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Spoiler Alert: This entire series is based heavily on the events of Resident Evil: Retribution. Even the following 'Author's Note' contains spoilers. So, if you haven't seen the film, and have an issue with finding out plot points before viewing, please read no further and see the film. It's bad ass.

Author's Note: I really loved the concept of the clones in RE: Retribution. So much so that I literally couldn't get it out of my mind. I was also super excited to see Michelle Rodriguez and the character of Rain back in duplicate form. This is the spawn of those elements combined with the dissatisfaction of watching 'good' Rain bite it in the end. I decided to try to take up her story and let it extend past the film's offerings. And given the obscene amount of plot holes I feel there's not a whole lot of continuity to stick too.

Thank You: To Paul W. S. Anderson for creating a kick ass world with lots and lots of beautiful women. You rock at it.

Resident Evil: Soul Survivor

by LezG33k


The sweet, roasted aroma of fresh brewed organic coffee filled the air inside the quaint kitchen of the Ocampo residence. Rain breathed in the welcome scent while tapping her fingers against the counter as if it would not only speed the efforts of the brewing mechanism, but also nurture her sense of patience in the wake of impending caffeinated satisfaction. Once finished, a slender arm flicked rapidly forward as lithe fingers grasped the handle to her pot of glory. After pouring the dark liquid into an oversized cup she took her seat at the island in the center of the room and grabbed the spoon that had been lavishly soaking in a bowl full of guiltless, cardboard flavored cereal.

When her free hand wasn't bringing the cup to her lips, it was caressing the smooth touchpad on her overpriced Mac. A splurge she made in the name of the cult of Apple. After rifling through her inbox for coupons she would never use, she switched gears and pointed her browser to Umbrella News. Concerned eyes squinted and a busy mouth stopped mid-chew as Rain took in the top story in the feed.

A virus; a very dangerous virus, had broken out in a nearby city and was rapidly making its way to outlying areas. Outlying areas which absolutely included her small subdivision.

Rain quickly swallowed the soggy mess that was in her mouth and clicked on a related video embedded on the page. A generic looking anchorman, with predictably plastic looking hair reported from the top of his news van parked at a local mall.

"Chaos, complete chaos is breaking out here," he looked as though he were standing in the middle of a tornado, but there was no wind whipping about. "Their numbers just seem to keep growing and experts believe this is due to spread by fluid to fluid transfer. Once bitten by the infected, it doesn't take very long for a person to transition completely into a violent entity with only one concern; death. We're now going back down the roof hatch into the van to try to navigate through the sea of infected and reach a safe distance away from the crowd. We'll be sending out updates as the situation permits."

The anchorman opened the hatch only to be ripped from the roof of the van and into its hull by a bloody set of arms. As the camera followed, Rain soon found herself face to face with the gruesome features of one of the infected. She physically jumped on her stool and screamed out in horror before the screen faded to black.

A repetition of the phrase "Oh my God" rang out to no one as she tried to wrap her head around what was actually happening in the world around outside. A few attempts at outgoing calls on her cell phone rendered nothing but a pre-recorded message notifying the subscriber that service was temporarily interrupted due to system overload. With shaky hands she stowed the device in her pocket and moved cautiously to the window for a peek outside. The immediate scene in front of her was quiet as a library; no noise, no movement. She started to breathe a sigh of relief until she caught a glimpse of something odd at the top of her line of sight.

Miles away a smoky helicopter swung in circles at full force as it careened toward the ground and resulted in a horrific, booming explosion.

"No," she said softly as a tear leaked down the side of her face. She moved a hand up to the window as if the act would somehow comfort the victims of the crash. It was only there for a few seconds before it was mirrored by the thud of a larger, bloodier mate on the other side..

A squeal erupted from her throat as she jumped back, only to watch the hand followed, by an arm and then a shoulder, connected to a neck, holding up a bloody mouth, resting under vacant eyes. They locked only for an instance with the girl on the other side of the door before the a fist brutally smashed through one of the glass panes and reached aggressively toward its prey.

Rain backed away in a state of shock. It was only by sheer luck she was pulled from out of it by the sharp, cool feel of a set of keys that had been resting on the counter. Pulled from her reverie she looked down at the keys and reasoned that the best possible form of action to take was driving away from the chaos as fast as possible. Her instincts proved sound as she lowered the keys and looked up to find a second infected ambling slowly toward her from the foyer.


Rain rushed in the opposite direction toward the door that lead to her garage, fumbled with the handle lock and looked back noticing her attacker starting to charge with a vicious roar. With yet another expletive, she finally managed to unlock the door, enter and pull it to just as a resounding thud met the other side. Making her way to her energy efficient car with a sprint she opened the door and slammed it shut. Her unsteady hands made plugging the key into ignition far more difficult than it normally was, but with a twist the car came to life just as the integrity of the kitchen to garage door finally lost its battle with the infected on the other side.

"Shit, shit, shit, shiiiiiiiit!" she exclaimed as she opened the automatic garage door and experienced a barrage of thumps and thuds from the undead trying desperately to break through the vehicle.

Just as the car was thrown into reverse the beast clamped on and Rain's voice rang through the small space as her foot hammered on the gas. As she turned and braked once on the road he fell from the hood of the car. It only took a seconds hesitation to put the gear shift in drive and close her eyes as the car accelerated forward and a resounding crunch trumpeted the extinguishing of a very persistent monster. A short blood trail featured in her rearview mirror during the short glance she allowed herself, then was forgotten as she barreled through the quiet, then chaotic roads of a once perceived safe and boring place to live.

Maneuvering the streets of suburbia was normally one of the most mundane tasks Rain had ever experienced in her short life. The constant worry about 'Children at Play" and d-bag cops just trolling the streets for someone going above 25 mph took its toll on the vegetarian with a lead foot. She'd been issued more parking tickets than invites to neighborhood cookouts, but now, all bets were off.

It wasn't until she noticed the white pristine skin of a mother and daughter crossing the road in front of her that she'd even imagined using the break.

"Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!" she repeated while slamming her foot on the forgotten pedal and did the same with her eyelids upon the chance she heard the horrible sound of impact.

When her eyes finally opened due to the absence of contact, she breathed a brief sigh of relief and then shouted out the window in an effort to save the former obstacles standing safely within inches from her front bumper.

"What are you doing? Get in the car!"

They stood there stunned for a few seconds and Rain panicked. Surely they had precious little time before the infected were on them. Finally the survival instinct set in and they moved quickly into the car only to have an unfriendly arm lurch for them both from the outside. The mother fought him off just as the car sped off.

A few brief moments passed with sparse spurts of speech interruptions that didn't truly resonate with either party. The occupants of the car barely contemplated the upside down flip as it gracefully flew over the pavement from a sudden unexpected impact.

Darkness. Then blurred darkness. Eyes straining to open and then closing as if under the influence of a vice grip.

Then release for one fleeting moment, before the chaos descended once more.

So many infected rushing the overturned vehicle... No, wait. Rushing past the vehicle... Toward the house with the mother and daughter.

Her panic for her momentary comrades was brief; overtaken by her innate need to survive.

"Oh shit, oh shit!"

Frantic movements finally forced themselves into place and the seatbelt relinquished its hold.


After regaining her bearings and twisting her body free of it's uncomfortable position, she was able to squeeze out of the open window and frantically survey her surroundings. The house the mother and daughter entered was not only locked, but crawling with un-dead. Seeking shelter there simply wasn't an option, so she decided to run as fast as she could to anywhere they were not.

"Good luck," she breathed softly; wondering if she meant it more for the departed family unit, or herself.