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Chapter 1:

"I wish you knew how much I still loved you! Don't you have any feelings for me at all?"

"Dave I think you know what my feelings are towards you. I don't think anyone could accuse me of making a secret of it!"

Gill was standing opposite her ex-husband as he slumped on the sofa, clearly had much more to drink than he could handle.

Gill sighed and turned away, she hated what he was doing to her. He ruined her when they were together, and is now ruining her when they're not together. She let a tear slide from her face, but brushed it away and turned back to Dave. He was now swaying around the room, looking for something.

"What are you doing?" she asked cautiously.

"We had really good sex!" he exclaimed, turning towards her.

"Dave I want you to leave"

"You were better than her!"

"If you get in the car, I'll drive you to your mothers"

He laughed in her face, shaking his head; "I'm not going to my mother's"

"Yeah well you're not stopping here!"

"Spare room!"

"NO!" Gill turned away, ready to leave the room.

"Gill!" Dave grabbed her wrist and spun her around. He pushed her up against the wall and held her there.

"Dave let go of me. What are you doing?!" Gill cried, she had never felt so scared.

"I love you! What I did was wrong! I've changed! Gill!" Dave pushed her harder against the wall, placing one hand on her hip. She tried to move him away, push him off her, but it's didn't work, he was too strong for the small woman.

"Dave stop it. Let me go" Gill stuttered, trying not to let her fear come across in her voice.

"Come on Gill! You love me! I know you do! Just let me stay with you, I know I can make it up"

"No Dave. You're very drunk. I have no feelings towards you at all anymore, so I want you to leave and not return. It's not fair on Sammy. You ruined this family to move in with your uniform, and when that went pots up you come back, until your next little project comes along" Gill spat, still trying to wriggle out of his grasp.

He slid his hand up her top, and wrapped his other hand around her back, pulling her closer.

"Dave I asked you to get off me. Now. This isn't funny. I said no, and I mean it. Get off me"

"Always were a stubborn woman weren't you Gill? Always wanted your own way, although it never made you happy"

Dave started undoing her buttons on her shirt, pulling it from her shoulders.

Gill froze and couldn't talk or move. She tried to push him off and tried to grab for the phone, but Dave was too strong and held her even more. He kissed her neck and wrapped his arms around her.

He dragged her onto the other side of the room and pushed her onto the sofa. "You really need to learn that you can't always have what you want you know" he said gleefully.

"Sammy will be back soon, he will." She said confidently, trying not to cry.

"Oh yeah that's right. He was only going out for a quick drink wasn't he? He wasn't going to stay long at his girlfriend's party, come home sober right?" Dave replied, smirking. "No-one's here. Now, you can either be a good girl and listen or learn the hard way and get hurt. And you won't say a thing to anyone else. Got it? No-one will believe you anyway if you tell anyone. They will just think you're a jealous cow who can't move on with her life"

Gill gulped as he towered over her. She didn't try to run or move, she was too scared. This was the man she was once in love with? The man she trusted anything with?

He undid the buttons of her trousers and feeling her tense up he laughed.

"Probably been a long time since you've had sex isn't it Gill? Chris not up for it?"

"Dave I don't know what your game is, but stop it. You are drunk and acting like a knob. Stop it"

"I know you want it just as much as me. Enjoy it babes" he sniggered

Gill stopped herself from restraining him and let go. She needed her hands. With one swift kick where it hurts and a punch in the face, she managed to remove Dave's hands. She couldn't think why she hadn't done that earlier.

"You stupid bitch! What do you think you're doing?" he yelled, holding his nose.

Gill got up and grabbed for her phone, tripping over Dave's foot and bashing her head on the corner of the coffee table. Blood was pouring from her head as she dialled Janet's number.

"Janet you've got to help-"

A hand came from behind her and knocked the phone from her hand, letting it glide across the laminate.

"What do you think you're doing?" Dave said, grabbing her wrists.

"Dave get off me! Ok fine! You've broke me! Happy now? You're sole function on this planet was to make me cry, but I would buckle because yes, I thought I was tough! You've always been out to get me, ever since I found out about you and your bimbo! Acting as if it's my fault that you're a shagaholic! You've had your car repossessed, you're living with your mother and you're nearly 50, everyone in MIT knows you rely on those beneath you to make you look good and you're just a sick fuck! So leave me alone!" Gill cried, shaking him off.

Dave held firmly onto her, mimicking her…


Janet was just about to leave the office when Gill rang, she answered straight away, worried about why her boss had suddenly left the meeting without a sideward glance.

"Janet….help…" was all she managed to catch of the message; Rachel and Kevin were messing around and screaming.

"Guys shut up! It's Gill!" she screamed. The office fell silent, Janet had never screamed at anyone before.

"Gill? Are you there? Answer me!"

Janet could hear a man's voice in the background. She heard Gill whimper and Janet's blood ran cold.

"Gill I'm on my way, hang in there Cock"

"Gill…she's, she shouted for help, I heard her cry, and there's a man. Someone's with her, not Sammy. Someone's hurting her. Andy, get couple of uniforms, just a pre-caution, Rachel come with me"

Janet ran out of the office, throwing her bag into the car and she jumped in.


Dave had dragged Gill into the light, looking at her face. "See look what you've done now! You've cut your head! There's no need to overreact, I can help you. Come here babe, let me dry those tears!"

"No Dave! You caused this! If you hadn't turned up here, if you hadn't have been a complete arse! If you had have been able to keep your dick in your pants, NONE of this would have happened!"

"Oh you never learn do you?! You're not always right Gill!"

"Well I'm right when it comes to you and your twattish behaviour!" she screamed.

He hit her.

She fell to the floor.

Dave knelt next to her and pulled her close. He kissed her forehead and then her neck, she was shaking and trembling and the blood from her head was getting worse and worse. Her breath was weakening from the blood loss, and she could barely talk after her lip was swelling.

Dave heard the door being kicked in, and jumped. He searched Gill's face for answers, until he realised the phone was on. He got up and ran into the living room, grabbing the phone. 'Outgoing call to Janet. 14:56…14:57…14:58…14:59…15:00'

Dave jumped up and went to run out of the back, when Andy and Kevin burst through the door. The cornered him, and he stumbled around, narrowly missing Kevin with his arm.

Janet rushed into Gill followed by Rachel.


"Gill it is fine. You'll be ok. Andy and Kevin are sorting him out"

"Kevin won't…"

"Just let's focus on you for now, save your witty comments till after yeah?" Rachel said, kneeling the other side of her boss, pressing a flannel into her cuts.

"Here Boss, I thought you may like your top back…Woahh" Kevin exclaimed.

Janet and Rachel looked up, taking the top off Kevin and placing it around Gill.

"What's up with your face now?" Rachel asked

"Nothing…just never thought I would be seeing the Boss's boobs…"

"KEVIN!" Janet and Rachel shouted, trying to keep Gill awake.

"What? I was just saying!"

"Well don't!"

"No! I was just going to say…they were you know, nice…for your age Boss"


"What? Fine! I'll go and wait outside!"

Janet rolled her eyes and turned back to Gill. "It will be ok, he won't be hurting you or Sammy ever again, I'll make sure of it."


"He's a bastard"


The ambulance sirens were getting closer and the police car had just pulled off the drive.

Gill began to sink into a sleep, her vision going blurry and the sounds of Janet and Rachel were fading..