Chapter Eight: What Happens in Vegas DOES NOT stay in Vegas

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It was late when they got home they ate, got packed and went straight to bed. They woke up and before they knew it were on their way to the airport. Alex, Justin and Cameraman Eddie were at the airport waiting for their flight to be called for Las Vegas.
Their flight was called and Alex and Justin, because they were in first class, were called first and a few moments later, Eddie seats were called. Alex, who spent some time thinking about sharing a suite with Justin in Vegas, decided that she was making a big deal out of nothing and since she and Justin were best friends they were roommates and they'd have to live with each other anyway.

"Alex, what is wrong" Justin said shaking her lightly.

"The thing is this Eddie guy is Bella's lackey" Alex replied nervously "You know the one whohates me and trying to destroy my reputation and end my career"

Justin nodded.

"And this film festival is the biggest accomplishment in my career" Alex said only being partially honest. It was true though "I am so nervous, especially since Bella is waiting for me to mess up."

"Just keep calm," Justin suggested. "I'm sure you'll do fine."

"Let's hope so," Alex said nervously.

The flight lasted a little over an hour or two So, Alex decided to use that time for a short nap while Justin read a few magazines. Since he'd never been to Vegas, he had every intention of making the most of this experience, with drinks, gambling, and all the glitter and neon lights in between. He realized that he'd probably spend most his time with Alex, but he saw this as an opportunity. He had solutions to everything—He'd drink to forget the recent small crush that lingered on him about this beautiful creature was sleeping peacefully, but he would do his best to ignore this.

The plane landed safely in Las Vegas and Alex, Justin and Eddie met up again and caught a Taxi to their hotel. Fifteen minutes later, they were dropped off at the hotel and checking in. Eddie was on a different floor than Alex and Justin went to their Suite, it contained two bedrooms, both of which were small. One had a full bed while the other had two twin beds. Alex put her stuff in the one with the twin beds, which left Justin with the full bed. Alex walked into Justin's room after putting her stuff in her own room and sat on the bed, "So, are you hungry?"

Justin, who was checking out the dresser in his room, turned to Alex and shrugged, leaning against the dresser, "What do you want?"

Alex looked thoughtful, "Well, normally, I'd recommend the hotel food, but since this food convention is going on, I have a feeling that we'd only be getting in the way."

Justin tapped his fingers, "Well, how about we go out somewhere. I mean, it's almost two o'clock. We probably should eat something."

Alex stood up and headed for his door, "then what are we waiting for?"

Justin put his hotel key in his pocket and followed behind her, they left their room and went down to the lobby and then out the front door. "What about that place right there?" he asked, pointing across the street. It was a burger place.


They walked across the street and went to the restaurant. They sat down and ordered. While they waited, Justin started talking about all the things he wanted to do while they were in Vegas. "I don't really want to see a show, but I do want to do the other stuff, like gambling and maybe going to a bar."

"Ooh, there's a great bar right in our hotel. It's right next to the casino."

"Oh, well, do you want to do anything?"

Alex shrugged, "Not really. I've been here before and unfortunately, this won't be my last time, so I've done enough."

"Have you ever gambled?"

Alex shrugged, "Once or twice."

Justin smirked, "You actually gambled?"

Alex nodded her head as if it were no big deal, "Of course."

Justin raised his eyebrow, "Did you win anything?"

"Yeah, I won a little."

"How much?"

Alex grinned, "That is none of your business, Justin. Besides, that was a long time ago."

"Oh, come on. We're best friends. Can't you give me some sort of an idea?"

Alex rolled her eyes, "Oh, all right. I won a couple thousand, okay?"

"On What?"


"You won two thousand dollars?" Justin's eyes widened in hearing this "How much money did you put down?"

Alex shrugged, "I don't remember."


Alex shrugged, "What? It was five dollars, okay?"

Justin blinked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, "You won two thousand dollars on a five dollar bet? Is that even possible?"

Alex rolled her eyes, "Justin, it's no big deal, okay? It was beginners luck."

"Psshhhh, beginners luck," he said, "I'm sticking to you all night. Maybe you can pass some of that luck to me."

Alex shook her head and smiled. She wasn't uncomfortable with him anymore and that's why she was happy. This was going to work out.

After eating lunch, Alex and Justin took showers and dressed in different clothes. The plan for them was to eat dinner, go to a casino, and then take it from there. They left the room and took a taxi to a nearby restaurant recommended by the hotel. They enjoyed a light conversation and had a little wine with their meal.

"Come on, Alex "Justin moaned "There is money waiting to be gambled, drinks waiting to be drunk"

"Justin" Alex replied. "Honestly! Quit acting like you are eighteen!"

"Honey," he replied. "I'm not acting eighteen, but not all of us can act fifty when we aren't even half that."

"I am half that, thank you very much," Alex replied.

"Sorry, Ms. Gomez" he replied, like a scolded school boy.

"Oh, cut it out already" After that, they went to the casino at the Paris hotel and Justin, not wanting to blow all his money at one place, exchanged a twenty for four fives. Alex decided against gambling.

"Okay," he said, looking at the money, "You said you won big at craps? Anything else you aren't telling me?"

"Justin! Shut up!" Alex said, "If you want me to stick with you, you're going to have to shut up!"

"Fine, fine, fine," he said, "okay, so where is this craps table?"

Alex shrugged, "I have no idea. Maybe you should look around."

Justin did just that and they finally found what they were looking for. He handed the attendant a five and took the chip given to him. He put the chip down and took the two die. "Is this the game where you want a seven or an eleven?"

"Yep," Alex said.

He shook the die for a few seconds before dropping them to the table. Both die showed one. "Two!" Justin said, excitedly, "What does that mean?"

"You lose," Alex said, "You rolled snake eyes, so you lose everything."

"What? That's not fair! Come on, Alex, let's try something else!"

Alex rolled her eyes and followed him to walk around the casino. After examining the whole room, he couldn't make up his mind. It was driving Alex crazy.

"Will you just make up your mind already?" she asked, "You know, we could go somewhere else."

"No!" he said, "I still have fifteen bucks!"

Alex sighed, "Okay, well I'm going to go over there to the bar to get something to drink."

"Oh, could you bring me a scotch?" he asked.

Alex rolled her eyes, annoyed. She was going to the bar to stay at the bar. She sighed and walked over the bar, "A scotch and a screwdriver, please?" she asked the bartender.

A minute later, she had her drinks and she went off to find Justin. She found him five minutes later at the slots. She walked up to him and handed him his drink, "Here. You owe me three bucks."

Justin reached into his pockets for more quarters, "Justin? How long do you think this is going to take you?"

Justin shrugged, "I don't know. I just exchanged the five dollars I had for quarters. It couldn't take too long."

"Wait. I thought you had fifteen."

"Yeah, well I tried black jack twice."

Alex took a large sip of her drink and sat down at the empty slot machine next to him that an older lady had just left, "Here," she said, putting her drink down, "hand me a quarter." She put her hand out.

Justin rolled his eyes and reluctantly handed her a quarter. She put it in the slot machine and pulled the lever. She didn't win anything.

"Ahh, so it was just beginners luck," he said, not looking away from his machine.

"Oh, like you're doing any better!" Alex said. Alex held her drink and watched him as he obsessed over the machine. She just shook her head as she kept her straw near her mouth.

Justin finished shortly after that and they agreed to go to another casino. Alex didn't want to, but she didn't find any use in arguing, so they finished their drinks and went to another casino and once again, Justin took out a twenty and exchanged it for four fives. "Okay, this time, I think I'm going to try something else. I don't know about everything, but I'm willing to give some things a try."

Alex rolled her eyes. Why even bother? She started following him and he turned to her and said, "Oh, Alex, are you going to go to the bar and get another drink?"

"Do you want me to go to the bar?"

Justin smiled big and nodded, "If you could, that'd be great."

Alex sighed, "Another scotch?"

Justin reached into his pocket, "Nah, make it a banana daiquiri." He handed her a ten and she left him.

Alex walked up to the bar and to the counter and waited for the bartender. He finally came. Alex smiled, "I'll have one Sangria and a Banana daiquiri."

"Sure thing," the bartender said, and a minute later, Alex had her sangria and daiquiri. She tried to find Justin and finally found him at the roulette table. She handed him his daiquiri and stood next to him.

"Are you playing?"

Justin shook his head, "No, I'm watching."

"Why aren't you playing?"

Justin shrugged, "Because I don't have any more money."

Alex's eyes widened. What? I was gone for like ten minutes."

"So?" Justin drank the banana daiquiri.

"How did you already blow it?"

"Here," he said, pointing at the roulette table.

Alex sighed, "Well are you ready to call it a night."

"Not yet. We still have our own hotel."

Alex rolled her eyes, "But that's all, right?"

"Yeah," he said, scratching his stomach, "what time is it?"

"A little after ten" She said



"The night is still young. Things could turn around. I'm not giving up yet."

"Fine! But can we leave now?"

Alex and Justin finished their drinks and took a taxi to their hotel. "Would you like another drink?" Alex asked, feeling a little tipsy, but figuring another drink wouldn't hurt her.

"Yeah, I'll have a screwdriver this time," he said, but then continued, "but keep it up there this time. This should only take a few minutes."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Justin said, pulling out a twenty and looking out at the casino, "I know exactly how I want to use this baby."

Alex shrugged and then headed to the bar. She ordered two screwdrivers and then sat at a table, waiting for him. A few minutes later, she finished her drink and started flirting with the idea of taking his and just making him get himself another. However, Justin appeared with a smile on his face and held up a few bills, "Whoa. You actually won?" Alex asked.

Justin sat down in the chair next to her and nodded his head, "I won two hundred."

"Good for you!"

Justin shrugged, "It's not as good as two thousand, but it is something."

"Wow!" Alex said, then she stood up.

"Where are you going?"

Alex pointed and giggled, "Well, I need another drink."

"Wait!" he said, gulping down his drink as fast as he could, "Could you get me a double shot of whiskey?"

Alex nodded her head, "Coming right up, sir!" she said, walking to the bar. She almost tripped, but stopped herself. Justin could tell she was drunk and he himself was starting to feel a little drunk himself. He didn't care, though. He intended on getting drunk, anyway. He blamed it on the atmosphere, though. All the neon lights were making him thirsty. Alex came back with the drinks and he downed them and went from feeling slightly drunk to a little drunk almost immediately.

Thirty minutes later, it was safe to say that both of them were hammered. Their conversation went from loving Las Vegas to random commentary.

"So," Alex slurred, "This is fun, isn't it? We should do this more often!"

Justin nodded his head, "Wonderful idea, you know, Alex, I'm not even tired. I'm not sure if I'm ready to call it a night."

"Neither am I," Alex said. Less than an hour ago, she wouldn't have agreed, but now she was starting to see the light.

Justin looked at Alex and couldn't help by being infatuated by the beautiful woman, "Alex, has anyone ever told you that you are really beautiful?"

That's the last thing Justin remembered when he woke up the next morning and found Alex with him in the bed. When he got out of bed and looked at the mirror, he noticed something on the bureau.

It's a marriage license uniting Justin Vincenzo Pepé Russo and Alexandra Margarita Gomez. Justin glanced at it numbly to see their names signed (drunkenly) at the bottom of a legally-bindingLas Vegas marriage license...

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