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2 years later….

Rachel's POV

When I was sitting in the glee club choir room telling the school about my ambition to be on Broadway, I didn't think that I would ever be working in restaurant, serving guys that are too drunk to walk. At least I was here, in New York, was the only thing I could say to myself to make it feel better. When I had failed my Nyada audition I was devastated but you could reapply in the winter so all I had to do was wait until then.

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, couples and families came in and out making me feel even lonelier in the big city. I went over with my notepad to serve a group of people who had just come in.

"Rachel?" A girl said to me, making me look away from my notepad that I was scribbling in and to the girl sitting at the table to the left of me.

"Omg?" I said shocked "Santana?" I couldn't believe I was seeing her after all this time. "OMG? How are you?" I asked stunned.

"I'm good thank you. Daniella, say Hi to Rachel"

I looked at the little girl sitting next to Santana as she smiled at me.

"Hi" she said nervously

"Hi Daniella." I turned to Santana "Gosh, she's so big, how old is she now?" I asked her.

"She'll be 3 in a few months"

"Wow" How time had flown, it only seemed like yesterday that I had watched Santana give birth to her, and now she was just about to start Kindergarten.

"Rachel" my boss yelled at me "Get back to work"

"I better go but here…" I ripped some paper of my notepad and scribbled down my address. "Pop in whenever and we can have a chat"

Santana's POV

In my hand, I held the piece of paper with Rachel's address. It had been a week since I had seen her in the restaurant and I was dying to see her again. I knocked on her apartment door and waited for her to answer.

"One Second" someone yelled from inside the apartment. A man opened the door.

"Oh…sorry I must have the wrong door…" I shuffled back. "I'm looking for Rachel Berry?"

"No this is the place, I'm Jesse, Rachel's fiancé" I was taken aback, Rachel was engaged, to a man? "Come in, I'll go get her"

I stood awkwardly in the apartment until Rachel finally came from one of the rooms.

"Santana, hi" She gave me a hug. "Where's Daniella?" she asked me

"Oh she's at Day-care"

"Oh of course" she gestured towards the couch. "Come on, sit, Jesse was just heading out to work"

"Have a great day sweetie" he came over and kissed her on the cheek before heading out of the door. I was surprised that I felt slightly jealous, even after all these years.

"So…Who's that?" I asked casually.

"That's my boyfrien… my fiancé Jesse." She smiled "We only got engaged a couple weeks ago, I'm still getting used to it"

"Awhh congratulations"

"Yeah" she blushed. "So…. Have you... met anyone new...?"

"Well I'm not with anyone at the minute but I came out at the end of my senior year"

"Really?! Omg Santana that's great!" She squeezed my hand tight. "I'm so happy for you."

"Does… does Jesse know?"

She shifted awkwardly in her seat "What about?"

"About you? About us? Did you come out?" I knew that she hadn't, I could tell, I already knew that she wasn't a lesbian, she was bi, and she made that very clear when we started hanging out.

"Well… no not really."

That meant no then, just as I had expected. "Anyways..." I changed the subject, "I'm really happy for you, when's the wedding?"

"End of November" That was only a few months away "You should come?"

"Why such a hurry?"

"Well, if everything goes to plan, I'll start school in January, and I want everything to be settled by then. Speaking of school..." She changed the subject "Are you in one? What are you doing in New York?"

"I moved with Daniella a little while after I finished school. Lima bored me; everyone knew my story, judged me. Here I'm nobody, I like that."

"You like being a nobody?"

"Well for the time being I do but, I got a modelling job with Vogue, so I don't plan on being a nobody for that long" We laughed "What about you then, Miss Rachel Berry, how did you end up in a lousy old restaurant pulling pints for drunken guys? I didn't think that was your style?"

"It isn't." She sighed "I auditioned for Nyada at the end of my senior year but I failed my audition, so I'm trying again in December, so fingers crossed"

I looked down at the cushion I was sitting on; I recognized it "Rachel…"

"Yeh?" she asked not really paying attention to what I was looking at as she answered a text message.

"Is this the cushion that I made for you in textiles that one year?"

She looked at it "Yeah. Yeah it is"

"I can't believe you still have that!" I picked it up and looked at the badly sown heart on the white fabric. "I miss those times" I said, still looking at the cushion, not daring to look at her response.

She didn't say anything for a minute "Santana"…. I didn't give her a chance to reply, I just lifted my head up so that my eyes were in line with hers, and carefully kissed her lips. I gave her chance to pull away, she didn't. It reminded me of the first time she kissed me, in the locker room, before we had any idea of what our relationship was going to turn into. She backed away after a while and before she had chance to say anything, I picked up my bag and left the building.