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The world blurred away in a fluttering haze of hunger and passion. I could feel Jason not only with my touch but with my mind.

I could feel his hunger being quenched but there was another lustrous hunger growling inside him. I was gently lowered down on to the couch, the time spinning away from me. Minutes felt like blissful eternity, I'd never felt anything like this when I had been bitten before. The sound of Eve in the hallway attempting to break down the door while I assumed she was screaming and swearing down the phone at someone.

That someone's name slipped my mind as Jason moaned against my neck, I was completely enveloped by Jason. His every thought and feeling were shown to me without hesitation. He loved this, he loved touching me at last. He loved...

"Shane! Thank god...there in there!"

Oh my god!


I lurched away from Jason as he was no longer holding me down, he looked momentarily stunned but got over it quickly as the Living room door came flying off the hinges and hit the floor with a deafening crash.

Shane took one look at the smudge of blood running down Jason's chin and then looked over at me to see the fresh fang marks steadily dripping blood from my neck.

Shane went pale, he stood rooted to the spot with Eve flanking his side.

Shane saw red, "I'm going to fucking end you!"

I watched in horror as Shane launched himself at Jason with his fists flying, intent on doing exactly what he'd said...