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"Hey," Jason croaked nearly scaring the bejesus out of me which he clearly found amusing. He was sprawled out on my bed where Eve and I had carried him. Eve and I seemed to be carrying him everywhere at the moment. Even in a crisis Eve could make me laugh, on the way upstairs with Jason between us Eve said

"Lazy Bastard, if he's undead he could probably manage to sleepwalk upstairs anyway! I think we should put him in the bath tub...that would really scare him."

"Eve...A vampire bite, a bullet and waking up in a strange place all in one day? Even for your brother that's a little mental," I sighed.

Eve grinned, "It runs in the family."

"I'm sure it does," I sighed.

Now in my room, door closed and only the dim light from an ancient lamp Jason and I were alone.

"So...who is Marieanne?" I ask watching as he shifts uncomfortably.

"Do we have to talk about this?"

"Yes Jason, we do," I replied sounding every bit like my mother berating me for avoiding uncomfortable topics when I was younger. It's better to be honest and forward rather than to skate around the topic dear she'd always say.

He sighed and looked embarrassed, "She's my ex."

I looked at him, my mouth gaping open like a fish. "Your ex?"

"From High School. Marieanne went a little...mad."

"Mad?" I ask frowning.

"You could say anything to Marieanne, insult her about anything but she'd keep her cool. I however couldn't and wound up in a lot of fights over her constantly. And then she told me she was...pregnant."

"Pregnant!" I gasped.

"Yup but don't look too shocked. After three months I found out it wasn't mine, she'd been lying to me the entire time so I got mad and well...I broke it off." He took a deep breathe before continuing, "She'd send me texts everyday, with every one she sent they just got creepier and creepier. She even aborted the baby because she was convince it was a bad child that cost her me, bad luck she'd said. She was only sixteen. Before we graduated she threatened a teacher with a knife demanding to know where her baby had gone as if she'd forgotten what she'd done so when we told her she'd had an abortion she went...nuts."

I listened patiently, waiting for him to go on with the story which was obviously tough to tell.

"They took her away to a mental hospital and doped her up. The doctors said she'd scream my name until her throat was red raw. It was all my fault, I shouldn't have left her whether the baby was mine or not. She went missing from the hospital and that's where I found her attempting to jump onto ta railway line, I'd pulled her back but she fought against me. In the end I took her back to the hospital. Two months later she'd disappeared again but this time she was never found...not until now. Brandon told me he'd turned her which was why I was sent to jail. I beat the shit out of him in broad daylight and would have let the sun finish him off if Oliver hadn't caught me in the act." Tears stood up in Jason's eyes and I patted his arm. He felt so guilty when he did the only thing a human could do in a situation like that.

"My Marieanne was gone...but now she's come back for me. The Marieanne I know is well and truly dead, she just doesn't know it yet," he whispered. I'd never seen him so sad.

"Oh Jason," I whispered and threw myself into his arms, he was tense and awkward for a second before he melted into the hug. Just then something flew throught the bedroom window spraying us with shards of glass. It was a note written with crimson lipstick tied to a brick with a rubber band. It said:

He's MINE! M x

"Marieanne," Jason whispered as something flew past the window and into the night.