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Chapter 17!

Nervously, Yami reached the bottom of the stairs and tried his best to keep up with Kaiba... who, really wasn't himself right now, he seemed to be a little crazed and out of it. He was talking under his breath and walking at an uncomfortably fast pace (even for Kaiba). Yami worried for Kaiba, he always denounced this sort of stuff and made up logical reasoning for the events... this time however he was forced into believing, shown the truth laid before his eyes. Yami really hoped he wasn't suffering a break down, he was scared for Kaiba and now scared of Kaiba. He acted like a cold-hearted mad man at the best of times... an emotionally unhinged Kaiba was a horrifying thought.

Without warning, Kaiba suddenly came to a stop, almost causing Yami to walk straight into him.

"What are you two doing?" It was Mokuba. He was standing in the hall, looking at his older brother with a puzzled look upon his face.

"We were just coming to get a drink." Kaiba said, his voice now back to normal. "Want one?"

"Yeah!" Mokuba said happy to be included. The three of them headed in the direction of the Kaiba brother's kitchen. Yami didn't speak, he was confused, Kaiba had just seemed to snap out of his trance like state and return to normal.

It wasn't long until they arrived in the kitchen. Mokuba jumped into his usual seat at the kitchen table, his chair at the table was the same as all the other chairs. It was a ornate antique, wooden dining chair. It looked ancient, as if it had been made eons ago and at the same time it looked brand new. The wood was perfectly polished, the seat cushions were firm and bouncy and there were small, intricate patterns and swirls - delicately cut right out of the back and sides. However at the top of Mokuba's chair, on the headboard, an "MK" was carved in fine calligraphy. Mokuba's chair was on the right of Kaiba's, he had his own chair too, position at the end of the table, it was significantly larger and more grand than the other chairs. Like Mokuba's, Kaiba's chair had "SK" carved into the top of it. It resembled more a small throne than a dining chair, Yami chose an 'unmarked' chair to the left of Kaiba's and sat down.

"I'm going to get some wine out of the snug." Kaiba said after a few moments of peering into his fridge. "It's better than the crap in here."

"It's a bit early isn't it bro?" Mokuba said disapprovingly.

Kaiba looked at the clock. "It's about half past eleven. By the time I've got there, brought the wine back here and poured it... it'll be almost twelve. Which is perfectly expectable."

"It won't be almost twelve." Mokuba said rolling his eyes.

Kaiba walked over to the wall behind Mokuba and wound the hands forward to five minutes to twelve. "Happy?"


"Shame. Because I'm in charge, not you!" Kaiba snorted as he walked back over to the door way. "I won't be long. Try not to cause any trouble... either of you." His eyes moved over both Yami and Mokuba, then he turned on his heels and walked away.

Mokuba listened for a moment, peering at the door and when he was sure his brother was gone, he turned and faced Yami. "Your hair looks weird" Mokuba said screwing his face up.

"Huh-" Yami stopped himself remembering it was flat. "Yeah, it does."

"I'm glad you came back here." Mokuba smiled, changing the subject, seeing Yami looked slightly embarrassed.

"Why wouldn't I?" Yami laughed.

"I know he is hard to be around, he shouts a lot, he is always in a bad mood and sometimes he can be really mean-"

"I hope there's a 'but' coming after this..." Yami said playfully.

Mokuba nodded, oblivious to the joke. "But, he does care. Deep down in there somewhere is my real big brother and he is nice. He smiles a lot and has fun."

"I know Mokuba." Yami said softly, seeing Mokuba's eyes pleading. "That's why I put up with him. He's a good friend and-"

Yami's sentence was cut short by Mokuba. "You're not friends." he blurted.

"Excuse me?"

"Seto told me this morning... The whole being more than friends thing, you know." He paused "Although, I've kind of known for ages." Mokuba shrugged.

"Known for ages?"

"Yeah since like forever."

"Mokuba, we've not been... erm... 'seeing each other' for all that long by the way."

"No, but I have seen you look at him a certain way. Like how Joey looks at Mai... and how Téa looks at you." Mokuba raised an eyebrow. "Besides, during the Battle City tournament... I caught you checking out his butt like thousands of times." Mokuba winked. "Don't worry, I haven't said anything to him. Can I ask you a question though?"

"Yeah." Yami laughed, surprised of actually how comfortable he felt talking to Mokuba, he had fantastic people skills for saying he'd been raised by Kaiba. "What do you want to know?"

"Are you gay?" Mokuba asked bluntly in his child like ignorance.

"Yes Mokuba. I'm gay." Yami couldn't help but smile. Mokuba was a smart kid.

"My brother says he's not gay."

"He says that a lot." Yami said rolling his eyes.

"Do you love him?" Mokuba asked nonchalantly.

Yami felt a pain in his chest, like someone had stabbed him right in the heart. "I-I-"

"It's okay, Seto told me 'love' is a strong word when I asked him if he loved you."

"Did he?" Yami said with a look of disappointment.

"But he also said he did 'like-like you a lot', and that's a quote." Mokuba smiled warmly at Yami, he knew it was something he needed to know and Kaiba would never have told Yami himself.

"Mokuba, I don't know what to say-" Yami began.

But he was cut short. "Say 'thank you for the wine'" Kaiba smiled devilishly, standing in the doorway, holding the bottle of white wine up as if it were a trophy.

Yami turned round to face Kaiba. "You got something good then?"

"Yeah. I'll pour you some." Kaiba pulled two wine glasses out of the cabinet. "Mokuba, juice?"

"No. I want some wine!" Mokuba pouted.

"When you're eighteen, be my guest." Kaiba snorted taking out another wine glass and filling it with cranberry juice. Smirking, he brought the glass over and put it in front of Mokuba. "Here. Pretend it's red wine."

"You're not funny Seto!" Mokuba groaned.

"I'm hilarious." Kaiba winked. His mood seemed to have lifted, Yami didn't not what had changed or whether he was putting a front on for Mokuba... but he didn't want to question it, he'd wait for Kaiba too remember he had something to show him, he'd rather have Kaiba act this way. Kaiba went back over to the kitchen side and popped open the bottle of wine, he poured each glass to half-way full and returned to the table. He place a glass in front of Yami and then sat down in his throne with his own glass. "So. Talk about anything interesting?"

"Yugi's gay." Mokuba said, taking a sip of 'red wine'.

"Mokuba!" Kaiba snapped. "Apologize now."

"It's okay. It's true." Yami smiled, defending Mokuba. "He said you'd talked to him this morning so I didn't mind him asking."

"Yes. I'm afraid he asked out-right. He's getting far too clever for his own good." Kaiba hissed, taking a sip of wine.

"You said you can never be too clever." Mokuba pointed out, it was met by a snort of laughter from Yami.

"You see what I mean, right?" Kaiba grumbled, squeezing the bridge of his nose annoyed.

"He's great kid, leave him be." Yami smiled, shrugging it off and taking a large gulp of wine. "It shows you've done a good job."

"I'm sure I was never this difficult at his age." Kaiba sighed.

"Seto, you're more difficult now at your age, than he could ever be." Yami grinned. Yami's eyes met Kaiba's for a short moment, they weren't harsh as usual, the blue seemed soft and inviting. A small smile spread over Kaiba's face. Yami felt himself blush as he realized he was still grinning like an idiot, he stopped and lowered his gaze. He couldn't help himself, he lifted his again only to find Kaiba was still looking at him, he'd kept his smile. The silence fell about the kitchen making the two of them feel like the only two people on Earth. Kaiba absent-mindedly rubbed his foot up and down over Yami's legs, the eye contact remained and Yami bit his lip...

"Awkward!" Mokuba shouted, pushing his chair back from the table. The word made both Kaiba and Yami jump, Kaiba removed his foot and both of them broke eye contact. "If you two are going to sit in here staring at each other... I am going to watch TV."

"Read." Kaiba said raising an eyebrow. "I bet you've been watching that damned television all morning."

"Fine. I'll put the subtitles on!" Mokuba laughed cheekily and rushed out of the room before his brother could object.

"You don't want a kid brother by any chance do you?" Kaiba sighed.

Yami shook his head and drank a mouthful of wine. "No thanks."

"Pity." Kaiba finished off his glass and held it up. "Want to go to the snug with this?"

Yami could tell where this was heading and he didn't know if it was such a good idea. Not while Kaiba was this vulnerable anyway. However, this time he was thinking with his cock rather than his head, it might have been the under table footsie or the fact Yami hadn't had his 'itch scratched' the night he gave Kaiba the Gods. He quickly polished off the wine, wiping his chin when he'd finished. "Yeah, the snug sounds good."

They'd been sat on the sofa in the snug together for only a few minutes when Kaiba climbed on top of Yami. It had taken Yami by surprise but he wasn't objecting by any means. Yami snaked his arms around Kaiba's waist, it felt good to touch him in this way again, Yami let one of his hands wonder beneath Kaiba's vest, feeling his soft and warm skin. Kaiba kissed his way up the length of Yami's neck, causing Yami's breath to hitch every so often. Kaiba then kissed along Yami's jaw, slowly, softly, before he pushed his parted lips on to Yami's. As if automatically, Yami reciprocated, sliding his tongue into Kaiba's mouth and exploring. Rhythmically and in sync their tongues moved together, meeting and crashing into each other. Caught in the moment, Kaiba lustfully grasped at Yami's long, straight hair, it hurt but felt fantastic at the same time. Yami tugged at Kaiba's vest signalling that he take it off, he could feel Kaiba smile mouth-to-mouth. Sitting up over Yami, Kaiba pulled off his shirt, revealing his perfect body and left his vest disregarded in a heap on the floor. Kaiba pulled Yami's shirt up, exposing his stomach and kissing it gently. Yami flinched a little at the sensation, that and a few of Kaiba's chestnut brown hairs had moved along him, tickling him.

Kaiba then gave one rough tug on the sweat pants he had lent Yami, almost ripping them off. Kaiba looked down at Yami's hardened penis with a pleased look, gently he wrapped his fingers around it and began to move his hand up and down slowly. Yami let out a satisfied moan, encouraging Kaiba to continue. Kaiba picked up the pace a bit more as Yami's legs twitched and his body made involuntary movements. He worked Yami's cock harder and harder, Yami's hips bucked slightly as he lost control, almost on the brink of orgasm. Then Kaiba just stopped abruptly.

"What?" Yami groaned. "Why are you stopping?"

"I don't want you to come just yet." Kaiba breathed. "Turn over."

Yami complied and turned without word nor argument. He'd been fantasising about fucking Kaiba every waking moment since he had gotten his first vision. Hell, he'd been fantasising about it since Duellist Kingdom when Kaiba had saved his ass from 'The Ghost of Seto Kaiba.' It was the first time Yami had realized he had something more to him than just a selfish and competitive billionaire with a brilliant talent for strategizing at Duel Monsters. Sure, every time he'd be around Kaiba since then he couldn't help but peer at his butt every time he walked behind him... or even zoning out when Kaiba was having a massive rant at everyone and just looking at how physically attractive he was. What was not to like? He had money, stunning eyes, a beautiful face, great body and was unbelievably smart. Really he was perfect... besides the emotional baggage left over from his broken childhood and his uncanny resemblance to an evil genius. The way Yami saw it, Kaiba was an unobtainable person, beautiful and deceiving. After the memories though, he didn't even have to be around Kaiba to want him, he just had him stuck in his head. His face, his mannerisms, his smell and voice became a drug, he'd thought he was hot for a while but never enough to do something stupid.

Like, ending up on your hands and knees, on his sofa, in his home... at the mercy of this monster in a man's skin. Tipsy from the wine Yami forgot why he was even here, he forgot what had happened upstairs and lost himself in the moment. Yami felt Kaiba hand run over his lower back, then he felt Kaiba dig his nails into the soft flesh around his hips, Kaiba used Yami to prop himself up as he inched himself closer.

Steadying himself, Yami gripped on to the sofa's arm tightly. "Seto." Yami murmured.

Kaiba used his right hand to pull his own sweats down to his knees, keeping his left hand firmly clutching Yami's hip bone. Kaiba then spat into his hand, before masturbating himself gently, lubricating his hard cock. He massaged the head of his penis in small circles around the entrance of Yami's rectum. "Are you ready?" Kaiba asked softly, bending down and kissed Yami between the shoulder blades.

"Yeah." Yami said, his voice a strangled whisper as he braced himself.

Kaiba wasted no time and forcefully pushed the whole length of himself inside of Yami. It caused him to yelp but his cry was only answered with Kaiba hushing, he waited a few moments, letting Yami's muscles relax and get used to his girth before he made his first thrust. Kaiba pulled his hips back at a tensely slow pace, enjoying the view he was getting and then pushed himself in again quickly and repeated this, their bodies writhing and sweating as they met and parted. After a while Yami got used to the pain as it numbed and faded, in fact it had gone completely, with each one of Kaiba thrusts getting easier to manage and more and more pleasurable. Weakened from ecstasy, Yami's arms gave way and he buried his face down into the sofa, stifling what would have been loud moans. Kaiba liked the fact that Yami was making a lot of noise, it stroked his ego to know that Yami was getting off on what he was doing to him. Kaiba tilted his head back and bit his lip to stop himself from screaming, now picking up the pace, he reached around Yami and began to wank him off. Yami sunk his teeth into the sofa, already so worked up, it took merely a few flicks of Kaiba's wrist to finish him off. He came into Kaiba hand as his body jerked and shuddered. Kaiba didn't last too much longer, he pushed himself in and out of Yami rapidly before removing himself with the hand wet from Yami orgasm and ejaculating on to Yami's pert ass.

Breathless, Kaiba lay down on his side next to Yami. It took Yami a while to gather himself, dazed from the endorphins, he groaned before picking himself up and rolling to face Kaiba. he kissed him on the forehead. "You're so good at that, Seto." Yami puffed, watching Kaiba's chest rising and falling as he breathed heavily.

Kaiba brushed away the long hair that had fallen over his face, pushing it behind his ear. "I needed that."

Yami rolled his eyes and tutted, typical Kaiba. "I wish we could lie here forever."

"Ha! I don't." Kaiba snorted.

"Thanks!" Yami said sarcastically.

"No I've got my company, my investments, my inventions and my god... Mokuba would just eat crap and watch cartoons all day." Kaiba leaned over Yami, grasping the disregarded bottle of wine and taking three huge gulps from it before laying back down.

"You have a lot on your plate, huh?" Yami smiled, dreamily circling Kaiba's nipple with his index finger.

"Always have." Kaiba shrugged. "I'm glad to have you as a distraction actually."

"I don't mind being your distraction." Yami smiled cuddling into Kaiba lazily.

"Yeah..." Kaiba mumbled "A distraction."

"Are you okay?" Yami asked worried, sitting up.

"No." Kaiba finally managed. "I have to show you something." He got up, pulling his sweats up and making himself presentable.

"It can wait, surely?"

"No, it can't. You have to come now. Come on! Get dressed and get up!" Kaiba said in a panic. "I feel better now I've had a drink, we have to go now, everything is... clearer."

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