AN- I'm free from the Terran saga! At long last! I can finally go back to my roots and write some Lolz! My warning in the previous chap concerning my rustiness is still ongoing. I hope my writing hasn't suffered too much as a result of my lengthy absence.

This takes place shortly after To Woo a Robyn.

The great Robyn was afraid of bugs.

It was a universal fear that all members of her gender possessed.

All save one.

Beast Girl had been raised in Africa, an area of the world littered with all kinds of creepy-crawlies, so she was quite accustomed to insects. That, and she could transform into them. Being afraid of something so useful would be a hindrance she couldn't afford as a superhero. There were many instances in her life where adopting the form of a bug had saved her from injury and even death.

If a nuclear crisis were to happen, those who weren't incinerated would wither away and perish from radiation.

Except for her because she could always turn into a cockroach.

So, in her book, bugs were awesome.

But the girl wonder didn't share her opinion. She thought they were icky and grotesque lil' nasties that bit you or tried to lay eggs in your body or something. Not all bugs were like that, she knew, but Robyn didn't care. The masked heroine despised them all.

So much so, in fact, that she carried extermination spray in her utility belt at all times.

Beast Girl did not know this. The shifter probably would have thought twice before carrying out the prank she was planning if she did. It was all in good fun and partially motivated by revenge. She deserved to get back at Robyn after the beating she suffered from the fallout of her last prank. The entire affair demanded justice.

Miss. Traffic-lights was going to get exactly what was coming to her.

She was currently in the gym, probably sparring with another member of the team (a custom Beast Girl dreaded whenever she was the one unfortunate enough to get chosen) or beating the crap out of a punching bag. Their leader was such a tomboy! No wonder Kor was so intimidated by her.

It turned out that Robyn was doing neither of those activities.

She was lifting weights.

Beast Girl had to resist sighing. The girl wonder was even more of a guy than the guys. Such qualities were somewhat admirable, but could be taken to silly and dangerous extremes. Robyn pushed herself hard enough without all these stupid, grueling exercises. She worked non-stop as their leader. All the training, paperwork, and bureaucracy she had to deal with was practically as stressful as managing a business.

The changeling was getting carried away. Now was not the time to feel sympathetic for Robyn.

Sweet vengeance awaited her...

She had to be cautious and stealthy. Captain prissy-pants wasn't the easiest person to sneak up on.

Lucky for Beast Girl, the door to the gym was wide open (which was how she was able to observe her target without attracting attention) and the girl wonder was deeply engrossed in her physical activity. So much for being ever vigilant! All those lectures about being constantly on guard were about to haunt their deliverer. It was only fitting. Those who preach loudest are usually the ones who need to practice what they preach.

After transforming into a fly, the shifter began to approach her victim. She had to avoid detection and get close before her plan could be instigated. She flew this way and that, eventually finding repose on Robyn's shoulder. Beast Girl remained there for a short time to see if there would be any reaction.

When none occurred, that's when she knew it was time.

Commencing operation 'Freak Robyn the heck out.'

The fly became a large, repulsive centipede.

The masked heroine felt its presence instantly and, when she turned to see what was resting on her back, proceeded to behave like most girls would in such a terrifying situation. It was a spectacle to behold.

The sound of her shrieking was like beautiful music.

The way she jumped and flailed about was like a ballerina gone mad.

And through it all, Robyn failed to notice that the insect was a rather conspicuous shade of green, so blinded was she by her phobia.

It was hysterical.

"Robyn, what is causing you such distress?!"

Uh oh...

The sound of Kor's voice shouldn't have been such a surprise. He probably heard the girl wonder screaming and raced to her rescue. The alien was such a white knight that it honestly wouldn't surprise her if he took to referring to Robyn as "Her Majesty."


Right now, his queen was in desperate need of assistance.

"I can scarcely make sense of your words," Kor said, approaching the frantic girl with a concerned look on his face.

Robyn suddenly stopped her wailing to look at the Tamaranian. She stood stock still, raised a quivering hand at the vile creature on her shoulder, and shouted with all the strength of her lungs.


He reacted immediately and snatched the insect away. The suddenness of this move nearly gave Beast Girl a heart attack, for the alien's strength was a force to be reckoned with. He could've easily squashed her by mistake, and what a way to go that would've been.

Ah, Beast Girl...She died as she lived: A pest till the end...

She could imagine Revan giving that eulogy.

Her amazing talent to find humor even in the most desperate of circumstances would be of very little help.

Because as Kor held her hundred-legged body, the changeling could detect no sign of recognition from either him or Robyn. The latter was deliberately looking away from her out of terror and disgust.

The girl wonder was so scared that she was trembling, which her male companion found to be quite humorous. He had seen her fight against the most ruthless and powerful criminals without exhibiting even the slightest amount of trepidation.

And yet, this small bug in his hands, not even a tenth of her size, was enough to bring out such horror in the girl.

Kor tried to resist the urge to laugh. It wasn't often that he derived enjoyment from another's suffering (least of all Robyn's), but he couldn't contain himself.

"You fear this creature?"

Robyn clenched her fists and rounded on him. "It's not funny!"

The Tamaranian begged to differ.

So did Beast Girl, who was currently dangling helplessly in his grip.

Deny it all you want, sister. I know I got ya good.

But Kor was rapidly losing satisfaction at her expense. He could see that Robyn's phobia was genuine. It was causing her great anxiety and discomfort. "You shall have me dispose of it then?" He asked, fully prepared to terminate the pest.

Wait a sec, Kor! Can't you see I'm green?!

Unfortunately for Beast Girl, the alien knew next to nothing about insects. His knowledge of Earth's diverse wildlife was rather limited, especially where it concerned the billions of various bugs that inhabited the planet. How was he to know that centipedes weren't typically this or that color?

Plus, he was trying to impress Robyn, which often impaired his logic and judgement.

"Whatever you do, don't squash it. You'll get it's nasty innards all over your hand."

"Then how-"

"Use this," the girl wonder interrupted, unveiling a small black can from her utility belt.

It was the changeling's turn to feel unbridled terror. She knew exactly what Robyn was going to give to Kor, and it made her regret all the brainless pranks she ever committed. Did she deserve such a terrible end? Maybe she went a little too far this time and the big guy upstairs was trying to teach her a lesson. This entire ordeal might be comeuppance from a higher power.

Beast Girl sent a fervent prayer to the heavens.

If you get me outta this, I'll never switch Kor's mustard with tabasco sauce again! I'll cut the girl wonder some slack, stop bothering Revan, and become a total saint! I'll swear off Prada and donate all my shoes to charity!

It wasn't often that she relied on divine intervention, but it seemed infinitely more hopeful than the available alternatives.

The changeling only had two options.

Remain a centipede, which would result in Kor killing her.

Or change back into a human, which would result in Robyn killing her (shifting into anything else would have the same consequence as her identity would be revealed).

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Goodbye, cruel world...

But before she could make a decision, her cloaked savior arrived in the nick of time to help her.

Revan entered the gym and walked directly towards Robyn.

"Cyber needs you in the med bay," he informed her. "It's urgent."

The masked heroine felt her phobia disappear as concern took its place. "Is she alright?"

"No harm has come to her, but she insisted you go now."

Robyn didn't think twice. She left without a moment's hesitation, the bug in Kor's grasp no longer an issue of any importance.

Once he confirmed she had taken her leave, Revan turned to the Tamaranian and fixed him with a cold glare.

"Release Beast Girl."

Kor gasped at the empath's words, finally realizing who it was he held in his hands. He let go of the green centipede and found his suspicions promptly confirmed.

Moments before hitting the ground, Beast Girl changed back into human form. The sight of her shocked and dismayed the alien more than words could describe. Guilt festered and grew until it reached unfathomable levels. He had almost killed one of his dearest companions.

He collapsed on his knees and looked at the green titan with water brimming in his eyes.

"A thousand apologies, friend! I did not know! Please, I beg your forgiveness and ask humbly for the second chance. I do not wish to lose your-"

"Kor," Revan interjected. "Calm down."

"Yeah," the shifter joined in, lifting herself from the floor and brushing off dust. "Relax, I'm fine. Everything's hunky-dory."

Kor still felt bad over what he had done and wanted to do something to make up for it.

"I shall have Robyn apologize as well."

"No!" Both Beast Girl and Revan exclaimed simultaneously. That was the last thing they wanted. It would entail the discovery of a ruse on both their parts.

"Distract her before she gets back," the changeling recommended.

"How am I to accomplish that?"

"Tell Robyn ya killed the bug and she won't have to worry about it anymore. You'll score major points with her if you do!"

Kor didn't need further encouragement.

"Very well," he said, dashing off with a huge grin on his face.

"Mmph," Revan snorted after the Tamaranian was gone. "He recovered quickly."

But Beast Girl didn't pay any mind to it. She was too busy thinking about how suspicious and unbelievable this fortunate turn of events really was. Foul play was at work, and for once it had nothing to do with her.

She stared at the pale teen and smirked. "You totally saved me."

He had been about to depart, but her words stopped him. The empath didn't want to leave her with the wrong impression.

...Or was it the right impression?

Revan was a confused boy.

"Make no mistake," he told her. "It wasn't my intention to bail you out."

The green titan shrugged. "Whatever your less-than-noble intentions were, I'm still gonna thank you. Saving a damsel in distress is worthy of that much. After all, I'm too young and beautiful to die."

"Indeed you are."

Revan meant to embellish the comment with a roll of his eyes or a similar gesture that indicated sarcasm, but it just blurted itself out of his mouth without thought.

"Oh, Revy!" The shifter grabbed him from behind and began rubbing her face against his back in a bizarre show of affection. "You really think I'm beautiful!"

"I was being sarcastic."

This was the wrong thing to say, and he fully expected her to reply with something along the lines of 'Are you saying I'm ugly then?!'

She would have been well within rights to slap him good for that, but she didn't say or do anything of the sort. Instead, she rose on her toes and whispered something in a sing-song voice in his ear.

"No, you weren't."

Beast Girl loved flirting with the guy. She didn't mean anything by it, of course. It was just too rewarding to pass up. Getting a rise out of the calm and reserved empath was an accomplishment not many could boast of. So what if she was leading him on? If anyone needed his feathers ruffled, it was Revan. She was helping the poor boy express himself. How could she have even considered sacrificing so noble a goal in that stupid prayer?

"I shouldn't have interfered," he grunted as he tried to pry himself loose from her grip. "Maybe you would've learned something."

"I know," she playfully agreed. "But you were so concerned about me. Fess up, you'd miss me if I was gone."

"Like a malignant tumor."

The changeling pressed her head against his own and purred, "More like a mourning lover."


He escaped from her right then and there, phasing himself through the ground, all the while blushing something horrid. She couldn't contain her laughter after he left. If pranking the girl wonder was fun, teasing Revan was like going to an amusement park on the fourth of July while it rained tofu pancakes.

"He's so cute when he's flustered," she admitted to herself.

Beast Girl smiled wickedly as the idea of pursuing him came to mind.

"And even cuter when he tries to resist."