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Chapter 12

In the confines of her new room, Claire had Kara pour her a drink as the redhead sat down in the comfy reading chair that had been provided by the Hive.

"Here you go, Agent Redfield," Kara said sarcastically as she offered up the drink. "How else might I serve you this evening?"

"I've had a stressful day interrogating clones," Claire answered. "I think a shoulder rub may be in order."

Kara nodded and smirked as she answered with "As you wish."

Claire was right; she did need a shoulder rub. It was as if the weight of the world hung heavily around her neck. The blonde didn't mention it as she worked on the woman but she did put the knowledge in the back of her mind for safe keeping.

"That feels really good, Thrace," Claire moaned somewhat. "We may have misplaced your skill set. Do you think perhaps we should reconsider and have you set up some kind of massage parlor in the Hive?"

"Well, that depends," Kara continued. "Are you really so anxious for me to get my hands on other people?"

Claire smiled, "Probably not."

Then the redhead thought about it for a second and spoke again, "Are you?"

There was insecurity in Claire's voice that she hadn't heard before. Kara would normally have answered that question with some kind of joking reference to the members of the resistance that she wouldn't mind touching but she decided to be honest and put Claire at ease.

"My hands are kind of only interested in touching one person right now," she leaned and lowered her voice a bit. "She's brave, beautiful, incredibly stubborn," Claire giggled as she continued, "strong, caring... Sometimes mean, but I know it's just a front to shield herself from being hurt. And the more she pushes me away, the stronger my resolve becomes to show her that I'm not going anywhere."

Claire's brow furrowed as she took in the honesty of Kara's words. She had to hand it to her; the young agent was one of the most courageous people she'd ever met. It wasn't always easy to tell the truth about how you feel but, somehow, the blonde always managed to do so. Claire ended the session and grabbed the girl's hand, pulling her around so that they were face to face.

"Do I hurt you?" she asked, somewhat afraid of the answer. "When I work so hard to push you away?"

Kara didn't want to answer that question, but she knew she had to.

"Sometimes," she nodded before moving in and crouching to meet Claire closer to eye level. "But I'm strong. Strong enough to take anything you can dish out."

"You don't know that," Claire's eyes misted over and she looked away."

"Yes I do," Kara moved her head so that she pulled their gazes back together.

Claire simply shook her head and let a hopeful smile build on her face, "You know this'll probably never end well, right?"

"Nothing ends well anymore, Claire," The blonde pulled Claire to her feet and gently guided their bodies together. "But I'm willing to bet everything leading up to the end is a lot better with someone to wake up to here and there."

"Are you under the impression that you'll be staying the night?" the redhead asked with an eyebrow quirk.

"Yes, I fucking am," Kara stated with a confident smirk before moving in for a kiss.

Claire always tasted like one of two things: cigarettes and whiskey, or cigarettes and coffee. She was an oddly acquired taste, but every time their lips met Kara simply couldn't get enough. It was as if she were endeared to the flavor simply because it was Claire's.

As their kisses heated up, clothes started to come off with the insistence of eager hands. And before they knew it, both women were moving forcefully against each other on the bed. At some point the physical ministrations turned more into a battle of wills, and Kara was having no part in losing it. Claire always tried to be in control and it looked like the bedroom was going to be no different. Asserting her dominance, the redhead straddled the blonde and tried to pin down her hands, but Kara bucked her off and regained control.

Claire smiled and narrowed her eyes as she jutted her face up to kiss the blonde, but Kara pulled back. It was completely communicated without words that things were going to happen on an equal playing field or they weren't going to happen at all. Once Claire finally accepted that and allowed the blonde to reach down and kiss her, her hands were released and their bodies melted into each other.

The clone was a surprising mixture of passion and patience with her movements. It was completely obvious that she was becoming more and more aroused with each kiss, touch and caress; as was the woman below her. Dragging her mouth across Claire's neck, chest and breasts she finally landed on an erect nipple that was all but begging to be sucked. As she wrapped her lips around it, her ears were met with a guttural 'fuck' from the mouth a few feet north. Hands raked through blonde hair as Claire simply allowed herself to be loved.

"Touch me," She demanded.

Her requested was granted within seconds as Kara's fingers snaked their way down her stomach and between her legs. The action was met with a sharp intake of breath as the redhead pulled the head back up to her lips and reached down to seek out the blonde's mound as well. She was met with warm, wet heat and they moaned into each other's mouths

As they moved with each other their eyes remained locked and breath became more ragged.

"I've wanted this for a long time," Kara whispered, causing them to slow. "Ever since the first time we met."

She was being so honest; Claire couldn't help doing the same.

"I have been dead inside for so long," she admitted. "You make me feel alive again."

Kara shook her head as she looked at her, wondering how she could feel so many things at one time. Then she crashed their lips together once more and slipped inside Claire; swallowing the moan that issued forth as a result of the action. Claire directed her own hand down to Kara's source of head and reciprocated in kind; both women couldn't help the carnal movements that followed after.

They pumped into each other hard while, at the same time, trying to work on each other's clits. And, though neither one of them mentioned it, there was something about the emotion involved that reminded them of all those heated moments when they were fighting each other. Perhaps they'd been doing this dance for far longer than they thought.

"I... I can't hold on for..." Claire eventually stated.

"It's ok," Kara breathed. "I can't either."

And soon after they were both falling over the edge together; breaking a wall inside of each other that had been so carefully built by the owners.

Alice sat in her office looking over statistics, predictions, maps and blueprints trying to figure out two things: One, what the next move of the collective Resistance would be. And two, how it all came down to her sitting at a desk instead of locking and loading up for a fight. She was becoming increasingly annoyed with the monotonous nonsense that seemed to be turning into her new lot in life. She was a woman of action. Even when she was working for Umbrella, Alice had her little side project that should have worked to stop all of this from happening.

Everything had changed when she made her decision to take responsibility of Becky. The girl couldn't grow up in a world as dangerous as the one created by the T-Virus, but she couldn't grow up in one of social chaos either. Walking the fine line of keeping her physically alive and emotionally sound was difficult and it meant making sacrifices that she honestly wouldn't have made before.

A soft knock on her office door pulled her from her musings as she ordered the person on the other side to come in.

Jill Valentine appeared and shut the door behind her before approaching the desk.

"You wanted to see me?" She asked.

"Yeah, have a seat," Alice instructed as she motioned toward one of the chairs across opposite from her desk.

"How's everything going?" Jill asked.

"Better than we'd expected, I think," Alice admitted as she pushed her notes away to the side. "It seems that everyone is settling in well so far. We just have to figure out what we're doing with the rest of population."

"Yeah, it's not exactly an easy decision to make," Jill agreed. "Are you leaning toward one option over the others?"

"I'm not sure," Alice shook her head. "It's hard to know if the decisions I'm making now are the best for all or the best for me and the people I care about."

"I understand," Jill smiled softly and nodded.

"I know you do. That's why I've asked you here."

Jill's brow furrowed and she crossed her arms in her seat, "I kind of figured we were going to have to talk about this at some point."

"Don't clam up as if you're under fire here, Jill. You're certainly not the only one that I have to have this conversation with," the leader shook her head as she thought about the list of offenders she had to check off.

"I'm not going to stop seeing her, Alice," Jill shook her head. "I lived too much of my damn life as an unfeeling robot, I'm not about to go back to that now just because it makes things less complicated for this fight we're mounting. A fight that may or may not work, I might add. Life is way too short these days."

"I'm not asking you to. Will you calm down and let me speak?"

Jill sighed, "Yeah, I'm sorry. Go ahead."

"I know that Rain is very special to you; I care about her a great deal as well," Alice began, "but the special attention you're giving her on a mission basis is being noticed. She's not an Agent, therefore anything you do to try to help her out is going to seem like favoritism and we are not living in an environment where that is looked at kindly anymore. When everyone was on the run, fighting for their lives, it was understood that people who were paired off would stick together above all. But we have an infrastructure now that hinges solely on the power that we are given by our subordinates, not by the power we actually have. If we start making exceptions, they'll start disobeying."

"I haven't done anything on a professional level for Rain that I wouldn't do for any other recruit," Jill argued.

"Really?" Alice quirked an eyebrow in defiance. "So, you didn't argue against her going on the Hive mission because of your feelings for her."

"She was a green recruit that very well may have died during that mission," Jill defended.

"Kara Thrace had never lead a mission before and you were ok with her walking into the lion's den," Alice replied.

"That's because I didn't have to fight for Thrace; Claire was all over it!"

"And believe me, she's going to get an earful from me as well, but right now we're talking about you. I know you took an extra watch shift to be with Rain last night. That means you're not getting as much sleep as you could be. Your mind and instincts aren't as sharp when sleep deprived."

"Really?" Jill asked as she swiftly grabbed a knife from her pocket and tossed it toward the wall behind Alice, hitting the dead center of an Umbrella emblem. "You were saying?"

Alice was starting to get angry, "And how many more times are you going to be able to do that if you're up all night fucking your little girlfriend in the mall, Jill?"

"We're not fucking!" Jill stood and slammed her hands on the desk. "Don't you sit there and trivialize my life when you don't have the slightest idea what's going on in it. You've been so busy with your head in those data pads, and your nose up Wesker's ass, that you don't have a clue what the rest of us are going through."

"Sit down," she expressed two words slowly through gritted teeth.

Jill shook her head and reluctantly did as she was told, her eyes finding a convenient notch on the floor to focus on.

"You have no idea how hard it is for me to work with that monster and sit at a desk crunching numbers while the rest of you risk your lives day in and day out to keep us all safe! We aren't survivors anymore, Jill, we're an army. Armies have to operate with rules or they break down. If it were up to me, I'd be taking on every God damn Hive myself, but I can't. It won't work! We all have to work together to defeat Umbrella."

"Well there's not going to be a whole lot of fight left in your troops if you take away everything they're fighting for," Jill stated.

"I'm not trying to take Rain away from you, Jill!" Alice spread out her arms to further illuminate her point, "I'm just asking you to stop acting like a love struck school girl and remember your responsibilities to this cause."

Jill looked at her soberly and said, "I have given more to this cause than you'll ever know. And so has Rain."

"Then work together to make sure it wasn't all in vain," Alice countered. "None of us will be able to survive if we don't succeed now. It is literally our last chance."

Jill shook her head, "What do you want me to do?"

Alice sighed, "I just want your head in the game more than it is in the clouds. If you want a chance at any kind of real life with her, then you've got a lot of work to do before that can happen. You've got to stop trying to micromanage her missions and you have to give yourself the time you need to be 100% when you're needed. Can you do that?"

Jill's features softened as she nodded her head, "Yeah, I can do that. I apologize for getting so defensive about it. Maybe I am a little stressed from the lack of sleep."

Alice let a small smile creep up one side of her lips, "It happens to the best of us."

It earned her a smile back from Jill.

"Now," the leader added. "Off the professional record. How are things going with Rain?"

Jill's smile grew wider, "They're pretty good."

"How serious are things getting?"

Jill looked down and thought for a moment, "I don't know. Probably pretty serious. We haven't actually..." she waited to receive a nod from Alice indicating she knew what she was alluding to, "but I think that we're headed in that direction."

"What's the hold up? There's not much better an excuse to do the deed other than the end of the world," Alice joked.

Jill chuckled, "I just don't want to screw this whole thing up. Rain and I don't have the easiest pasts to overcome and then there's the whole 'she's never done this kind of thing before' to contend with. It complicates things."

"Wow, you really care about her! Are you in love with her?"

"I..." Jill searched the room as if the answer would lie somewhere written on the walls. "I hadn't really thought about it in those terms... I know that I care about her a great deal and obviously I want to be around her all the time. It's strange, though. Like, after Raccoon City, the best part of my day would be those few precious moments where I'd actually be able to sleep and not have nightmares. I'd dream about how things used to be or how they'd be after we escaped Umbrella. Then I'd wake up and I'd be sad because I knew it wasn't my reality. Now, even when I have the most beautiful dreams, I still wake up excited because I know that she's here. Is that what love is?"

Alice shook her head, "You're asking the wrong person about that. But it certainly sounds good."

Jill's smile radiated across her whole face as she agreed, "Yeah, it does."

The clones imprisoned within the Hive were confused as they were all corralled into the auditorium. Their numbers weren't huge to begin with, but after the infiltration they'd dwindled down pretty hard. Kara and Rain peeked out at them through the curtain and waited for them to take their seats.

"I hate public speaking," Thrace grumbled. "They know this about me; I have no idea why they continue to ask me to be the one to talk to large groups of people."

"One: that's not a large group," Rain offered. "Two: You're not doing it alone and three: You're the highest ranking clone in the Resistance. You were the only choice in 'upper management' to send."

"Yeah, well that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it," she turned to address her friend. "You ready to go out there?"

"Duh, I was born ready," Rain responded. "We're about to tell those people that, not only are they being set free from the prison, but that there is a psychological war going on and we want to recruit them to help stand up for the little guy. Every bone in my hippie engineered body is ready for this."

"Good, then you can pick things up when I start to stutter," she let out the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding. "Let's go."

They both stepped forward onto the stage and looked out into the small crowd; some of the faces mirroring their own. A table was set up with some of the props they would need and a screen was being lowered to accommodate the presentation that they'd been told to walk through.

"Um... good afternoon. I am Agent Kara Thrace and this is Recruit Rain O'Campo representing the clones of the resistance army. We're here to talk to you about the situation on the surface, your release back into the Hive facility and integration stumbling blocks that may present themselves in the future," she looked to Rain who qued up the first set of videos and nodded.

"What you're looking at on the screen are different news broadcasts leading up to the very last one after the Raccoon City disaster," Rain's presence was both commanding and captivating; Thrace wanted to smack her for it. "This kind of footage you're probably familiar with. It's the 'found footage' after that you are unaware of."

She clicked to a screen that showed multiple video diaries from not only people like Alice and Claire, but many others who tried to document the fallout of the human race.

"As you can see," Thrace started back up. "The world basically turned into a barren wasteland with not much in the way of food, shelter or protection. The only places that were remotely safe were underground Umbrella facilities like the one you've all been living in."

"Or dying in," Dr. Lewis accused in the direction of Tony Stark.

Thrace heard the remark but decided to continue instead of addressing it.

"You know by now from your talks with Alice and Claire that Umbrella was completely responsible for the initial outbreak at Raccoon City. What you may not know is that The Red Queen continues to perpetuate her initial plans of annihilation through all of these functional facilities."

Rain clicked over to the next screen and took over.

"The research you all have been doing, and the 'products' you've been creating, have been used in the fight against humanity for the last few years. Now, the world is not only barren but overrun with the infected, bio-weapons, and massive killing machines."

"We know that you didn't have any clue as to the end results of your labors," Kara said. "You've been lied to by the Red Queen every step of the way."

"She's not the only one's been lyin'," Mal said.

"But... Um..." Rain was starting to worry about the clones hurting each other more than them getting hurt by outsiders. "We also realize that you all deserve just as much of a chance at life as any of the rest of us. So, we're hoping that you'll join us in the fight against Umbrella."

"And what if we don't?" Sheva called out from the audience. "What if we're done fighting?"

Rain looked down sadly and Kara picked up the conversation for her.

"Sadly that's not an option that we're able to give you at this time," she said. "You don't have to be on the front lines and you don't ever have to fire a weapon, but you will have to fight every day to survive. The only option you have regarding that is whether or not you do it with us. And trust me; you don't want to do it on your own above the surface."

The botanist nodded and looked down sadly.

"Which brings me to our next point," Thrace continued. "Your release will be effective immediately after this presentation is over. You are absolutely free to leave the facility if you so choose but I can tell you right now that would be nothing more than suicide. If you choose to stay here you will be returned to your living quarters and allowed to roam certain parts of the premises."

She moved over to a table and picked up a large silver wrist cuff, "Those of you from the security and development department probably already know what this is."

"It's tantamount to a shackle," Hive Rain grumbled from the audience.

"That is somewhat accurate," Thrace took a deep breath and looked to Rain. There was something about the girl's nature that seemed to put people at ease more than her own.

"Look, we have no idea if any of you are hardwired to obey Umbrella," Rain explained delicately. "We aren't trying to keep you tied down, but we need to be absolutely sure that one of you isn't a mole that could blow up this whole operation and kill us all."

"And how will those pretty little bracelets prevent that?" Mal asked, accusingly.

Rain sighed, "Each device is outfitted with both a tracking device and an electroshock failsafe."

The audience of clones erupted in angry chatter that went on for about thirty seconds before Kara called for them all to quiet down.

"Quiet all of you!" she shouted and finally they calmed down. "Look we could have killed every single one of you when we took this place."

"And you very nearly did!" Dr. Lewis shouted back.

"We did what we had to do," Rain argued. "Do you think that was easy for us? Shooting someone with your own face? The face of your friends? We didn't want to hurt anyone; we had no choice!"

"And you dare to call the two different death sentences you're about to give us, a choice?" Hive Rain piped in.

"Enough! Stop it!" Stark's powerful and agitated voice boomed over all of them as he approached the stage. "This isn't a discussion and everybody in this room needs to wake up and realize that. Especially, you two," he said to the girls on stage.

He moved closer to Kara and Rain and they both reached for their side arms. His only response was to expel and amused breath and roll his eyes before reaching over and attaching one of the cuffs to his arm. They lowered their weapons and allowed him to move in just a bit more as he whispered in their direction.

"You're supposed to be leading this little story telling session; start fucking acting like it," he ordered. "They don't get to have an opinion here."

And with that he hopped off the stage and, with crossed arms, dropped back into his seat; waiting for them to continue.

"He's right," Thrace whispered toward Rain. "Playtime's over. They need to know their place."

The blonde looked back out into the crowd and tried to figure out the best way to get them to cooperate. Then, that time-tested human truth asserted itself into her consciousness: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

"Right now, everyone in this room is a clone," she asserted. "Everyone outside those doors is clone sympathizers. Everyone outside this facility is not."

She paused so that the information could sink in.

"The days ahead for you are not going to be pleasant for a number of reasons," she explained. "You've basically just been pulled out of the Matrix and inserted into a very unfriendly and scary place. You can choose to make that worse by fighting with us and with each other, or you can accept the fact that this is your reality now. That the people that understand your plight most are the ones sitting right next to you. That the ones who want you to succeed are standing in front of you."

They looked on at her with complete attention.

"We did not come here to ruin your lives; we came here to give you the chance to actually have them. You were disillusioned and isolated before, so much so that you ended up killing yourselves and each other. That stops now. Today you get to make the choice to fight the entity that stole your lives and oppressed you, or sit back, sulk and waste away in your own misery. But either way, you have to make a choice now. There are the bracelets," she held one up, "or there's the door," she pointed to the doorway. "It's up to you."

There were quite a few grunts and grumbles emanating from the crowd as they made their way to the table, but everyone opted to take the wrist cuffs in the end.

"That was a damn impressive rant for someone who doesn't like public speaking," Rain said softly to her counterpart.

"What can I say, I got laid last night; my confidence is at a peak," Thrace dumped on her before moving to help out some of the clones with their new accouterment.

"You little shit; you did that on purpose just to keep me in suspense!" Rain called out as she followed to help move the process along.

Alice sat in her office on the video communicator with Albert Wesker on the other end.

"You can't be serious," his deep and slow speaking voice.

"And yet, somehow I am," she responded soberly.

"A mixer between the two houses?" Wesker tried to clarify. "That's not only a bad idea concerning the clones and the humans; it's just... well... lame. When was the last time anyone had a mixer; even before the outbreak?"

"Look, we can call it something else," Alice held up her hands; she'd gotten enough grief when she mentioned it to her on-site Agents earlier that day. "I just thought the terminology was apropos given that we are trying to mix the two different sects of the Resistance."

"Fine," he exhaled his disapproval, "we can try this out if you like, but I really don't see the point. Quite honestly letting them fight it out will separate the weak from the strong. Mother Nature is fine with it. I don't see why we shouldn't be."

"Because Mother Nature is blind to empathy. The fact that we aren't is what makes us human. Some of us at least," she said, adding the last part somewhat under her breath. "Anyway, that translates as a benefit in your brain because the more soldiers we have the better our chances against the Red Queen. We need as many people as we can get."

"Much as I hate it when you're right, I must agree," He cocked his head in an effort to crack his neck. "Now, onto other matters. I'd like to discuss the correspondence I sent you this morning."

Alice looked at the screen with disdain.

"We did discuss it," she said defiantly. "I told you that wasn't an option. The conversation is off the table."

"Alice you're being ridiculous," he countered. "This could mean the difference between life and death for the human race, you can't just dismiss it because you like her."

"You have no proof that your little plan will even work and that's not enough for me to allow it," her voice was becoming louder and fiercer. "If you harm one hair on that girl's head I will kill you before you've served out your use to me. Am I being completely clear?"

Wesker clenched his jaw in frustration, but still confirmed, "Crystal. O'Campo is not to be touched."

"Good. Now press that suit you like to wear and put on your dancing shoes," she said before turning off the com unit. "I want full leadership presence at this thing."

"You've gotta be kidding," Rain said with a mouthful of stir-fry as she sat across from Jill in the Agent's new abode. "A mixer? Like people did in the fifties?"

Jill chuckled at the girl's response for it was the same one she'd had when Alice proposed the idea to her, "Not quite that conservative and un-cool. We won't be listening to rockabilly and eating mini pickles off of toothpicks, but there will be music, food and drinks. She wants us to do kind of a test run and see if there's any possible chance of getting along together right off the bat. I'm betting the chances of that are slim but Alice is determined. She's even making Wesker attend."

"Uggh, good," Rain groaned. "Maybe one of the Hive clones will lose their cool and drop his ass."

"I don't think we're quite that lucky," the Agent shook her head and taking in a few vegetables with her chopsticks. "You wanna know what the worst part is?"

"Oh God, what? Are they going to make us play spin the bottle? Because I don't share well!" the clone warned.

"Neither do I," Jill reciprocated with a devious smile that faded once she described what they were really supposed to do. "No, the Agents are supposed to encourage the fun. You know, socializing, introducing... dancing."

"Oh," Rain understood immediately Jill's reticence over the instructions. She wasn't exactly the most popular Agent around. "Well, don't worry, Kara sucks with the socializing too. You guys can lean on each other and I can help you both out."

"Is your little bestie going to teach me how to dance as well?" she asked, legitimate worry painting her face.

Rain smiled, "Is that what you're most afraid of? Dancing?"

"I'm a scrawny white girl who was thrust into the middle of the apocalypse during the prime of my clubbing heyday," Jill explained. "I didn't really know how to dance then and it's certainly been a long time since I even tried. Seems like a lifetime ago."

"Jill, you're good at literally everything I've ever seen you do," Rain took a drink of water and continued. "What makes you possibly think you won't be good at dancing?"

Jill shook her head and let her chopsticks rest on the plate; anxiety killing her appetite, "I don't know but the whole concept just makes me feel awkward. Not to mention having to do it in front of an entire room of people that hate me anyway."

"Well," Rain nodded her head as she finished off the last of her dish, "I guess there's no other alternative. I'm going to have to teach you how to dance."

"You know how to dance?" Jill asked with mock curiosity.

"Duh, I'm Latina, of course I know how to dance," Rain answered. "Plus, one of the memories I was blessed with from those little geek gods was a QuinceaƱera. I imaginarily danced my little fifteen year old ass off in my head. I can certainly teach you."

"You think so?" Jill's eyes narrowed as her smile widened.

"Well, we move pretty well together during other activities," Rain became somewhat shy for just a few seconds, which endeared Jill to no end, then picked back up with her bravado, "I don't see why this would be any different."

"I certainly can't argue with that logic," Jill offered her statement with enough confidence for both of them. "Will you show me?"

"Sure," Rain smiled and grabbed their plates, moving them to the small sink in the room. "I'll clean these up; you find something thumpin' on the data pad and plug it into the speakers."

Jill nodded and set off to her task, picking something with a moderate pace and lots of base. She was finished before Rain was and it was all she could do not to move behind the shorter woman and put her arms around the clone's waist. But she knew that would probably lead to peppering the exposed neck with soft and not-so-soft kisses, followed by hands that would start to roam. And if that happened, the dancing lesson probably wouldn't transpire at all. So she waited, gazing at her new 'instructor' with adoring eyes.

Her chest tightened as the girl turned to face her with a smile that shown with such faith and confidence she wondered if she'd be able to breathe properly. Rain was becoming so many things to her in such a short amount of time but, most of all; she was becoming a partner in the struggles of life. As long as she was around, Jill felt as if everything would be ok; that somehow they'd find a way to take on the world together. And so, though she had no idea what she was doing, she smiled back.

"Ok, just kind of find the beat with your hips first," Rain said as she placed her hands on said body parts and helped guide her partner. "That's really the main thing. Everything else basically follows the hips."

Jill kept her eyes on the clone the whole time and allowed her to guide her movements.

"Perfect," Rain praised her, "See, I knew you'd catch on fast. Now loosen your upper body a bit."

The clone moved to Jill's back and placed her hands on her shoulders attempting to guide them in a pattern that looked more natural than the Agent had been emitting prior. Jill did as she was told.

"Like this?" she asked.

"Exactly like that," Rain smiled as she moved back to Jill's front. "You know, you're catching on so quickly I'm starting to wonder if you're really a natural at it and just wanted an excuse to dance with me."

"Do I need an excuse to dance with you?" Jill asked wryly.

Rain smiled and looked down, "No," she answered honestly.

Jill raised her chin, "Then stop theorizing and dance with me."

Rain smirked, narrowed her eyes and moved in closer, swaying her hips in time with Jill's movements and resting one of her hands on the Agent's hip and the other on her shoulder. Jill mimicked her movements and they alternated looking hungrily into each other's eyes and breaking the gaze when it seemed too much.

They moved together beautifully; neither really leading nor following, just flowing. It only took a couple of minutes before their movements became somewhat more sexual in nature. It was Rain who, surprisingly, initiated it. Pulling Jill's hips closer to her own and insinuating a thigh slightly between her legs. As the Agent became more aroused she too started to explore more ground with the young brunette; moving the hand on her hip further back to grasp at a perfectly pert ass while her other hand moved in closer to the girl's heart which was beating rapidly beneath her chest. Finally they'd moved in so close to each other that no air even dared to try to slip between them and they were basically just dry-humping in a vertical position.

"You better not be dancing with anyone else like this," Rain warned breathlessly.

"Believe me, you are the only one I want to dance with like this," Jill answered seriously.

And then the clone simply couldn't hold back anymore and moved in for a forceful and passionate kiss. It was as if she were starting to understand that there was an entirely different necessity to romantic physical expression. It wasn't just about arousal and orgasm; it was about conveying something inside that simply transcended words. Expressing a need that went deeper than thought. And it was a language her partner was more than willing to speak with her.

Jill responded with equal fervor and held her tight; deepening the kiss. Her tongue speared past the barrier of the clone's lips with little resistance and was met with a moan that set her on fire. The agent groaned as she started to slow the kiss and then pulled away to further explore the girl's neck. She tried to be respectful to the natural tint of the girl's skin, but as she made her way across the expanse of a muscular shoulder she couldn't help herself and started to bite and suck in her passionate haze. When she felt a hand pulling her head closer and a groan of encouragement she threw all caution to the wind and proceeded to mark her prey.

Rain wasn't expecting the level of excitement she felt as she experienced the untamed actions of her former enemy. If Jill had done something so visceral to her earlier on in the physical part of their relationship it might have unsettled her, but now... now that there was such a building level of trust constructing itself around them, she found it incredibly arousing. She ached to feel Jill's passion for her; and show the agent her own. And when Jill gently kissed the area which she'd just so urgently assaulted, Rain melted in an altogether different way and wondered how many conflicting feelings this woman could possibly bring out in her.

The Agent followed those actions with soft kisses moving further down the girl's chest until she reached the border of her black tank top. She dropped to her knees and started to pull up at the cotton barrier before seeking out permission.

"Is this ok?" she asked, prepared to stop at any moment.

"You have no idea how ok it is," Rain answered, eyes half lidded and chest heaving.

"Do you promise to tell me if something I'm doing isn't ok?" Jill asked, eyes softening to both assure the girl that she would stop, and to convey that this was probably not the only new area she wanted to explore.

Rain nodded, understanding the implications, "I promise."

And with that the Agent broke her gaze and moved it to focus on the tight and muscular stomach that she'd revealed to herself. She took her time licking, nipping and sucking at the mocha skin that was so smooth against her lips. Rain took care of the rest of the top and tossed it aside before moving her hands into Jill's short hair; encouraging her movements.

The trust and enthusiasm the clone was expressing touched and exhilarated the Agent as she moved one hand to the girls back and one up to a bra-clad breast. Feeling the nipple harden on contact, Jill moaned against the girl's skin and felt the grip on her hair tighten. She took her time at first, simply feeling the shape and the weight of the breast encompassed by her hand, then the urge to gently squeeze the hardened nub simply became too much and she moaned as she did so.

"Stop," Rain breathed.

"Oh God, I'm sorry," Jill stopped immediately and moved stood. "Too much?"

Rain shook her head, "No, you goof! I'm just about to lose control of my legs."

"Oh," Jill breathed a sigh of relief.

"We need to move this to the bed," Rain stated suggestively and held out her hand.

"Ok," Jill agreed as she took the offered appendage and moved with the girl.

As they made it to the bed Jill took the lead again and gently guided Rain to lie down beneath her. The clone directed her hands to the hem of Jill's shirt and tugged at it with questioning eyes and an endearing smile. The Agent smiled back and obliged the girl, allowing the garment to be stripped from her body and tossed toward a destination neither woman could care less about.

The action was quickly followed by Rain's insistence upon removing Jill's bra as well which served to even further excite the short haired Agent. It expressed to her that they were probably on the same wavelength about what was about to happen, so she did the same thing to the woman below her.

Travelling down with infinite slowness, Jill finally allowed their bodies to meet and the feeling was so intense it caused both women to moan. She wrapped her hands around Rain back and neck and held tight as she ground their lower bodies together as they kissed. Rain reciprocated, clutching at Jill's hair and back.

The clone finally spoke as Jill came up for air.

"I never imagined anything could feel this good," Rain said with unabashed honesty. "Is this how it always is?"

"No," Jill said with a somewhat sad smile. "At least, it doesn't always feel this way for me."

Rain smiled again for the hundredth time that night and then allowed a giddy laugh to escape her lips.

"Are you saying that this is something special, Jill Valentine?" she teased. "Do that in front of enough people and you won't have to worry about anyone in the Resistance being afraid of you anymore."

Jill chuckled at the girl's attempt at lightening the mood but answered seriously, "I'd tell anyone who asked."

Rain's features softened and she shook her head in disbelief, "You're incredible, Jill."

Jill's features fell for a moment as she realized that she wasn't ready to hear something that felt so untrue given her previous actions, but she cast those thoughts away. They had no place in that moment.

"I'm not incredible, I..." the Agent searched for the right words to describe what she was feeling and finally settled on the scariest ones to say, "I think I'm just falling for you."

And, with no preamble, she moved back into the girl's lips. She didn't want Rain to feel the need to reciprocate. The clone probably had no idea what she was truly feeling and Jill didn't need the words repeated back anyway. She knew how she felt and that was absolutely enough for her at that moment.

As their actions intensified the Agent moved her hand down to touch the girl's breasts without the barrier that was there before. Diving into Rain's mouth as she traced over her chest with one hand, Jill swallowed the clone's moans with relish before moving her lips lower to taste what her hands had just felt.

As she reached her destination and kissed at Rain's chest she could feel the clone's lower body moving more insistently and Jill pushed her own harder against her as her tongue lapped softly at a dark nipple. Then, as if by its own volition, her right hand started to drag its way down the girl's side, over the top of her thigh and then back up on the inside until it finally settled against the crotch of her pants.

Jill lifted back up to gauge Rain's reaction and was happy to see it fueled with desire. Moving slowly but solidly, she pressed against the girl with her hand and reveled at the gasp that escaped her lips before covering them with her own. After a few more minutes of the pulsing pressure, Rain couldn't take it. But, this time, instead of telling Jill to stop and throwing the woman off, she opted to reach down and unbuckle her belt.

The Agent pulled back a bit with her entire body and helped Rain out of the rest of her clothes. The action was returned by Rain and soon they were both completely naked in front of each other.

"You're so beautiful," they both said at the same time and then chuckled after the admission leaked out into the air in stereo.

But once again, Jill's face faltered and Rain caught it before the woman had a chance to express a concern.

"If you ask me one more time if I'm ok or if I'm sure about this I'm going to leave this room in my hyper aroused state and get ridiculously drunk at the bar around a bunch of sexually repressed people."

This resulted in a full-on laugh from the Agent.

"Am I that predictable?" she asked.

"No," Rain shook her head and stroked Jill's face with understanding, "I've just learned to read your features. I want this, Jill. So much. I'm trusting you. I need you to trust me too."

Jill nodded her head and took in the truth of the recruit's words.

"And I need to be able to look into your eyes when it happens," Rain added, "I don't want you to look all worried."

A small shock hit Jill's system. Was the 'it' Rain referred to an orgasm? Penetration? Sparks manifesting from their ridiculously strong chemistry?

Rain noticed the confusion crossing the Agent's face and decided that, though it was somewhat embarrassing, she probably needed to elaborate.

"I'm talking about when I... get there, Jill," she winced at the sophomoric term but it was already out. "I just need to be able to see you with me when it happens. It's kind of new to me."

Realization painted itself on the features of Jill's face with the colors of shock.

"Oh!" she said; mouth wide open.

"Ok, don't freak out about this," Rain warned. "I've kinda been worried about staying alive and being a clone and saving the world for the past few months. There hasn't been a whole lot of time for me to experiment with that on my own."

"I'm not freaking out," Jill insisted.

"Yes you are," Rain argued, propping herself up farther to argue her point.

"No, I'm not!" Jill said, pushing her back down and kissing her soundly until she could feel her relax once again. Then she pulled back to explain herself. "I hadn't thought about it, ok?"

She waited for Rain to nod.

"But I'm not freaked out," the agent explained softly. "In fact, and I know this is kind of Neanderthal-like but... the idea that I could be the first person to... Well, to be quite honest, it's incredibly hot to me."

Rain rolled her eyes and smiled; eliciting the same reaction from the other woman as she bent down to kiss her briefly before pulling back.

"I'll be right here the whole time," Jill said with desire tinting her tone as she moved closer to the girl and looked her in the eyes as her hand started to move down her torso once again.

She leaned in, kissing with her lips and teasing with her hand as she finally made her way back to Rain's exposed center. Both women gasped at that first touch. Dipping between her soft lips, Jill found such an abundance of wet warmth that her own core ached with intense arousal.

"You feel amazing, Rain," she whispered against the girl's mouth as she slowly started to slide her fingers over the clone's clit.

It was all Rain could do to remember to breathe; forget speaking, and Jill could tell as much. So she made it a point to simply move her body as close to the girl as possible and continue kissing her. After a languid exploration of the outside of the clone's folds she decided simply to take more focused movements on her clit. There would be plenty of time for everything else later. Jill wanted this first experience to be completely about pleasure.

And as her movements increased in both pressure and speed she could feel the girl's hips start to buck more and more erratically. It was driving her crazy partially because of how incredibly arousing she found the girl's pleasure and partially because her movements were serving to press against Jill's own clit; as she was straddling one of Rain's legs. But the Agent forced herself to focus on the clone's experience.

Remembering that Rain had mentioned during a prior entanglement that she liked it when Jill was vocal about things, the Agent decided to utilize a more auditory stimulation.

"Ahhh," she moaned into the girl's ear, "do you have any idea how turned on I am right now, Rain? How good you feel to me?"

Rain was having a little trouble forming full sentences at this point. Jill could make out nothing more than her own name coming off of the girl's lips and it pleased her greatly.

And once it became obvious that she was on the precipice of release Jill moved so that she was in the exact place Rain had asked her to be; looking into her eyes. She could tell that the clone was struggling against jumping off the edge to a certain extent and, once again, she used her words to coax her through it.

"I'm right here, Rain," she stroked her face with her free hand. "Just let it happen and I promise I won't let you go."

They locked eyes after that statement and within seconds Rain's entire body ignited, tensed and screamed in release; causing Jill to tumble over herself and kiss the girl below her with all feelings she was experiencing. She pulled back as the tremors started to stagger in both of their bodies and drank in the look of utter amazement that painted Rain's face.

Jill placed soft, comforting kisses all across the expanse of the clone's face until the girl finally came back from the bliss she was experiencing and was able to reciprocate. Rain kissed Jill with all of her being in that state of euphoric bliss. She pulled her as close as she possibly could until the need to breathe won over the instinct to kiss and then she looked deeply into her eyes searching for something; what, she didn't know. There couldn't be an answer when a question couldn't form. All Rain was at that moment was feelings. And Jill looked at her adoringly until she was finally able to speak.

Exhaling a very long breath, the clone finally cracked out a sentence; "That actually explains a lot."

It was such an odd response to have that Jill couldn't help the exasperated smile that she emitted.

"What exactly does it explain, recruit O'Campo?"

"Why the entire world revolved around sex before it ended," She deadpanned. "I plan to bring back that mentality."

Jill let out a fully fledged laugh at that statement, "Well, I'm happy to oblige you any time you feel the need to further your cause."

Rain laughed excitedly and kissed Jill while at the same time twisting them until she was on top of the other woman.

"Well you can start by not being so convinced yourself," she joked, trailing kisses across the expanse of Jill's neck, "and letting me try to win you over to my side through example."

Jill guided her head back up so that she could look into her eyes, "Believe me there won't be any need for convincing on my part. You were moving around pretty convincingly as far as my body was concerned. We crossed that bridge together."

Rain looked at her, somewhat perplexed, and asked "really?"

"Yeah," Jill answered honestly.

And it was the truth. She'd definitely orgasmed at the same time as Rain. But, there was also something else that was underlying her insistence that the clone not reciprocate. Something that she'd actually not realized up until that moment.

Jill didn't feel worthy of that level of intimacy from Rain.

After everything she'd done... And after all the healing that followed. She still didn't feel like she deserved that kind of reciprocation from the clone.

Rain could tell that there was something wrong. She thought about pressing farther to find out what it was, but she felt that if she did it now it would seem sexually fueled. And, with all the care and patience Jill had shown her, she couldn't possibly think it was ok to pressure her in that state. So, she leaned in and kissed her softly for a few moments trying to convey to her, in this new language that the both spoke, that though she wanted her badly, she would wait if that's what she needed.

Whether or not Jill understood, she pulled her close and kissed her back with an affection that once again touched Rain's heart.

"You know, I think I'm probably going to need a few more dancing lessons before the mixer this weekend," Jill joked in an effort to lighten the mood.

It worked.

Rain smiled and nuzzled into her neck, saying "My pleasure, Agent Valentine. I'm willing to work long and hard until I'm sure you've retained a thorough understanding of the art."

Jill chuckled and stroked her hair, "I do admire your dedication."

Silence washed over the women for a few moments and the Agent had nearly fallen asleep until she was startled from her state of rest by Rain's voice.

"Jill," she called.


"I'm falling for you too," the clone admitted, referencing Jill's earlier statement and kissing her softly on the cheek before settling back into the crook of her neck.

The Agent responded by smiling and pulling her closer before kissing her on the top of her head. It was then that Jill realized that her own issues concerning what she deserved of Rain's affection were somewhat a moot point. The girl was going to feel how she felt no matter what. Maybe the redemption Jill sought so desperately existed within those feelings.

She pushed the thoughts away and closed her eyes. Right now Rain was falling asleep in her arms. And that was all she wanted at that moment.