced off to Queen Serenity's council room.

When they went into the council room, Queen Serenity had an announcement to make.

"Boys & girls," Queen Serenity said. "just like Princess Kakyuu and Princes, Darien, Sammy, Seiya, Yaten, & Taiki... and Lords Malachite, Zoisite, Neflite, & Jedite, the time has now come for you to earn your warrior powers!"

"It will be quite a challenging exam." Luna & Artemis said.

"Oh great," Princesses Serena of the Moon & Mina of Venus groaned in unison. "an exam!"

"Don't be so nervous Serena." Prince Darien said comforting to his one and only true love.

"What are you talking about Darien?" Princess Serena asked feeling tremendously confused.

"The exam is not as difficult as Luna & Artemis make it out to be." Prince Darien told Princess Serena lovingly.

"What do you mean?" Princess Serena asked Prince Darien still feeling baffled.

"Just listen to what your mother has to say about the exam." Prince Darien whispered to Princess Serena.

"There is no need to prepare for this test by reading books," Queen Serenity said to those who had not taken the test yet. "all you would have to do would be rescue someone from your own home planet... resulting in a courageous sacrifice."

"See how easy the test is?" Prince Darien asked Princess Serena.

"So all I have to do is rescue someone from the moon," Princess Serena asked Prince Darien. "that is easy!"

"I told you Serena." Prince Darien laughed joyfully.

After the announcement, the younger royals & nobles went out to Queen Serenity's sunny front courtyard, Princess Amy was sitting on a bench reading a beautiful poem while Princess Hotaru watched from behind a tree.

Princess Hotaru then ran back to Prince Sammy.

"Sammy," Princess Hotaru said to her beloved prince. "I have someone that I would like you to meet."

"Really Hotaru Darling," Prince Sammy asked. "who?"

Princess Hotaru then grabbed Prince Sammy by the hand.

Princess Hotaru & Prince Sammy both looked at Princess Amy who set her book down.

"Hello... just who are you?" Princess Amy asked Prince Sammy.

"My name is... my name is..." the Prince of the Sun stammered nervously to Princess Amy of Mercury.

"Amy... this is Prince Sammy of the Sun also known as Sun Knight." Princess Hotaru said.

"Hello." Princess Amy said graciously.

"Hello." Prince Sammy said shyly.

"I sure hope a friendship will be blossoming soon." Princess Hotaru said.

Princess Hotaru then left the 14-year-old Princess Amy of Mercury alone with the young 9-year-old Prince Sammy of the Sun Kingdom.

"You look like someone familiar to me." Prince Sammy said to Princess Amy softly.

"I don't know why," Princess Amy said to Prince Sammy quite shyly. "because I have never seen you before."

Suddenly Prince Sammy of the Sun had heard a malevolent voice which he felt was coming from directly behind Princess Amy, "Would you please excuse me for a moment your highness?" he asked the extremely timid Princess of Mercury feeling terrified of how she would react.