Ok we all know that Bob Sheldon hated Greasers and Johnny killed him. But was there something more that made him want to kill Ponyboy and hate Greasers in his mind?

Just say 'No'!

All sorts of things race through my mind as I drown the auburn haired boy in front of me. Mostly about why I hated the Greasers in the first place.

It's because they're at the bottom. No one expects them to do anything great or get a good job or any of that crap. My parents are all the while going on about how well I am in school and how I can make something of myself someday. I don't want to do that, I just want to get a normal paying job living in a decent house with Cherry.

My parents spoil me and I know it, they never tell me 'No' or lay down rules or anything and it drives me nuts. If my parents just said 'No' or grounded me for something I did wrong then I would be happy. Maybe if I do this then they'll blow.

That's the main reason I hate Greasers, especially this one. They're parents and guardians care enough for them to tell them 'No' and get mad at them if they come home late. They set limits and set rules that I don't get. I always wish that my dad would maybe belt me, just once, to show me whose boss in the house.

I feel a sharp pain go through the centre of my body and I pull away from the kid. I look at the darker boy; I think his name is Johnny. I grin at him,

"Thank you." I manage to say. He told me 'No' even if it means I'll die. He told me 'No' and that's all I've ever wanted. My eyes slip closed as the life fades from me.

Maybe I don't hate all Greasers then.

This is the shortest thing I have ever written, hopefully its good and not a terribel short story that has just waisted a minute of your life. Review please!