The sound of chanting outside the building - the museum where KID decided to hold his heist was deafening. That was understandable - considering the number of people showing up. KID's heists have always been one of the most successful media attraction, and this one was no exception as hundreds of reporters turned up.

Well, to think the outside was bad enough. Inside the building was not much better as a lot of people have to suffer from the shouting - through a loudspeaker - of the one and only Inspector Nakamori.

Conan tried to bring his hand to cover his ear, protecting it from the noise of that annoying Inspector but it seemed to be of no use. The 17-turned-7 tried to stand as far as possible from the Inspector. He glanced around the room one more time.

Well, he really was a KID detector.

It seemed the officer standing next to the display case of the green stone - the target of the night - was smirking confidently. Then his smirked died down as he also turned his head, coincidently towards where Conan was standing. Soon he caught sight of a 7-year-old child staring at him.

So he was discovered. That was fast. The heist wasn't scheduled to begin until 30 minutes later.

What he hadn't expected was that the child only smirked at him for a brief 5 seconds, then he turned and walked away towards his sister, who was standing with her rich friend and her dad, and joined the conversation innocently like a child he was.

Kaito blinked.

That was it?

Tantei-kun made no attempt to uncover his mask?

He just...let him off like that?

Kaito searched through his mind, checking if he had done anything to help the little detective lately.

He found nothing. All the debts had already been paid fair and square.

So what's the reason for the sudden change of attitude?


Everybody noticed the slips in KID's heist that night.

First, when KID appeared on top of the display case, he slipped and stumbled, almost fell flat to the floor. Then, after successfully stealing the diamond, the first two of his smoke bombs didn't go off. Not to mention the lack of pranks for the Task Force as he only pulled one simplest prank - sleeping gas.

Kaito blamed the 7-year-old kid for occupying his mind for the entire night. He couldn't concentrate on anything else but the child's motive. What did he have in mind not making any effort to bust him?

Even though KID was not at his best, he still managed to steal the jewel successfully.

However, he couldn't locate Conan's position during the main acts of the heist. It seemed the boy had gone somewhere else.

Another reason why KID couldn't focus on the heist.


KID burst throught the door leading to the roof. Well, that was not difficult.

Correction. That was totally easy. Even though he paid it no mind, he still managed to pull it off successfully.

Too easy. Without his tantei-k... Wait a sec.

Since when did tantei-kun become his?

Kaito blushed slightly as the thought. The child was 7 years old for God's sake!

He sighed in frustration as he held the stone to the moonlight.

It shone beautifully under the full moon, but apart from it...nothing.

He looked at the stone disappointedly.

"I guess it's not what you're looking for then. Give it to me and call it a day. Go home and rest, you don't look your best today." - a voice spoke up behind him and he turned around almost immediately.

Standing next to the entrance/exit was his Tante... No, Kaito shook his head mentally. Was Tantei-kun.

Kaito raised his eyebrow in question.

"Where were you during the heist, Tantei-kun? Without you it is not fun at all."

Conan scratched his cheek, grinning.

"Well, I noticed when you were still disguising as that officer. You look a little distracted. You yawned a lot and it seems you were sweating, though only slightly. So I guess you don't feel good today, correct?"

It is true that Kaito did have a slight fever that day. But it didn't affect him very much.
Even Aoko and Hakuba didn't realize it through the entire morning at school.

And Tantei-kun noted that only after seconds of checking him? Through his disguise?

"So, I decided I would not make your heist difficult. I sneaked out of the room and went up here waiting for you. I was sure you would come here anyway, providing that you need to check the stone under the moonlight and your hang-glider as well. So I waited for you to retrieve the stone after you're done with it. Save you from the extra work of returning it."

Kaito was speechless.

Seriously? His tante... No, tantei-kun really cared about him that much?

Smiling, KID walked towards the little detective and kneeled down so that their eyes could meet.

"I never would have thought you cared so much about me, tantei-kun. I was under the impression that you only wanted to catch me."

Conan snorted.

"Actually, I've come to terms of this a long while ago. No, I have no intention of putting you behind those bars."

Kaito was speechless, again. Twice in only a few minutes, that's not good.

Conan spoke again.

"To be honest, I have never considered you a criminal. You are just a performer, an entertainer. I don't know about your reasons of becoming a thief, but I believe they are legitimate. I mean, you're a good guy, judging by your rule of "No one gets hurt". So, why put someone in jail if he doesn't do anything bad? Besides, well..."

Kaito never thought that was how his tant... No Kaito! He never thought that was how tantei-kun thought of him... He felt a tint of happiness beginning to spread all over him. He couldn't help smiling. Nevertheless, he raised his eyebrow.


Conan blushed, though only slightly, and it died down almost right away. He diverted his eye to his side.

"I like your heists."

Okay, that was totally unexpected.

Grinning from ear to ear, Kaito asked, his voice couldn't hide his joy.

"Really tantei-kun? You're serious?"

Nodding, Conan continued.

"Yes. You have no idea how many murders I have run into. It seems to occur daily everywhere I go. Sometimes I run into 2 or 3 cases in only one day, and I honestly don't like that. It's nice to be able to stay away from them since they never happen during your heists. Besides, it's also great to have someone who can be a perfect opponent for me, and especially he doesn't treat me as a child, unlike everybody else."

Smiling, Kaito reached out his hands to lift Conan up as he himself stood up as well. He held the child in his hands with his arms fully stretched, their eyes looking directly into each other's, and grinned.

Conan frowned.

"KID, put me down."

Kaito only grinned wider.

"But you're technically a child, tantei-kun."

Conan crossed his arms in front of his chest, muttering lowly "Oh, you never know".

"What was that?" - Kaito raised his eyebrow questioningly.

Conan shook his head "Nothing, nothing".

And that was the moment when Conan noticed something sparkling behind the thief's back. He turned on his glasses' night vision and zoomed in, ignoring the thief's curious look.

And he was terrified to see a sniper aiming directly at KID's head.

Conan shouted almost immediately.

"KID, dodge now!"

All thanks to the thief's quick reflexes, he dodged to his right just in time for the bullet to miss him merely an inch.

The thief then held Conan close to his chest as he launched towards the door that led to the roof and moved inside, closing it immediately. They were lucky they were standing near it, and the door was made of thick steel, as they could hear the sounds of constant gunshots hitting the door.

Kaito put the child on the ground.

"You ok tantei-kun?"

Conan only looked at him with a serious expression on his face.

"You were the one who was protecting me and you ask me if I'm alright? Shouldn't I be the one to ask you that question?"

Kaito grinned.

"Are you worried about me?"

Conan deadpanned.

"This is not the right time for joking, stupid thief. Who are they? What on earth have you done to get involved with such dangerous people?"

Kaito only sighed. The shooting has stopped after a short while since the police sirens could be heard approaching. KID stood up, opened the door to peek outside. After making sure that the sniper has gone, he walked out to the roof again. He stepped onto the fence, took a glance back and tossed Conan the gem, which the child caught with no difficulty.

"There are things you shouldn't know, tantei-kun. Curiosity kills the cat. No one gets hurt, remember? Especially my favorite little critic. So please stay away from this issue. This is my personal business."

As he was about to jump, he turned to glance at the kid once more.

"Oh, and by the way, thanks a lot for your consideration. However I would prefer you chasing me instead of letting me off easily like that. It was no fun without you interfering, tantei-kun."

And KID jumped off the building.

Conan stood there to look after the white hang-glider soaring through the night sky until it disappeared out of sight. Then he turned around to walk away, muttering:
"KID, I'm a detective. Don't expect me to leave this alone. I'll definitely make you tell me everything. Remember, I'm the one who have come the closest to capturing you. I may have told you I won't put you in jail, but I haven't said anything about catching you."


The next morning Conan was called to the police station. Inspector Nakamori's office, to be exact. Of course he didn't go alone, Ran went with him. The inspector summoned him to ask him to tell about the details of the shooting the previous night, however Conan pulled his I'm-only-a-cute-innocent-7-year-old-child act and only told him the most basic, such as "There was someone shooting at KID" and "I was too scared I closed my eyes all the time".

Which resulted in having to hear the inspector's 'nice words' again.

In the end, Inspector Nakamori failed to gain any information from the little kid, therefore he had to let them go home.

And that was not the end of Conan's troubles.

Conan thought he could finally give his ears some rest when they get home, but looked like his little wish was not granted. As they entered the Mouri detective agency, Ran began to rant about how dangerous the situation was the night before. After an hour-long speech, she came to the conclusion that she would ban Conan from every KID heist from then on, thinking that they were too dangerous and inappropriate for him.

Conan's eyes widened. There's no way he could let that happen.

The little child began to defend the thief, claiming that he was trying his best to protect him and all.

After another hour of whining and convincing and cute-brother act, Conan managed to persuade Ran to dismiss the terrible punishment. However Ran gave him another one.

Conan was grounded for a week.

Which make him more determined to capture that thief and interrogate him about those dangerous people he got involved with.

Technically, Conan had no room to speak. He himself had got his hands full of the Black Organization already.

But still, his detective instinct refused to leave the matter alone, contrast to KID's request. Well, he didn't make any promises anyway.

He paced back and forth in his room, thinking of an idea to confront the thief. An idea on how to trap and capture him for an interrogation.

And he finally came up with an option.

"This might be dangerous." Conan thought to himself.

But having no better option, he had to go with it, after a long debate.

He was willing to take the risk, hoping his bad luck would leave him for a while.

He took out his cellphone and dialed a familiar number.

"Hello, what is it Kudo?"

"I need your help."