A/N- The idea wouldn't die! These are gonna be short lil stories. This chap in particular is my take on the episode Go! I deviate a bit from what actually took place in that eppy in order to reflect the changes in gender.

I claim no originality for the names of the genderbent Titans. I ripped them off from Carrinth's work on Deviantart. So, if you have a problem with the names, take it up with her. Hurrah for lack of responsibility!

She hadn't expected to meet freaks like her.

She hadn't expected any of the things that happened, really.

In fact, when she arrived at Jump, she thought it would've been no different from any of the other cities she's visited.

But no. She was totally wrong.

This city was anything but normal. Aliens, spaceships, explosions... It was like something out of a Sci-fi flick. She hadn't experienced such excitement since she was a member of the Doom Patrol. The fights, the rush, and the adrenaline were things that she missed more than she would ever admit. It all came flooding back to her. It had started out as an ordinary night.

She had no idea what was in store for her when it began.

Here's how it all went down.

She was going about her business, admiring the sights and getting familiar with her surroundings, and then all of a sudden- BOOM!

Something came out of nowhere and crashed into the middle of the city. The impact sent her falling to the ground. She almost broke a nail. Almost, thank goodness. She wasn't superficial, mind you. She just had a healthy and normal concern for her body.

When she went to investigate the source of the crash, she couldn't believe what she saw.


The one and only Robyn! The girl wonder! Her greatest idol!

But she was in trouble.

This weird-looking, orange haired dude was about to beat the stuffing out of her.

So, naturally, she tried to help out. She shifted into a mountain goat and introduced the guy to ol' rammer. But instead of thanking her, Robyn acted all prissy and annoyed.

Pfft, whatever! She thought what she did was pretty awesome, but the dude recovered from the blow like it was nothing.

And when he threw a bus at them- an entire freaking bus!- she thought they were goners.

Then some chick wearing a hoodie came along and saved them. She was a cyborg.

It was, like, totally weird.

And it only got weirder from there.

In the middle of their battle, a giant bird materialized from nothing and prevented them from kicking the alien guy's butt. After that, some pale-faced dude in a cloak teleported- yes, teleported -beside her. At first, she thought he was a vampire. Then he went all hippy on them and said that fighting wasn't the answer. She thought it was part of some elaborate trick to get their guard down so he could suck their blood.

But she didn't focus too long on Mr. Emo. No, her attention quickly shifted to Robyn and the alien. The girl wonder was trying to be all friendly with the crazy guy, releasing his bonds and speaking to him as if they were chums. And when the creep kissed her, she knew then that she had really gone down the rabbit hole.

It was so bizarre. If that wasn't enough, the guy just flew away and didn't look back.

Damn, poor Robyn...

The dude kissed her and immediately flew off. Either the girl could really use some breath mints or the guy was a complete jerk.

They almost went their separate ways after that. However, when more aliens started showing up, they decided to stick together. Whether it was fate, karma, or the flying spaghetti monster, something was trying to keep them united.

So, after they found Robyn's boyfriend and convinced him to join their great cause, they went on to take down the Gordanian threat. It was so cool. They infiltrated their spaceship, battled their way through hordes of aliens, and managed to save the entire planet. The emo guy had been quite protective of her during the whole thing.

She recalled a specific moment. Trogaar had been about to tear her a new one, but her cloaked savior arrived in the nick of time to ward him off. It made her want to apologize for thinking he was a blood-sucking creature of the undead.

After it was all over, they managed to land on this remote island on the city's bay.

They were hanging out, talking about forming a team, and acting like friends.

It felt...right.

It felt like she belonged.

She hadn't felt that way in a long time.

And when the creepy goth dude (Revan, he revealed) made a comment about how nice the morning view on the island was, she found herself flirting with the guy.

"You should soak up some sun while you can, Rev. A tan would look totally hot on you."

She expected him to ignore or insult her. Instead, he laughed.

"You know, you're kind of funny."

It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.