Hey… I finished the third book yesterday I had to. I can't have been the only one that noticed this…

They said Tove was gay. Noted. The mentioned that he had possibly found someone, yay Tove~

Then I noticed that Duncan seemed to be kind of stalking him whenever he could. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, but I really wanted them to end up together. So here's my mind going crazy^^

A/N: I didn't realize that Bain and Tove were together in the ever after story, my apologies. I really wanted Tove and Duncan to be together. So they are. Shoosh the inaccuracies. And I don't really suport WendyxLoki. So again, shoosh~

*Tove's POV*

I have no idea what to do with myself.

Wendy got everything I girl could want. The guy, the kid, the kingdom. She has it all and I'm stuck with almost nothing, just powers that are going to drive me insane. I don't have all the time in the world. I just want to find my own happily ever after and soon. Though you can't rush things like this too much.

"T-Tove? Are you okay?" I jump in surprise, but I let out a breath of relief when I see it's just Duncan. I try to shut my powers off, but his aura was very strong right now, almost blinding. It was his usual orange but ringed in bright pink like a sunset…

"I'm fine Duncan, what are you doing here?" I turn back to the window overlooking the garden. Why the hell is his aura pink? Usually that happens when you're around someone you love, like how Loki and Wendy were.

"I, ah… I guess I just wanted to see you." Because I love you Tove… I gasp and turn around. Did Duncan just think that? He… I weave my fingers through my hair and pull with one hand, trying to distract myself. It cannot be…

"Tove! Are you okay? What happened?" Duncan rushes over, looking frantic. Shit shit shit… what's wrong?! He nearly shouts with his mind, his thoughts laced with panic. I stand up straight, staring at Duncan, right in the eye.

"I'm fine now… but… Duncan… Do you have something to tell me?" I ask cautiously. He looks at me in confusion. I can't tell if he's playing dumb or really doesn't know what I mean. I take this as my cue to wrap my arms around him slowly. He blushes in response and I feel my heart flutter.

"Duncan… I love you too." I whisper. He sharply inhales, pulling back to look at me.

"How… how do you know?" He asks. I smile at him.

"Your feelings were so strong I heard them. And your aura is a little pinkish…" He blushes and looks away, embarrassed. I grab his chin and make him look at me.

"Don't be embarrassed Duncan… I feel the same way." I state, smiling at him. He remains annoyingly expressionless. So that's how he's going to be.

Slowly, I lean in a press my lips to his. It's different than the kiss I shared with Wendy. Warmer and more sincere.

After a minute, I pull back to look at him and I can't help but laugh at his expression. He has the most dumbfounded and shocked look on his face.

"But Tove… Trackers aren't allowed to fall in love with a Markis. It's not allowed." I frown at Duncan. Like I'd follow that rule.

"I don't care Duncan. Wendy's trying to get changed anyways." Duncan finally unfreezes, smiling widely.

"Okay!" He exclaims, tackle hugging me to the floor. I use my psychoknesis to stop my head from hitting the floor. I smile to myself and close my eyes. This is the beginning of something beautiful.

By request I'll add another chapter. But if no one ever asks, I'll never touch this again. Enjoy, my lovelies~