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"Come on, Caroline, take a chance!"

"Stop saying that!" Caroline spat, "Take a chance on what? Another egotistical, asshole? Take a chance on getting my heart hurt one more time? Cause, I gotta be honest, it's not really on the top of my to-do list!"

Caroline turned to walk away; fed up with the way she was treated by the men in her life. If someone as sweet as Matt could break her heart, or someone as vulnerable and protective as Tyler could shatter it in to a million pieces, why in the world would Klaus (the spawn of Satan) be any different?

"You're not giving me enough credit, Love," Klaus shouted out to her.

Caroline immediately turned on her heels and walked briskly back to where Klaus was standing. She looked like an angel set for battle, with her eyes ablaze, and her skin radiating with the anger that was boiling from below. All she was missing was a suit of armor and a sword and she could be Joan of Arc in the flesh.

"Enough credit?" she began, "ENOUGH CREDIT?" she yelled, her voice echoing throughout the empty parking lot. "You're the reason he did this!" She jammed her finger into his chest, "You pushed Tyler into her arms, and for what? So you could come out the victor and claim me as your prize?"

She was so close to him now, and he could feel her breath hot against his mouth. Her eyes were stormy with rage, but he could see the tears begin to well in them. "He didn't appreciate you, Caroline." His voice was calm with a hint of aggression as he spoke the words through gritted teeth.

Caroline's voice lowered, but not her anger, "You don't think I know that?" She crossed her arms and took a small step back from him, "But you didn't have to do it, you didn't have to place an even bigger obstacle in our way." Her arms flew out to her side as if she were displaying the said obstacle in front of him, "we were already going down in flames without your help."

"I'm confused on what obstacle you're speaking of," he knew that she meant him, but wanted her to say it.

"You know what it is," she said almost in a whisper.

"What is it Caroline? What's the obstacle?," he asked but then continued before she could respond, "or better yet, why is it an obstacle?" He took a step toward her, closing the space that she was working so hard to keep between them. He was cornering her, forcing her to say what she didn't want to say.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and refolded her arms protectively across her chest, but didn't move away from his gesture. She sighed heavily and the tears began to fall. Klaus lifted his hand hesitantly at first, but when she didn't flinch away, he brought his thumb to her cheek and removed the invading tear, tucking her hair behind her ear as he did so.

"You, Klaus!" She muffled so quietly under her breath.

"What was that?" He brought both hands up this time and cupped her face, and tilted his head inquisitively at her.

"You're the obstacle, and I don't know why," she finally said, answering his question. "Everytime I'm near you, I have to catch my breath. It started at the ball your family threw, and when Tyler came back I wished my feelings for you would go away, but they never did." She glanced up at him finally as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

"I never meant to cause you more pain, Caroline."

"I know that, but you just wouldn't let up," she rolled her eyes to the side, more toward his persistence than toward him directly.

"I'm a man who knows what he wants," he shrugged and smiled at her.

Caroline's hands came up to meet his as they held firmly onto her face. She returned the smile and said, "And I thought you were ambitious about your hybrid army."

He softly chuckled and threw his head back. He grabbed her hands and brought them down slowly to his side so he could step closer to her.

"I'm sorry I messed things up between you and Tyler," he wasn't genuine about the comment, in fact, he was the absolute opposite. Not sorry at all, he wanted her and he knew that she wanted him too.

As if in his head Caroline responds, "No you're not," she laughed.

"You're right, I'm not," and before Caroline could respond, he pressed his lips to hers. He first tasted the tears that still lingered on her skin, as he ran his tongue across her lips, but as her tongue met his an explosion of flavors enveloped him. She was sweeter than any wine he'd ever had, and she was sufficient at making him drunker than he'd ever been. Her arms reached up and around his neck and he grabbed her firmly on the back and pulled her against his body. They remained that way for what felt like hours. Exploring eachother's mouths, and pressing hard against one another as though any slightest amount of space was an absolute invasion on their intimate moment.

Slowly, Caroline pulled back from his mouth, as he still held her just as tight, and looked into his eyes. The tears began again, but he knew this time they weren't sorrowful tears, but they were tears of hope and perhaps even happiness. He smiled back at her warmly, before bringing his lips back to hers once more.


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