Tim saunters into Autopsy and looks around for his two friends. It's Friday afternoon and he's wondering if they'll want to get together and do something different tonight. He rubs his hands together against the chill in the room and then knocks on Ducky's office door.

The two men look up from the books they've been perusing and then look at the time.

"Timothy, it's not quitting time yet lad, what brings you to our hallowed domain?"

Tim nods at the book in Jimmy's hands. "I was wondering if you'd had a chance to think about what I've told you about the game and if you were interested in playing tonight."

Ducky glances at the book in his own hands. "Will you be using some of the creatures in this?"

Tim nods, "Yes at least some of the lower level ones to start with. As your characters advance and if you guys really do want to continue then I'll put in some higher level ones."

Jimmy glances up, "Do you let us pick our own characters or are they predetermined?"

Tim smiles, "I usually have you create your own. It's more fun and it helps you understand them better."

"Understand what better McGee?" Gibbs is standing in the doorway, coffee cup in hand and from the glare Tim's getting, he's been away from his desk too long.

"Nothing you'd be interested in boss. Let me know Ducky and we can discuss it more after hours." Tim makes his escape and Gibbs looks at the books on Ducky's desk.

Gibbs looks slightly amused, as if silently thinking about the books, then looks at the other two men in the room.
"Anything new to report Duck?"

"Not today Jethro. It's been a rather silent week actually."

Gibbs grunts, "Yeah tell me about it. DiNozzo's almost pulling his hair out from the inactivity."

Ducky smiles, "Maybe you should take Timothy up on his offer. Yes, I know that this isn't everybody's normal cup of tea, but it could help bring everyone out of their doldrums."

Gibbs sighs, "Just don't expect me to be there."

a/n: Just a real quick note...the story actually is based around the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons role playing game created by Gary Gygax and the rules that Tim is playing by are from those books. Also this story is not related to my Knights of NCIS series