Yutaka, Yutaka Kobayakawa. Thats my name, I live with my otaku cousin Konata Izumi, and her father. I just got here a couple of months ago, and I go to my cousins school, she has a lot of friends... Oh, don't get confused, I am not a depressed little girl in a corner of a room, but... the little part is right. I am small, I have pinkish hair, but its like a dark pink mixed with red, wait no its... well... its hard to explain. Its my first year of high school, and so far things are going great... But, I am afraid of my feelings, how I feel about one of my friends Minami. She is SOOOO pretty! I love her so much! Yet, thats the problem, which way do I love her? As a friend or, more than that..

Thinking this, I am in my room, on my bed, just dreaming up how far my relationship with Minami will go.

"Yutaka, breakfast is ready!" Konata yelled even though she was standing RIGHT NEXT TO MY EAR!

"Sheesh Onee-chan, I am right next to you, and I am young so my hearing is perfectly fine...for now.." I said shyly to her. I looked at the time 7:36. So I went down the stairs and I- ITS 7:36, I MUST HAVE BEEN THINKING TOOO MUCH! I slipped on the staircase and was sent tumbling down until I plopped on the floor. "Owwwww, that hurt, I am such a klutz" I thought aloud, Konata's dad heard me shriek and came rushing down as he was sent flying down the stairs too.

" WAAAAAAAAAH! Yutaka, look out abov-" He shouted, then he was on the floor, legs spread out like he joined the girls gymnastics team! " Sojiro Oji, are you okay?" I asked.

" Dont worry about him, the old mans fine" Konata said with her cat face smirk at the dining table. Oji looked at Konata, a flood of tears going down his face.

"KONATA YOU ARE SO MEAN TO YOUR OWN DADDY" He said emotionally, he got up and ran outside, still in his robe. I sweat dropped and went upstairs to get ready. I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower. The cold water sprayed my skin and I wondered how I felt about Minami.

I always get excited around her, but maybe I just like having fun with her. My heart beats rapidly around her and I cling to her a lot. When I'm sick, I love it when my friends check on me, but when Minami is the first to go in, I feel like I get better instantly. AAAHHH WHAT AM I FEELING!

I got out the shower and dressed in my uniform. It's the winter now so my uniform is mostly white with pink on the sleeves, collar skirt and a yellow tie. Downstairs i went and ate my breakfast, most of it was gone, and I noticed Konata patting her tummy then burping. I think I know what happened. I put on my jacket, shoes and ran out with my bag. "I'll be leaving now, One-chan!". I ran for it. It was 7:42, I have time!

I ran avoided poles and almost got beyond the gate until, I had a hug with this boy in my class. His name is Sora Takeuchi. "Oh, Yutaka, I didn't know you liked me so much that you would randomly hug me" He exclaimed with a cute smile he had.

"Oh Takeuchi-san, I am so sorry, I did not see where I was running, and I wasn't hugging you, I just bumped into you" I said quickly bowing my head embarrassed. His friends were behind him chuckling saying how Takeuchi has so many girls with crushes on him. I certainly don't, I mean I barely know him.

I excused myself from the situation and walked inside to my classroom. I sat at my desk and saw Patricia Martin, one of my friends. I didn't see her face because when I looked up, I saw this school uniform mountain in my face. "Hi Yutaka! You look tired, did you run here cuz' you thought you were late? It's actually only 7:19, the teacher won't come for a while". With every word her she moved a little and her mountain moved along with her.

"Yeah Patricia, you're right. I guess I set my clock incorrectly." I mumbled laughing a little. When I saw Minami Iwasaki walk in. I jumped out of my seat and ran up to her. We started talking about stuff while we walked over to our desks. Minami looked at Patricia and when Hiyori Tamura walked up she patted her chest. I wonder why?

"Patricia, Minami, Yutaka, how about after school we go to the mall today and buy clothes?" Hiyori exclaimed. We all agreed, I know that we will have fun!


We walked in our uniforms to the mall a couple of blocks away from the school, I saw a couple of upperclassman looking at Patty, Hiyori and Minami. A lot probably have crushes on them, they are really pretty. They asked if we wanted a ride, but they didn't pay any attention to me. I'm so small they probably thought I was still in elementary. My friends declined and we all ran. When we got there, I stopped and my heart was beating really fast, I couldn't breathe normally and I was falling. Luckily Minami caught me and I was glad that it was her. We walked over to a bench and Patty and Hiyori got us some drinks. I opened my orange soda can and it fizzed and sprayed my clothes. SO embarrassing!

"Aww, my school uniform is orange now!" I said, "what a bad day for me".

"Yutaka-chan, we can go to my house and give you some clothes. I live near by!" Patty said her eyes were sparkling. We reached her house and she opened the door, all we saw was pure otaku-ness.

"Patty-chan, your house is..." Minami said sweat dropping.

"I know Minami, its amazing right!" she shouted, spinned around, and hopped onto her couch. "Well, come on, make yourselves at home!" I went over and she got up to her room. She brought back some old clothes of hers. A baggy house shirt and pants that seemed like she used it ages ago because of its ripped up fashion. Minami and Hiyori looked at eachother and Patty just smiled holding it up. "You can go change in my room" Patty said. I changes and it was very big on me but not so big that it was sinking down. We talked, watched tv and we saw her collection of manga. I looked at the book shelf and opened a book with two girls blushing on the cover holding hands.

"Wow, these girls look like they are best friends" I said smiling.

"Its more... than friends" Hiyori mumbled coughing under each word. I opened the book and started reading. Then I got to page 32 and saw something I shoudn't have. "AHHHH! Patty, what kind of book do you like?!" I shouted, my face a bright red as the book flopped out of my hands. At 5:30 I left and started walking home. I saw Takeuchi-kun walking as we met up at the corners.

Why do I run into him now! This boy is so embarrassing when I talk to him!

"Yutaka-chan, are you following me?" He said with a smirk that showed a little pointy tooth he had. I had to admit, it was kind of cute.

"Oh, Takeuchi-kun, no I wasn't following you!" I quickly said looking at my feet. Man, I can't seem to be away from him today.

"Ummm.. I wanted to ask if you'd like to go on a date tomorrow. So,.. will you?" He asked blushing and rubbing the back of his head. Lets see, today is Friday, so tomorrow would be fine I guess.

"Well, sure, I'd love that!" I shouted my face red, this time, I looked at his face, he smiled.

"So tomorrow at 4:30, is that fine?" Takeuchi-kun asked. I nodded and smiled.

"Great, Takeuchi-kun, I will see you tomorrow!"

" Oh, you could call me Sora!" He shouted while walking backwards away. KYAAA I CANT WAIT! I can feel this decision was right, in my heart.