Supper time finds the group in the middle of a dungeon, and while it's not set outside anymore they are still at play. Tim looks at his watch and whistles. They all look up and he says, "We're taking an hour, probably closer to two for a break. We all need to stretch and then decide if you want to keep playing or stop. I won't kill anyone off if they want to quit, I just need to know if you are still interested in playing. If so, then we need to decide if you want to play until midnight or break it off here. I'm saying midnight, it might end sooner or later, that is up to our generous host. We can gather on particular weekends, just so that you don't get bored and then some weekends we'll go do other things.

Ducky smiles at them. "You are all invited here, whenever you want to come by. I do however have to agree with Timothy. We need to decide on a time limit. I do not mind if we play until midnight, but I would suggest that we all get one more night of sleep and, like we did today, we play after we break our fast. Tomorrow I would think that we only want to play until four or five as we all need to get some sleep in order to get to work on time Monday."

The others all nod their agreement and Ducky smiles. "Very good. As we have a two hour break ahead of us, I suggest that some of you take advantage of the shower. I'm sure Jethro and I can handle getting our dinner ready. Timothy, thank you for suggesting this game. I had not thought I could like it, but you have kept it entertaining to say the very least. "

Tim laughs, "I think that's due more to our drunken cleric over there, Ducky."

Gibbs smirks, but Ducky shakes his head. "No, you made the game interesting. You gave us a variety of monsters and scenarios to work with and that in itself is something that we needed for a first look at the game."

The others nod and start drifting to various areas of the house, but Tony hangs back for a few minutes.

"What's up Tony?" Tim asks softly and Tony glances up at him.

"I need to apologize to you. You could have taken advantage of your rank as the DM to downplay my character or even kill it off, but you didn't. You kept me in a game that I had originally ridiculed as being too slow for me and you kept a pace that worked for all of us to follow. I'm not sure that I could have done the same had it been me."

Tim puts a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it. Just next time, don't be so fast to shoot down a suggestion. I'm glad you came and that you had fun. Now go get something to eat or you won't be able to fight the next set of monsters I throw your way."

"Yes, Boss." Tony says and Tim grins as he starts setting the scenario for the rest of their game that night. That weekend set a new precedence for the team. Some weekends were for relaxing, whether at home alone or a movie night at Tony's. Others they'd go out to the bars to unwind. For the most part, they had all decided that at least once a month, nothing less, they had to meet over at Ducky's. They'd bring changes of clothes, and chip in for meals; but that one weekend a month was game night. A weekend of friends gathered together for two nights of dungeons, role-playing and just having fun.

The End