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Under The Stars

Alex wanted to go out there and apologize, but didn't know where to start, so after she took her shower, she left the bathroom wearing the hotel bathrobe. She noticed Justin wasn't in her room anymore and noticed that his door was shut. She shut her door behind her and got dressed. She felt bad for the things she said, but didn't know what to do. She was angry, but she didn't know what to be angry with. She had so many unanswered questions and the only one who could understand her the most was Justin. After she got dressed and put her make-up on and packed, she prepared for confrontation. She opened her door and noticed that Justin's door was now open, but the bathroom door was now closed.

Alex sighed. Accidents aside, she was now a married woman. She never thought she'd get married twenty-four hours ago. She opened their hotel room, curious to see what was going on and noticed a USA Today on the floor. She picked it up and went back into the hotel room, closing the door with her foot as she looked at the paper. She wasn't really reading it, as her mind was occupied with other thoughts as she bit her nails anticipating the next confrontation she would have with Justin. Sure, she was calmer at this point, but that wasn't what she was worried about.

She had some major decisions to make because as easy as it would be to get an annulment or divorce, it was tempting—for her career, of course, to stay married. It was Justin, after all. They Lived together and they were good friends. That was stubborn, though. That almost kiss the other night was stressful enough and here she now had a husband. Somehow the two instances barely seemed to compare to each other.


Alex quietly opened the gate to the pool entrance and let her eyes fall on Justin, who was doing laps in the pool. She placed her towel next to his on a chair and debated on actually getting in. Coming to a decision that she wouldn't, she took off only her flip-flops and sat on the edge of the pool, letting her feet get wet.

From this closer standpoint she was able to get a better look at Justin. She hadn't seen him without a shirt... she felt her cheeks redden but was unable to look away from his toned chest and shoulders. Not noticing the fact that she was obviously staring at him, she quietly watched him take laps back and forth across the pool, his strong arms slicing gracefully through the water.

He reached the end of one side and stopped, pulling her out of her trance. She looked away quickly. A moment later she could hear him swimming over to her.

"Getting in?" he asked coolly. She allowed her eyes to fall on his face, making sure she didn't look any lower.

"I'm good" she shook her head, wondering if he could hear the uneasiness in her voice. Why she is suddenly nervous about Justin of all people?

She leaned back on her hands and stared up at the sky, anxious to look away from him in his bathing suit. "The stars are gorgeous out here" she commented.

"Yes They are" he pulled himself out of the pool and sat himself down next to her. She could hear the water dripping off of his body and hair. There was a pause. Does he have to be so close?

"Yeah…" there was a beat and now they both looked away from each other, him to the pool and her back up into the sky again. Alex felt a heat spread through her cheeks. She yawned

"Did you know when you yawn, it means your brain lacks oxygen?" he informed her, receiving a dark look in return. She rolled her eyes

"don't care how deprived of oxygen my brain is…" She scowled at his laugh. "It's not funny!" she exclaimed, punching him the shoulder. He winced, rubbing the spot where she hit him.

"Ouch. That hurt. Just put me out of my misery." Justin said, sticking out his arm, "right here, doc. Please, tell my mother… I love… I love…" Justin slumped. Alex again punches him in the shoulder. laughing. Justin grabbed her by the wrist.

"You always could throw a punch" his lower lip pouted out.

"Grow up with my brother Max and you learn the best ways to inflict pain, plus it also helps that you're such a big wimp" she smiled and tried not to focus on his lip, which was still pouted out. Get a grip Alex!

He peered over at her and looked as if he was forming an idea in his mind, "A wimp huh? …Oh wow" he glanced at his watch, "You'll never guess what time it is!" He exclaimed.

She peered down at his watch, "What?"

"It's time for Alex to take a swim in the pool!" he exclaimed evilly, lunging towards her.

Alex screamed and pulled back quickly, right out of his grasp. She jumped from her spot and began running the other way around the pool. "Don't even think about it!" she exclaimed, bare feet pounding against the pavement. She laughed loudly as she turned her head, thinking she had escaped danger. She, however, underestimated his knowledge of her movements because he was a step behind her. In one moment he had wrapped his arms around her whole body and they both fell into the pool together. Alex felt his warm arms envelop her for a second before the cold water splashed around them.

They both came up quickly and Alex acted on her first instinct, to inflict as much pain possible on her perpetrator. Lunging at him with a shriek she dunked him under the water, kicking and punching the whole way. "I can't believe you did that!" she half laughed, half growled. His eyes were shining with laughter as he darted across the water towards the deeper end of the pool. She followed, struggling to swim while wearing actual clothes, but caught him in the corner of the deep end.

"You're cornered now Mr. Justinn" she said with half a laugh, treading the water to keep afloat. She darted towards him and saw his eyes calculating her movements. She kept moving towards him though, causing him to panic and try to escape to her right. One step ahead, she met him along the wall and pushed his shoulders against it with both arms. "I don't think so" she smiled as her hands tingled at the contact of his bare skin.

His arms worked quickly across her stomach, and she was doubled over in the water before she had a chance to stop him. He held one arm around her back to keep her still and close to him while using the other hand to attack her stomach with. She was laughing loudly, playfully attempting to kick him away until he grabbed her feet and began tickling them as well. This movement caused her to take a mouthful of water. Immediately she began to cough and he stopped for a moment. She grinned and took that opportunity to take hold of his arms and push him back against the pool wall.

He smiled widely at her and in one swift movement he pushed against her stronghold and wrapped his arms around her body while he swung them both around the other way. Before she knew it she was turned around so he was the one pushing her up against the pool wall. "It's a good thing I have enough strength to make up for it" he whispered back into her face, equally as evil.

There was a pause and Alex was suddenly acutely aware at that moment just how warm the pool was. She was pressed up with her back against the wall with his own body pressed onto hers from on the other side. She suddenly wished she weren't wearing such a heavy shirt overtop of her bathing suit. He shifted his hands, which were lying on her shoulders, slowly down her arms and Alex forgot to breathe for a moment. They landed on the sides of her stomach and Alex felt a warm tingle spread throughout her body. She fought the urge to move her own hands, which were still clutching tightly to his shoulders, to his chest.

She could feel yet another drop in her stomach when she noticed how close his face was. His intense blue eyes were focused intently on her face leaving Alex breathless. Her face instantly flushed as she realized she could feel the warmth of his breath against her lips, sending, if it was possible, more tingles throughout her body. Hearts pounding wildly, both stared into each other eyes, unsure of what to say or even do next.

"We should go to bed" she whispered after few moments.

"Yeah" he whispered this, staring at her, but seemed to break out of the trance quickly and looked away. He pulled himself away from her and Alex felt the cold water flood her body at their loss of contact. She turned around, pulled herself out of the pool and grabbed her towel, wanting to leave as quickly as possible.

"Alex—wait" His voice stopped her at the gate. His voice sounded rough. She turned around slowly.

"What?" He had pulled himself out of the pool and was standing a few feet away from her.

He hesitated, pulling his hand through his dark wet hair. "Nothing…"

Before she could get too tied up in her thoughts, she heard the bathroom door open. She looked up from the paper and saw Justin with a towel around his waist and another towel that he was drying his hair with. Alex looked back at the paper, desperate to come up with some sort of solution. It was hard. It was strange. She had a career and making sure everything was perfect. She hated weddings in Las Vegas! To get a divorce or an annulment so quickly, though, would make her a hypocrite. The thing that she had been trying to avoid for three years had happened...she was married. Thousands of thoughts ran through her mind as she thought about her image, her career, and her personal life. She had so many things to think about and sort out that she almost forgot about Justin, who was someone she was trying to avoid and talk to at the same time.

Five minutes later, Justin appeared, dressed and with his suitcase. He lightly knocked on the opened door and spoke up, "Um, we should probably go. Our flight leaves in about three hours and we need to check out."

Alex put down the paper and got up from her bed, reaching for her already packed suitcase, "I'm ready."

Twenty minutes later, they were checked out and in a taxi on their way to the airport. They rode in silence and when they arrived at the airport, there was more silence to come as they checked in their bags and waited for their flight. It was awkward and Justin could tell that Alex was not speaking, and therefore contemplating the situation. This was the worst hangover either of them had ever had. Their flight was called and they sat next to each other. Alex really wanted to talk this out, but not with Justin. There was always her mom, but that seemed awkward. She seemed to have only herself to discuss this all with and since she started work tomorrow, she had to think quickly.

Justin was thinking about the situation as well. After Alex yelled at him and basically called him worthless he couldn't help but think that this would ultimately be the end of his friendship with Alex. Just when he thought he was getting back into the swing of things and happy with his life, this happened and he didn't know what to do. This didn't feel like a marriage he was dealing with. It felt like a friendship. Alex's comments hurt his feelings even though he knew she was angry. He looked out the window of the airplane and gazed over his future. Sure, he had a crush on Alex, but the last thing on his mind was marriage.