Ib leaned against the wall, shaking and shivering as she slid down it. A blonde haired boy and girl were approaching him. The boy's eyes were ablaze with fury, the girl's blue eyes shining in a malicious manner. A bloodied young man was only a few yards away from her.


The girl produced a palette knife, while the boy held two roses in his hand; identical except the colours. One was red while the other was blue. The blue rose had a rotting petal still hanging onto it. Meanwhile, the red rose's petals were being savagely pulled off by the boy.

Help me...

A suffocating feeling enveloped Ib as she cried out, trying to retreat back against the wall. As thhe two got closer, the pain got worse...

Garry! Come back to me!

Her heartbeat quickened, adrenaline kicking through her veins.


She awoke in a cold sweat, her body trembling as she jolted up in bed. She felt Garry's arms around her as she rested her head onto his shoulder, and he ran a hand through her hair.

"Ib, are you okay?"

"They're getting better," Ib spoke quietly, before grabbing his hand. "Yours?"

He looked at her, "They're... improving."

"I see."

They decided to both rise, though the time was still only 4am. Ib walked to the kitchen, sliding toast into the toaster while Garry supervised, boiling the kettle and setting up the cups for tea. She smiled as he knew exactly how to set hers up. Three sugars. She liked sweet things.

He passed her the cup of tea as he finished making it just as she started to butter his toast. After a great piece of teamwork, they grabbed their breakfast and moved into the living room Garry was still confused how the TV worked.

Coming back to the world after nine years is quite a shock. Ib had taught him most things, however, and she felt that perhaps he had been brought back to date. It was still hard for him, though.

At 7am the doorbell rang. Ib raised an eyebrow to Garry, who gave a shrug, biting into his toast. Just before she left to answer the door, he gave her a kiss on the cheek, grinning. She grinned back, opening the door wide.

She was greeted by a black haired girl, her eyes a strikimg amber colour. This did not shock Ib much, however. She supposed that having crimson red eyes makes you immune to any sort of weird eye colours.

The girl's hair was in pigtails, wearing a skirt and a pick hooded top. She was smiling enthusiastically, before grabbing Ib's hand and shaking it wildly. Ib flinched, but the girl was too busy shaking her head too frantically to notice.

"Hey! I'm Alisa! I just moved in next door! I'm here to attend the college! Are you? What's your name?!" The girl peered into the apartment, restarting her frantic yelling again before Ib could respond. "Ooh is that your boyfriend?! Hey what's your name! Cool hair colour! Oh your eyes are pretty too, miss! I love that cou-"

Garry strode to the door, raising an eyebrow, still chewing his toast, "And you are...?"

"I just saaaid!" The girl said, dramatically stretching out the word. "I'm Alisa! Your new neighbour!"

"Riiight," Garry replied, finishing his toast. "Well, I'm Garry and this is Ib."

"You have such cool names!"


"Are you two dating?"

"Yeah," Ib replied quietly.

"Aww, that's so sweet!"

"Yeah, uhm, do you mind if we get ready now?" Garry said politely. "We don't want to run late on the first day."

"Ooh, okay! Do you need a lift?"

"Eh, no thanks," Ib replied courteously. "We have our own method of transport. But we are very grateful for the offer!"

"Okay!" Alisa replied. She gave a small wave before bounding back into her own apartment.

Ib gently shut the door before giving Garry a look.

"Can we... actually trust people again?" Garry said quietly, as if reading Ib's mind.
"There's something dodgy about her... right?"

"Maybe? Or maybe we're over thinking it?"

But, what they both did not know, was that the true enemy was nearby, watching.

I am sorry it's so short! But what do you think? I know it's pretty hard to tell just from a little piece, but it will pick up the pace, I promise you! I can't wait to start adding all the cute Garry and Ib moments. Also, I'm looking for a few character (Just One or Two) ideas. Any help would be appreciated! They'd have to be college age though, but other than that, no problem!

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