Shinichi was telling the truth when he said he didn't do anything to Kaito's secret room, not even taking a thorough look. He just scanned around and when he realized what the room was, he quickly got out.

When Kaito turned on the lights, Shinichi got the chance to examine the room carefully for the first time. As he had suspected, KID's tools and gadgets are everywhere. There are some that Shinichi had never seen before. He took a few of it to examine, and was pretty amazed by their designs as well as usage.

Kaito's voice startled the detective a little bit.

"Pretty cool huh? Most of them are designed by my dad, but there are a few made by myself."

Shinichi turned around with a small ball that he highly suspected to be some kind of bomb, only to see the magician was leaning against the wall, eyeing him in amusement. Upon seeing what Shinichi had in his hand, Kaito smiled and shook his head gently before walking towards the detective. He gently took the ball from Shinichi's hand and put it on the table next to them.

"Be careful Meitantei, you're clearly not a good magician. Don't think I didn't notice what you did to the wall out there."

Shinichi sweatdropped and grinned sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. Then he diverted his glane around the room before focusing on the boy in front of him once more.

"So... This is the KID lair? The place where Kaitou KID plans his heists and creates his gadgets general does everything involving KID?"

Kaito grinned.

"Yeah! Cool, huh?"

Shinichi nodded in agreement, amusement shown in his eyes as he looked around again, silently admiring the room. However, something important suddenly hit him, making him frown.

"But... You couldn't have built it yourself, could you? Judging by its structure I believe it was built with the house."

Kaito's eyes saddened a little bit.

"Yeah... You're right... My dad...he built it."

Shinichi didn't miss the sudden change of attitude, but he couldn't understand why. There seemed to be something in Kaito's tone when he talked about his dad.

"Your dad? So I guess he's the first KID then."

Kaito nodded slightly.


Shinichi raised his eyebrow as he looked around.

"So why are you doing this? Why did you become KID? Where is he now?"

After a few seconds and no response came, Shinichi turned back to face the thief and saw that his eyes were closed, his fingers curled into a fist and he was trembling slightly as if he was trying to suppress an outburst of emotions. Shinichi's was a little bit confused, but for only a second before his eyes widened in realization.

"He's...deceased." - Shinichi spoke up, barely louder than a whisper.

Kaito didn't answer, but he had stopped trembling. His eyes were still closed, but his fingers had straightened out.

Shinichi stepped forward. He placed his hands on the magician's shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"I'm sorry... I didn't know..." - Shinichi spoke up, again in a very quiet tone, with sincerity from the bottom of his heart.

Kaito swallowed hard, before slowly opening his eyes. After a few blinks, his eyes got back that playful gleam that had always been there. He grinned.

"It's ok, you don't know! I'm fine now, really."

Shinichi didn't buy the act one bit. He kept staring at the magician, frowning, his voice soft but firm.

"Kaito, please... Don't act in front of me..."

Kaito immediately lost that playful gleam. He stared deep into those gorgeous cerulean orbs and all he could sense was...pure concern, sincerity.

He closed his eyes again and sighed. He sat down on the floor, dragging Shinichi down next to him.

"I do miss him." - Kaito spoke, his voice soft - "Everyday. I mean, who wouldn't? He was the best father in the world. And the fact that" - Kaito swallowed again. His eyebrow fused together, hid fist clenched - "I still haven't done anything for him made me feel really, really..." - Kaito stopped to swallow again, hard, feeling unable to continue.

Shinichi smiled and shook his head.

"Who said you haven't? You are the best son he could ever ask for. Why would you..."

Kaito opened his eyes, cutting Shinichi off.

"That's not what I meant."

Shinichi stared dumbly at him.


Kaito diverted his gaze to the side. Although Shinichi wasn't staring directly into the boy's eyes, he could sense extreme hatred in those eyes. He couldn't help wondering what had happened, but when he was about to ask, Kaito spoke up, and that was definitely not something Shinichi had expected to hear.

"He was murdered, Meitantei."


Shinichi found himself unable to speak, both during and after the story.

He had known KID was a good person. No thieves would return what they had stolen if they were bad guys. That was why Shinichi knew that the thief had reasons for his actions.

But THAT was totally unexpected. The real reason behind everything.

Kaito had just told him everything in such a calm tone, making Shinichi admire him for being so strong. To overcome such pains with the determination to finish the task.

"So... His death was assumed to be an accident? No further investigation?" - Shinichi asked, a bit hesitantly.

Kaito shook his head.

"I guess that's what you could call 'a perfect crime' then."

He then closed his eyes.

"Damn it! I was only 7 at the time, I had known nothing! If only I had been older, I might have been able to find some evidence! Which the police failed to do! They couldn't have left no evidence at all!"

Shinichi placed his hands on Kaito's shoulder and tried to steady the other boy.

"It's ok, calm down. At least you got confirmed that it was a murder, right?"

Kaito opened his eyes, blinked a few times before snorting.

"Yeah, by the murderer himself."

And Shinichi could only stare dumbly at the magician.


Kaito sighed.

"I...kind of encountered him during a heist. He thought I was my dad, and that he was still alive. That was how he confirmed the murder himself."

He snorted in despise.

"He's been after me for a while, not every heist but quite a few times. Been trying to kill me, though still no success."

Shinichi stared at him again, this time a much firmer gaze than ever. His hands began to move down from Kaito's shouders to his chest, before pushing him, catching the magician off guard. It was not a strong push, however it was still enough to make him stumble and fall on his back with an yelp. As soon as Kaito came to a lying position, the detective crawled over so that he was hovering above the magician. He managed to keep eye contact, staring directly into Kaito's beautiful indigo orbs.

Realizing the position they were in, and Shinichi's strange actions, Kaito couldn't help gulping nervously as he could feel a blush slowly making its way onto his face. He tried to fight it, but after what Shinichi had told him earlier, he couldn't find himself able to hid his emotions in front of the detective anymore.

"Err... Meitantei... What are you doin... Hey!"

He cut off himself when Shinichi's hands moved to the button of his shirt and began unbutton it. He tried to stop him, but the detective was too fast that he finished the task in no time at all. And as his upper body was completely revealed, and he could feel Shinichi's gaze on him, Kaito couldn't help feeling a bit uneasy. After a while and the detective didn't flinch one bit, Kaito decided he had had enough of the awkward situation. He smirked before speaking up, finally catching the detective's attention.

"I didn't know you were so...impatient, Shinichi. Your hormones are kicking in after a long time being suppresed in a child's body?"

Shinichi blinked a few times before his mind registered what he had just heard. A blush soon appeared on his face, but not very long. He rolled his eyes.

"You perverted thief."

Shinichi moved up to a standing position, quickly followed by a grinning Kaito who was also trying to button his shirt again. Shinichi casted a quick glance at him before snorting.

"For a non-violent thief, you sure have some...memorable experiences."

Kaito looked up questioningly.


Shinichi pointed at the thief's chest.

"Bullet scars. Not just one, a number."

Kaito looked down on his chest again, before looking up. He blinked a few times before realizing what the detective had meant. He grinned.

"Well none of them were fatal anyway."

Shinichi eyed him out of the corner of his eyes.

"Who took care of the wounds?"

Kaito blinked and answered it like it was too obvious.

"I did it myself, who else?"

Shinichi groaned at he turned back to face the thief.

"I thought you had an assistant?"

Kaito grinned again.

"I didn't let him in dangerous situations."

Shinichi face-palmed again, couldn't believe it himself. He then stared at Kaito.

"Ok, one last question: What does the guy wear?"

Kaito blinked in confusion.


"The color of his clothes. The one who is after you." - Shinichi asked firmly.

Kaito raised his eyebrow again in confusion.

"Black, I believe so. But why?"

Shinichi didn't answer, but his gaze was burning, making Kaito sweatdrop. Before the magician could process what was going on, Shinichi clapped his hands together.

"Good. From now on you're not leaving my sight."

Kaito sweatdropped some more.


Shinichi was about to answer when his cellphone rang. He took it out and looked at the caller ID. The name Haibara Ai sent a shiver down his spine, making him gulp nervously. Ignoring the confused magician, he flipped it open and answer.

"Haibara, what's..."

But he was cut off by a really scary tone.

"Where the hell are you, Kudo-kun?"

Glancing at Kaito, Shinichi gulped before answering.

"At...a friend'"

The cold tone didn't flinch.

"I give you one hour to get back here. If you fail, I can assure you that your life is going to be nothing but misery from now on."

With that said, she hang up.

Shinichi stared at the phone in his hand, clearly sweating.

"Scary woman" - he mumbled.

Then he turned around to walk past Kaito, out of the secret room.

"I have to get back to my house. How long does it take by subway?"

Kaito blinked.

"No more than 50 minutes I suppose."

Shinichi nodded.

"Good. Let's go."

Kaito blinked, again.

"You want me to come with you?"

Shinichi glanced back.

"I meant it when I said you're not leaving my sight. Besides" - the detective smirked - "I believe you haven't heard my story yet?"

Shinichi waited for a few seconds until Kaito caught up to him, before turning around and grabbed his collar, pulling him into a passionate kiss. Then he let go and grinned.

"We're working together a lot, Kai."

Kaito rolled his eyes.

"Then why am I still in the dark?"

Shinichi's grin grew bigger.

"You'll be out of it soon."

Taking the magician's hand in his, the detective then proceeded towards the door. Once out of the house, Shinichi put his hands in his pockets, sighing.

"It all started in Tropical Land..."

And the story went on on their way to the station.