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Chapter 2:

"Dave Murray. You are charged with the offences shown below. You do not have to say anything, but anything you do say will be used in court. Ok, so on Monday 1st October, you sexually abused and assaulted Gillian Murray at around 8:56pm. Is there anything you would like to say?"

Dave just grunted, looking sheepishly up at Andy who had just read out his terms and conditions.

"Sign here" Andy said, pushing the papers forward.

Dave grabbed a pen and roughly signed the paper, pushing it back towards the sergeant. He turned around as an officer grabbed his wrist, escorting him back into his cell, where he would spend a good ten years at least.

Andy, Janet, Mitch and Rachel made their way back up to the office. Kevin had sorted out Gill's cake that Janet and Rachel were taking to her when she came home.

She was due out of hospital in the evening, after spending the past three days there. They wanted to keep an eye on her, just in case the head injury got any worse, but she made a strong recovery.

The swelling from her eye and bridge of her nose had gone down almost immediately after treatment, but her head still had stitches in. The doctors had warned Gill that she may never get rid of the scar on her forehead, but she was just glad Janet got there on time to find her.


Gill was sitting on the edge of the bed when Janet and Rachel turned up to take her home.

"Ms Murray? Are you ready to go? I just need you to sign these, and I'll just give you one last check over before you depart. Your medication is in a bag at reception, take it three times a day for a week, then reduce it to twice a day for three days, then once a day for three days, then you should only take it every other day for the next week. You should be fine after that. Ok?"

"Thank you doctor" Gill nodded, picking up her bag. She felt slightly sick, having to go back home; back to the place where she was once so happy; the place where she lived with her family; the place where her ex-husband assaulted her, but she tried to push it back to her mind, concentrate on Sammy, concentrate on her job.

The doctor smiled, pulling the door shut behind him, leaving Janet, Rachel and Gill alone. "How are you today Boss?" Rachel asked, taking the bag off Gill. "For goodness sake Sherlock, call me Gill out of the office. How many more times?!" "Sorry Boss" "and I'm fine thank you. Would be a lot better if I didn't have a twat of an ex-husband, and I hadn't been drugged up to high heaven but apart from that I'm good"

Rachel just nodded, glancing at Janet who stood with her hands on her hips.

"What?" Rachel and Gill chorused, looking in Janet's direction.

"Nothing. Aw Gill I'm so glad you're ok!" She replied, grabbing Gill and Rachel and pulling them together. "I'm so glad I have you two"

Gill struggled from her grasp, dusting down her top. "Why are you so sentimental Jan?"

"I just am"


Janet took a deep breath and Rachel shook her head, as if to warn her not to say anything, but she ignored her.

"We charged Dave this morning"

Gill tried to remain professional, like how she would if it was a normal case. "Good. I'm glad. Serves him right. How long did he get?"

"10 years, without application for parole or bail" Rachel added

Gill nodded, and looked at the ground "Come on then. I don't want to send any longer in here than I have to"


They arrived back at Gill's 20 minutes later. Sammy had put some food in the oven, and Orla was busy blowing up a few balloons. "Mum!" Sammy cried, as soon as she walked in. "How are you?"

"I'm not too bad Sammy love"

"Mum I'm so sorry. I knew I shouldn't have left you. I knew it, but I went anyway. I was only thinking about myself. There's no way you would've been able to control him. He's bigger and stronger than you-"

"Hey! I am strong thank you! I managed to move the sofa from the other side of the room last week!" Gill interrupted.

Sammy looked at her and grunted.

"Sorry love, carry on"

"Thank you. I was going to say I'm so sorry mum, I shouldn't have ever gone. I should have put you first instead of that concert. I-"

"Sammy don't be daft. You're 17; you shouldn't have to watch over your mum. You should be out enjoying yourself. You can now, you've had a tough life kid, and you deserve a break. Come on, don't get soft now. We'll have a nice meal together, all of us" Gill rubbed his arm and turned to face Janet and Rachel, who were standing there smiling.

"Would you like to join us for tea? You've both been absolute babes" Gill said, taking off her coat.

Rachel raised one eyebrow; "Wow, I'm the Boss's babe. I'll drink to that!"

They all settled around the table, whilst Sammy and Orla dished up.

"Here's to a fresh start!" Janet said, raising her glass.

"Here's to a fresh start minus knobheads and twatbags!" Gill chorused, clinking the glasses together.

"And by that, we mean here's to a fresh start without Dave!" Sammy chuckled.