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Chapter 1: The Beginning

"This is it." The white haired girl said, pointing to what seemed like a rock wall.

The three ninja, who hide their faces behind masks, crept forward towards the rock wall. It was almost ironic how the hunters that had murdered so many people were now being hunted. Sliding around a corner of stone, another member of the team spoke.

"Bloody hell, Chi, are you sure?" A teenage boy around 18 questioned the white haired girl.

"Quite sure, Zero. Do you not trust me?" the girl responded in a mock sarcastic voice. "Even Sapphire agrees." Chi pointed to the third member, who was currently observing the mock squabble. As she was pointed at, the girl let out a huff of annoyance and proceeded towards the wall of rock.

"Well, are you coming?" The girl questioned the two, who were still whisper-arguing.

"Of course!" Chi muttered, following behind Zero. Since she had a mask on, Chi was able to hide her annoyance quite well. Sapphire and Zero had stopped up ahead.

They all were uniform. Each had matching chest plates, arm guards, black shirt, pants, even shoes. Their masks were the only difference, being different animals for each member. Chi had a raven, Zero had a bear, Sapphire had a tiger. They were unique to their person; it made them stand out among the others of their profession. Each member had a different mask, no one could have the same mask. It was an age old tradition in the shadow organization. The organization that was the base of all hidden villages, the base of the shinobi world. If this organization didn't exist, the ninja economy would collapse. Their symbol proudly displayed on each members' arms, they were, and are, unstoppable. They were Anbu, the Black OPs of the ninja world.

Sapphire took one look at the rock wall, then turned to her comrades. She shrugged, gave a small grunt of annoyance, and smashed the wall to pieces. It was quite a feat. Humming contentedly, she strolled right into the huge hole that had been formed seconds ago. It was funny how Chi and Zero hadn't noticed anything, other than the fact that Sapphire was pissed off.

"Still with me?" She asked, turning to face her teammates.

"Well... yeah!" Chi muttered, stalking up to where Sapphire stood, waiting impatiently. Zero had ran in front of Sapphire, going into recon mode.

"I'll scout ahead. You two get ready for something big..." Zero said, tapping his communicator to indicate that he would buzz them when it was all clear. Then he disappeared. It was a technique that only the Anbu knew, some chunin complained and said it was only for them to seem cool.

"Something big, eh?" Chi asked, and Sapphire shrugged again.

Sapphire was said to be directly related to Uchiha Sasuke, but she denied all claims and said she came from across the sea. Zero had been one of Orochimaru's sick experiments, and the result from the experiments had been a freak accident. Zero had a half Byakugan half Sharingan eye that was completely useless. It had been functioning when the eye had been created, but then slowly faded to a non-usable state. Zero had been very frustrated when Sapphire and Chi had rescued him and other people who had been in the base they had raided. Chi had been completely normal, until her father had moved her to Suna, saying Suna was so much better than Konoha. There, Chi learned the Ninja art of puppetry, trained by Kankuro himself. It was surprising when her father had moved her back to Konoha, telling her at the young age of 14, that she should join Anbu. By that time, Sapphire had already joined, already feared by many. Chi was placed on a team with Sapphire and two others, and they had raided one of Orochimaru's bases.

Now the two girls stood, expecting completely different things. Sapphire was expecting a silent infiltration and assignation. Chi was expecting; no, wanted, a huge bloody battle. Of course, it would be the enemy all bloody and torn to pieces. Chi almost expected her team, being team captain, to rip the enemy into shreds. She knew after awhile Sapphire need to vent compressed stress, anger or annoyance. She usually vented it by turning a forested training field into a vast, barren wasteland. Other than that, she would request a difficult mission that included a lot of killing. The girls were on edge, waiting for Zero to buzz them.

But Zero's buzz never came.