New Figures

Kim's pov

I just couldn't believe this would happen. I turned to Jack. His eyes full of pain... almost tears. He runs up to the scene. I stood behind them.

When we turned onto the school's back alleys where we suspected Lacey would be, Lacey laid there right in front of the secret doors. Her face was pale just like how we found her, but blood spilled over her shirt and on the ground by her like someone stabbed her.

'LACEY!' I screamed. I ran and leaned over her by Jack. I held her in my arms. She opened her eyes.

'Kim, don't worry about me.' she gasped.

'Listen to me, we're going to bring you to the-' I started but she cut me off.

'No. You guys see me some time soon.' she said.

'NO! Don't talk like that!' I said.

'This is the reason I didn't want you two to come here with me.' She breathed. I could tell she was getting weaker.

'So you wanted to protect us?' Jack asked. I could tell there was a huge lump in his throat.

'Kim, Jack,' she started. We looked at each other with glossy eyes then back at Lacey. 'Even if you were never officially my parents, just know you were the best I ever had.' That made me melt. I hugged her and kept my forehead on hers. I felt her grip on my arm fade and she stopped breathing.

'Lacey!' i breathed through tears. I felt Jack lower closer to her body. He hugged her too. I felt him grab my shoulder and lift me up.

'Jack!' I screamed into his shoulder. He hugged me tight.

'Kim. It's ok.' I heard from his voice, he was crying too.

'What do we do?' I sobbed.

'Bring the police here.' Then, I pressed away from him.

'She's been living as a third grader for 50 years! How did she die?!' I yelled. He was shocked after he noticed that.

'There's something else down there.' he said pointing to the doors.

'Ok, well do you want to tell the police first?' I asked.

'No, we have to see-' he stopped himself whenever he heard something come from the forest behind the school. He slapped his hand on mine and pulled me into him. He fell down into the darkness behind the dumpster and hid. We heard footsteps come closer and closer. I felt my body tense up and shake.

'It's ok.' Jack whispered in my ear. He pulled me closer into his lap and rested his chin on my shoulder. Then, a black figure came into view. I knew I could have immediately identified it, only if it was day. It was almost pitch black out.

'But what about Cassie and Jena?' a voice said. Another figure popped out of the tree.

'Eh, they'll find there way back.' The first one said.

'But Jack, they can't without Lacey?!' obviously a she yelled. The first whipped around.

'I may have trained you guys to know everything you know and will ever know, but I haven't given you everything I know. So, what out or as what someone once said, Expect the unexpected.' she did a clicking sound with her voice and pointed at the person in front of her.

'THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I DID KIM?!' my thoughts yelled.

'Yah yah I know-' the second one interrupted my thought.

'You know, you always say quotes from the people we are looking for next.'

'I know, I'm just getting to know my characters.' the two walked past our hiding place and trotted down the broken staircase.

'I. Can't. Believe. It.' my thoughts sounded.

'Kim, they're looking for me.' Jack's voice echoed in my head.

'And do you know what's weird, that thing's name was Jack.' I thought.

'Yah and I could have sworn it was a lady.' he finished.

We quietly stood up and walked away from the school which broke out into a full out sprint to Jack's house. I never let go of Jack's hand in thought of loosing him too.

Jack's pov

We burst into my house and apparently we looked messed up because my mom ran over worried.

'Jack! What's wrong? What happened? Did you find Lacey?' our expressions changed right as she said Lacey's name.

'First, we're ok mom.' I started, calming her down. 'Second, we were hiding from people like Lacey, I will talk to you about that later but,' I slowed my voice. I felt the lump come back.

'Lacey.' was all I was able to say. She got what I meant. Tears fell down her cheeks as here hug tightened me and Kim. Once she let go, I walked over to the police.

'I found Lacey's body at Seaford High School's alleys.' I was able to gasp.

'Ok, we will go strait there I will keep some guys here with your mom. But, I want you and...'

'Kim.' Kim said.

'Ms. Kim to ride with me.' I nodded as I followed Kim who followed the police out the door. Once we arrived at the school, we all jumped out of the car. We raced over to the dumpster. Me and Kim stood there shocked. Lacey's body was gone.

'Jack.' Kim stuttered. I looked at her and her face was pale and dark just like Lacey's was when we found her.

'Jack.' she said louder and held onto her stomach.

'JACK!' she nearly screamed holding the sides of her head. She tumbled into my arms.

'Kim what's wrong?' I exclaim. She looks up to me and her face expression was exactly like Lacey's. She stood up normally and crouched down to the spot where Lacey's body used to lay. She picked up the bear and turned around walking right past me.

'Kim.' I breathed grabbing her arm.

'NO!' she screamed and fell to her knees. Her head looked towards the ground and she gripped the bear to her chest. Her hair fell down the sides of her face, just like the first time I saw Lacey.

'Kim.' I said sitting on my knees in front of her. She looked up just enough where I was the only person who could see her whole face. She looked creepy well, for the Kim I once knew. Her face was pale with darkness creeping around the edges. Her blond hair was falling down the sides of her face. She wore a black jacket over her white t shirt and black jeans. Dirt and blood covered the clothes. I hated seeing her in this state.

'C'mon.' I said pulling her arms up. She came up with them.

'Search the premises and-' right before I could finish my sentence to the police, a note just appeared on my sleeve. I opened it and it read:

Don't tell them about the hallways. I promise I'll come back to you. I love you.


'KIM!' my thoughts screamed. She jumped. She read the note and smiled almost screamed and jumped in my arms.

'Just stay on the ground not above or under.' I said. The police nodded as we walked home.

'I cannot believe it Jack.' Kim said as we walked hand in hand towards my house.

'She's alive still. Why do you think she did that?' I asked.

'Maybe to hid or trick the two figures we saw.' Kim suggested.

'I don't think so, but that could be a good guess.' I said. We walked in silence not an awkward one until we arrived at me house.

'This is going to sound a little crazy but Lacey's still alive!' I exclaimed.

'Are you serious? Where is she?' she asked. Me and Kim looked at each other.

'We didn't see her but this note appeared just like all the others did.' I handed her the note. She read it.

'Well, what are you guys waiting for? Find her!'

'We would only if the police weren't investigating the whole school.' Kim replied.

'Why is that bad?' my mom asked.

'I would tell you but Lacey told me not to tell anyone about anything of that school and her.' I replied bitting my lip hoping my mom didn't fight back.

'You can't just believe a note.' she said. I was going to reply but, she was right. But didn't you see how it just showed up? Well... it could have been the pair who sent it to me because Lacey never puts her full name as the signature.

'Whatever but we will still look for her before and after school.' I replied a little sad that I believed my mom. Tomorrow was thankfully Friday.

Me and Kim walked up stairs, said goodnight to my siblings. We walked in my room and she sat on my bed.

'Kim, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think I believe my mom about the note.' her eyes widened.

'But Jack! Lacey's got to be out there.' she replied denying it.

'Kim, I don't think we should believe that note, it didn't sound like Lacey.' she was going to reply but contemplated my answer. Then, a note appeared on the end of my bed. I opened it and sat down by Kim. We read:

Good Move.

- J & X

Surprised I took Lacey completely out of the picture?