Nightcrawler and Juniper had been running for a while, when all of a sudden, they were startled by a strange sharp cry from above.

Looking up they saw a flying creature bearing the same shadowed face and jagged visage as a heartless Solider, the dark-skinned Heartless donned a modified aviator cap that covered the upper half of the face and boasts a pair of shiny-rimmed goggles; the propeller on the top of the cap was assisting it in hovering in the sky, though its bat-like wings seemed to be doing most of the flying work. The Heartless also wore thick black pants with an inverted brown Heartless-symbol silhouette at the knees and bulky brown boots with blue and gold toes. It had black elbow-length gloves featuring metal bands at the top and sharp red claws that looked to allow for painful attacks.

Heartless Air Soldiers

"Look out!" Nightcrawler grabbed June around the waist Bamffing over several feet as Two more Air Soldiers appeared, dive-bombing straight at them, narrowly missing the Duo.
Twelve regular Heartless Soldiers appeared noisily, hopping about with a annoying clanking of their helmets.

"Great, annoying by land and annoying by Air!" Kurt growled, crouching in attack pose.

"We don't have time to deal with these, Freaks." Juniper called to his attention. Pulling him upward and rushing to side. "We have to find Johnny!"

But Juniper had to quickly reach forward and grab a swooping Air Solider by his face, pummeling it into the ground using it to jump up and kick the send one backwards into a tree.

Kurt grabbed the third Air Solider and Bamfing into the air, spun and hammer threw the air solider into the group of regular soldiers knocking them down like Bowling Pins.

"Gotta defend myself SOME way..." Kurt then blinked as a light bulb went off, he pulled his Dino-Buckler out and faced it outwards. "Bet Yensid never thought we'd use them like this."

Kurt Bamfed all over, every time he did he used the Dino-Buckler like a Brass Knuckle, the Holy magic inside the coin acting as perfect defense against the Heartless. Juniper saw what Kurt did and copied it, which coupled with her Super Strength, pulverized the Soldiers into black dust.

"Yeah! Alright!" Juniper cheered, pumping her Buckler holding fist into the air, jumping from one foot to the other in glee.

"Raarrgh!" Kevin 11 suddenly flew down between the tow, knocking them them aside with the force of his punch.


Danny, Ben and Raph crashed into the pebbled ground as Bull-E slammed into the ground with a thundering crash.

"Haha! See ya, Losers!" Bull-E guffawed, before letting loose a flaming belch at the three Men.

"I don't know about you, Guys. But I'm going Ghost and Transforming!" Danny called to the others.

"I'm With you!" Ben winced, clutching his singed arm.

"Back at'cha!" Raph growled, wobbly from attack.

The Guys pulled out their Morphers and Held them out in front of them.


A flash of energy and the Heroes were now in their Power Suits.

Ben and Raph leaped into the air to double kick at Bull-E, who just grinned as they bounced off his chest, crashing behind Danny as he stepped forward.

"Let's see if you like a little Laser First thing in the Morning!" Danny jibbed. "Ranger Gun!"

Danny fired the Beam at Bull-E who simply opened his mouth and caught it in his rancid smelling orifice. Before spitting it back at the Zyranger's in a backwash attack.

"Ugh! Backwash!" Danny gagged, falling to the ground with Raph and Ben.

Juniper and Kurt landed in a wooded Glen, as Kevin landed on his disproportion feet a ways away from the Two.

"Kurt, let's transform!" Juniper ordered, holding up her Buckler.

"Good idea!" Kurt held up his, before they both transformed into Ptera Ranger and Saber Tooth Tiger Ranger.

"Rahahaa!" Kevin laughed, as several Heartless Soldier's and Air Soldiers jumped and or Flew over his shoulders toward the Rangers.

Kurt delivered several devastating kicks to the Soldier's heads, before bamfing and appearing upside down his feet wrapped around an Air Soldiers head, before spinning in the air and letting go to let the Solider soar down and slam into his walking brethren.


Juniper grabbed one Solider and was nut-cracking his head between her arm when she looked up hearing a cry for help.

"Is that!?" She looks around and Spots the source of the voice, Johnny Test sinking into a Sand Trap. "Johnny!"

Juniper rushed over, Kurt attempted to follow but had to back flip several times to avoid a slash from Kevin's Diamond arm. June kept rushing to Johnny, but stopped in her tracks when to massive forms burst out of the sand in front of Johnny and blocking Juniper.

Nearly spherical in shape, The Two Large Bodies also had massive arms and hands, short legs, huge feet, and tiny heads. The blue-skinned Heartless were clothed in a purple sleeveless bodysuit edged in gold trim; the trim laced up the front of the body suit across the Large Body's big belly. Along with black curl-toe shoes and black silver-trimmed pants, The Large Bodies also sported a massive manacle in purple and silver on each wrist; three links of chain dangle from each of them, and looked to be used in attacks. They were topped off by a high silver collar that covered their lower face, and a tiny silver wizard hat that ended in a traditional Heartless curl. As per many other Heartless, They had shadowed faces and yellow eyes as well as the Heartless Emblem on their chest.

"Uggh! You gotta be kidding me!?" Juniper cried out, before jumping to the side as one of the large bodies slid toward her nearly knocking her down. The other Large Body lumbered toward her before Kurt Bamfed and kicked it in the face, knocking it onto it's back, rendering it helpless like a turtle

"June!" Kurt jumped onto the large Bodies, Belly, punching it rapidly in the creature's unprotected face. "You go save, Johhny, I got these Guys!"

"Okay!" Juniper Waved at him, hurrying to drape over the edge of the sink hole and reached toward Johnny. "Johnny!"

"Help me!" Johnny yelled, frantically trying to pull himself out.

"Grab my hand!" June strained to reach for him.

"Save me!"

"Just a little...Ahh!" Juniper felt a furry arm grip her shoulder to pull her back, Kevin Sneered in her face before clubbing her across the face with his Diamond arm.

"June!" Kurt fell back as the Large Body that slid at June slammed into the ground beside Kurt, knocking him into the air and into the sand.

"Ahh!" Juniper screamed, Kevin used his super speed to slash across her armored body with his diamond sword.

"Help! SAVE ME BEFORE I'M BURIED ALIVE, PEOPLE!" Johnny yelled out.


Bull-E was thrashing our Male Heroes, slamming his chain at them like a whip, leaving black gashes across their Power Suits. They tried grabbing his arms, or punching, but his body was too tough to be defeated that way.

"This is insane!" Ben cried out.

The Trio yelped in alarm as boulders suddenly fell from the cliff above, they looked up to see Jack Spicer with a massive jack-hammer, Billy on top of it trying to keep it under control, as it chipped and knocked down several rocks.

"That's the way, bull-E!" Jack called out to the Minotaur monster, cupping his hands around his mouth to cheer. Which caused Billy to shake away on the out of control jackhammer. "We're definitely gonna win this one!"

"W-w-w-w-w-w-w-ah-ah-ah-h-ho-ho-hooo!" Billy Cheered, vibrating like crazy after jumping off of Jackhammer.

"This is crazy!" Ben complained, dodging another boulder. "We can't get ANYWHERE with those weapons and I can't transform with my suit on!"

"Everyone. To the castle, quickly!" Danny ordered.

Juniper was barely holding her own against 11, she could hold his diamond arm, but that left his furry clawed arms and Molten Arm were still free to beat across her back leaving her scratched and Burnt badly.

"AHH!" Kurt's war cry didn't seem to catch Kevin's attention, until he leaped onto his back pulling him away with his arms and teleporting them far away. "June! Hurry and save Johnny!"


Juniper once more rushed to the sand pit, where Johnny was just barely holding onto the edge, without being attacked and uninterrupted Juniper was able to grab Johnny's arm and pull him right out of the sandpit.

"Johnny.." Juniper sighed in relief. But looked up in concern when Kevin burned Kurt's arms to get him to let go. But as Kevin Stomped toward June and Johnny, kurt leaped through the air kicking Kevin in his neck, causing him to all to ground gasping as his air was temporarily cut off.

"Hurry up!" Kurt looked to June, arms held out to hold Kevin back if he continued to attack, Juniper nodded, as her and Johnny rushed away to a safer location.

The Moon

"Well, they seem to be fairing well, all things considered." Remarked Rika, peering through the spyglass as Lady Despair passed by her to the Balcony's edge.

"Ha!" Lady Despair sneered, as the balcony's view shimmered to show The Continent of Despair instead of Earth. "Then Let Them Consider THIS!"

Lady Despair waved her staff in front of her face, her eye glowing deep red, pupil-less, as her voice became distorted overlapped by a male deep, booming basso profondo.

"Ancient Spirits Sleeping in the land, grant your Power To Heartless Warrior Bul-E!" Holds Crystal skull to her face, before pulling it away and lifting it up above her shoulder. "MAKE MY MONSTER GROW!"

Rika and Renamon, who was leaning on the wall of the stairs, perked up looking at their Queen in interest, who hurled the Scepter over the railing of the Balcony performing a spell she hadn't done in 80,000,000,000,000 years.

"Your Finished!" Sierra laughed venomously, as her scepter fell through the air.


Guided by magic the Scepter embedded it's silver staff handle into the ground, the black Crystal Skull's eyes flashed red before opening it's mouth, infusing a red, electrical energy into the ground. It formed underneath Bull-E before exploding into a tower of red energy, absorbing the energy Bull-E grew to a mammoth 80 stories.

"Rahahahaha!" Bull-E laughed, wielding a spiked club and Shield. Now along with his massive size, Bull-E had a HUGE advantage over the Zyurangers now!

"Get 'Em!" Billy yelled.

"Smash them!" Jack yelled also.

Bull-E huffed a nasty smile, as he stomped toward the three warriors, while Juniper and Kurt halted in horror at seeing the giant beast more Heartless appeared to attack them.


In the Temple of the Dinosaurs, Yensid rushed to the open door leading to the Continent and called down to the Heroes.

"Summon the Guardian Beasts, My Children!" Yensid called down to the Floating rock.


Danny looked up hearing Yensid and reached outward with his hand.

"Appear! Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus!" Danny called out.

The Ground of Earth Cracked open in a fiery explosion the T-Rex Robot bursting out of the ground, soon encased in a glowing red sphere and flying through the Open door to the Underworld via spell by Yensid.

"Might as well try, Come Forth! GUARDIAN BEAST MASTODON!" Ben called, stretching his arm upwards too.

In the far North the ice cracked, NOT because of Global Warming, but due to the Large Black and silver Mechanical Mammoth. It too was encased in a sphere but of black energy, transported instantly to The Continent Of Despair.

"Might as give it a try." Raph shrugged, copying his bros. "COME FORTH! GUARDIAN BEAST TRICERATOPS!"

In the Far East in the Desert's of Eygypt and Large Blue and Silver Triceratops burst forth from the Sandy dunes and traveled to the Continent of Despair in a sphere of Blue energy as well.

"Juniper, we better join in the fight!" Kurt advised his friend.

"Okay. Stand back, Johnny." Juniper held Johnny out of the way as her and Kurt reached toward the doorway in the sky.

"Come Forth, Guardian Beast Saber-Tooth Tiger!"

"Come Forth, Guardian Beast Pterodactyl!"

Answering Kurt's call a large figure raced through the Forest's of Canada. Leaping over the Tree's was a large robotic Saber-Tooth Tiger. It's body shone yellow in the sunlight, it's eyes gleamed red and it's legs were sterling silver.

A Volcano in Greenland rumbled as a figure burst out of it's mouth, soaring high up into the cloudy air. It's was white with pink marking's on it's head, back and wings. A mecha Pterodactyl.

Soon all the Guardian beasts were together, allowing their respective warriors to jump up and merge together with their beings.

"Let's Go, Guardian Beasts, Attack!" Danny called out.

The Three Guardian Beast summoned first, rushed toward Bull-E, while The Pterodactyl Guardian flew over June and Kurt firing her wing beams at Kevin and the Heartless. Barely covering himself with a dome of Tedanite Crystal, Kevin escaped the blast, thou the Heartless weren't so fortunate.

Outraged, Kevin lowered the Dome and charge at the Three Sapians, his magma arm flaming brightly and his Diamond arm formed into a spike ball.

"Juniper, you and Johnny take cover!" Kurt warned. June nodded, picking up Johnny and leaping away in a hurry. Kurt barely dodged a swing from Kevin's Diamond arm, or a heat blast from his other arm but, thankfully, he had his teleportation powers.


The Other Guardian beasts focused their attacks on Bull-E. The Giant Monster charged toward his enemies.

Triceratops tail archer forward morphed into a cannon firing at the Behemoth with fiery energy. The blasts stung but were just enough to stop him in his tracks.

Saber Tooth Tiger's tail morphed into a cannon, but instead of firey blasts, a long yellow beam shot out at the Minotaur.

"Hey! Bull-E not like it when HE get's hit!" Bull-E smirks evilly. "You fight the Bull-E you get the horns!"

Bull-E kneels to aim his horns at the zords, but instead of charging a powerful energy blast shoots from the horns striking at the Zords.

However Saber Tooth Tiger was just as quick as it's respective warrior, leaping in the air to escape the blast, yowling as it struck at Bull-E's face before landing behind it.

"Let's test you out Big Guy!" Ben chuckled. "Moth Blizzard!"

The Mastodon responded by lifting it's trunk and shooting a stream of nitrogen gas at The Bull-E. Who held up his Shield to block the attack, but the Shield froze solid, falling to the ground and shattering to pieces.

"Grrr. Your Gonna wish you hadn't done that, Zyu-Punks!" Bull-E bellowed.

"Well, then let's finish it!" Raph jibbed. Telepathically he sent a message to Triceratops, which shot out it's own horns at Bull-E but not as missile's but connected by Chains that entangled in Bull-E's horns.

"Hey! No Fair!" Bull-E mooed.

"YEE-HA!" Raph laughed, as Triceratops pulled back tugging at Bull-E who held onto the chains trying to keep from being pulled. "Let's Wrangle in this here, Steer!"

"I'm not a Steer I'm A Minotaur!" Bull-E corrected, but that distracted him enough for raph to pull Bull-E onto his face.

Juniper hurried along with Johnny to get as far away from the battle as possible. But having put johnny on his feet to run alongside her, a fallen tree branch tripped him, causing him to fall on his face.

"Ahh!" Johnny cried. Juniper stopped running, and turned to him in concern.

"Johnny, are you alright?" Juniper helped him up. "Johnny?"

Johnny looked up, utter misery and sorrow evident on his broken hearted face.

"What's going on? Where am I and where's my Mom!?" Johnny's face lurched with a horrible thought. "Is She Dead!?"

Juniper didn't know what to tell the child, she had no idea where his mother was or if she was safe. Not happy with her silence, johnny started crying out into the air, tears starting to stream down his face.

"Mom! MOM!"

As Johnny cried, the soles of his feet up to his shins turned to stone, Juniper looked down and gasped in horror.

"Johnny, don't cry! Don't Cry! if you cry you'll turn to Stone!" Juniepr tried to warn him.

"Mom..." Johnny spoke softly, unable to stop the despair welling up in his heart. He turned to stone up to his waist now.

"Pull yourself together! Don't give up!" Juniper pleaded to the boy, unable to stop the helplessness of the situation. "We'll find your Mom, don't worry!"

"Save her...Save her..." Johnny cried softly. His last words as his Entire body turned to stone in front of Juniper's horrified eyes.

"NOOOO!" Juniper screamed in shock. "Johnny!"

What were they gonna do now? Johnny turned to stone, his Mother Nowhere to be found and that Bull-E monster attacking her friends. Not even her Ah-Ma to give her advice, she quickly stopped that train of thought, it would do her no good to turn to stone.

But looking up she saw Bull-E headbutt T-Rex as the battle raged on. They were losing Time!


To Retrieve the Legendary Weapons the Five Heroes from Other Worlds face the Continent of Despair.

But Will they rescue Johnny, his Mother and get the weapons in One Day?

A frantic Kurt teleport's beside Juniper, who points out the Stone Johnny to Kurt's Shock and horror.

If they can't, they are fated to turn to stone!


Bull-E smirks firing a massive blast of energy from his horns at the Guardian Beast T-Rex. The blast hits dead center, exploding into a shower of sparks./strong/em

To be Continued...