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2 Months later.

Santana's POV

It had been 2 months since Daniella was born. I had had to go to the hospital 3 times a week for check up's on Daniella's health. Every day was the same now, I got up when Daniella cried, put her back to sleep, changed diapers, fed her. I could never go out because I couldn't afford a baby sitter. Luckily, Nick wasn't asking me to pay any rent, which I knew was super kind of him, but I would have to start back at school soon and then who would take care of Daniella.

Puck sees Daniella once a week. Sometimes he comes round, but only when Nick is out as they can't stand to be in the same room as each other. My Mom hasn't attempted to contact me ever since she kicked me out, even though I sent her messages telling her she could see Daniella. I decided that I was just go over there and try and talk to her. I hated not having a relationship with my mom, but I didn't know how she would react to seeing me with Daniella.

Rachel had come round once a couple of weeks after she had told me she didn't want us to be together. It was very short and she said that she was just passing through. She apologized for not letting me stay with her and gave me some work from the lessons I was missing. They still lay untouched on the desk in my room. She hasn't been round since.

I woke up early on Monday morning, today was the first day back at school since Daniella was born. I knew I would be far behind, but I had tried to do some work on my laptop when Daniella was sleeping. Daniella was going to stay at Puck's mom's house while I was at school and then we were going to my mom's house to try and sort things out. I was terrified about what everyone at school would say, and how they would act around me. I hoped that everything would be the same, but I doubted it.

I searched through my wardrobe, looking for something to wear. I had tried to work out every day so that my old clothes would fit me again, but when I tried to squeeze into my favourite pair of skinny jeans, I couldn't do the button up. Instead, I put on one of my favourite dresses, with some tights and flat black pumps. It was basic, but at least it didn't make me look fat.

I dress Daniella quickly then put her in her carrier. I pack nappies, baby food and a change of clothes for her and hope that Puck's mom has things like blankets and baby wipes.

It's 8:15 by the time I leave the house, and I know that I'm going to be late for school. They'll just have to deal with it. They don't understand how hard it is to get ready with a baby constantly crying and needing attention.

When I get to Puck's house, he has already left for school. We are just about on speaking terms so I suppose it avoids any awkward conversation. I'm surprised he didn't wait to see Ellie. He's great with her, and makes an amazing dad. It was the first time I had left Ellie and I was crying by the time I got back into my car.

I got to school at 9:45 which is 1 ½ hours late but no one really said anything even though I'd missed the first lesson and half of the second. My first lesson was Spanish, which should be a pretty easy lesson with Mr Schuester and I'm quite good at it. When I opened the door, everyone stared at me.

"Sorry I'm late Mr Shue" I took my seat next to Quinn silently, trying not to look at anyone. When I finally managed to pick up the courage to look up from the textbook that was in front of me, I realised that all eyes were on me. Mr Schuester gave us a speaking task to do and as I sit next to Quinn, she was my partner.

She didn't really talk to me, just read out some notes in Spanish from her book. We used to be best friends, do everything together but now, we barely talk. At the end of lesson Mr Shue gave me an enormous pile of work that I needed to catch up on. As if I would be able to do it with a new-born baby. Who was I superwomen?

By lunchtime, my bag was overspiling with sheets of work I needed to catch up on. I didn't realise that I would have missed so much. It was so much harder than I had imagined. I had wanted everything to go back to normal, but people didn't look at me the same anymore. No one knew why me and Puck weren't together, so I was grateful for Puck for keeping it a secret.

In the Cafeteria, I got really odd looks from everyone in the room. Usually I would sit with Puck, but now, I had no idea where to sit. Over in the far corner of the room, I saw Rachel on her own. Right, I would stride over there, full of confidence and sit down next to her. So what if they call me a loser. Nobody knows, I told myself over and over again.

"Hi" I said awkwardly… She looked up from the pasta she was eating and smiled at me. "Can I sit here?" I asked her.

She nodded and smiled. "Of course. How have you been?"

"Alright I suppose. It's been a hard day though." I opened my packed lunch and started to eat my sandwich.

We ate in silence, I didn't realise she was this serious about us not even being friends. I really missed spending time with her, and I thought my time at this school wouldn't be so bad if I got to see her every day. I had thought wrong.

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