Heyyyyy guys! So, this is my first story on here and I gotta say, it's a tad bit rough around the edges. But it's just starting out and I feel confident that it's going to be great! So, yes it is rated T in here but quite frankly, this would probably rated R if it was a movie or TV-MA if it was on HBO or Showtime. Maybe even Comedy Central. Now, this is not going to be a serious story, AT ALL! Sure, there will be some serious parts scattered throughout at appropriate times, just like all good comedies have. But, for the most part it is going to be a comedy. If you were trying to get a reference to what exactly this might be like in context of content, think of the movies Superbad, HIGH School, and Remember The Daze. TV show wise, it's probably on the level of Six Feet Under or Weeds. On second thought, most definitely think Weeds. Now, for the actual ratings:

Rated R for Pervasive drugs and language, crude sexual humor throughout, some sexual content, nudity, reckless behavior and mayhem- all involving teens and some involving children

Everything changed for me over the summer. I found out I had a half brother, who turned out to be Noah Puckerman which I was just seriously disgusting considering we made out last year. Then my Dads' relocated us to California for the duration of my summer vacation, the first half being spent with my Daddy's brother, my Uncle Gerard in San Diego in his insanely beautiful home in the suburbs. The second half was spent in Los Angeles with my Aunt Kate and Uncle Jeremy in their beautiful home in the very upper class in Hollywood Hills. In L.A., it was a huge family reunion, where Noah, his little sister Sophie, and Aunt Sarah showed up and broke the news to Noah and I. To say we were grossed out was a mega understatement. Pretty much all of the rest of our relatives made appearances too, but my family ended up staying the longest. But ya know what, that wasn't the biggest change. The biggest had to do with myself. My mentality slowly changed in a mellow, easy going, unanal retentive, fun, happy, and sweet girl that I had never been, but truly loved. Then came my wardrobe. At first, it was just discarding my animal sweaters and loafers, trading them for cute t-shirts and adorable flats. After that, a couple skinny jeans appeared to my style and Converse started being worn on my feet. A few pairs of blacked out wayfairers and hoodies also made appearances. But overall, my main clothing, like my skirts, stayed the same. I kept my hair basically the same, with only having it shortened up to my mid-shoulder blades and I started straightening it on a regular basis. Most likely the biggest change was my makeup, which started to include smokey eyeshadow, light blush, lipgloss, thicker eyeliner, and mascara. It made my bright, gleefully mischievous eyes pop and gave me an adorable sexy look.
My fathers were absolutely ecstatic about the change, thanking God that I had stopped shopping for toddlers style clothes. They didn't know however, what actually brought on the changes. But they wholeheartedly embraced it and giddily took me shopping all over the Hollywood Boulevard, to all of the shops that all the teen celebrities shopped. Now however, we're back in Lima, Ohio and everything in my life has definitely changed. When I was in L.A., I would always be in a haze of sorts, filled with bright flashing fireworks and happiness and all fun. Yep, Rachel Berry was an avid user of all things drugs and the definitive dealer to come to in Hollywood Hills. From weed to pills, I've tried them and sold them at the best prices and the best quality possible to get your hands on. And yes, before you even ask, the change that I went through was brought on by a certain green, illegal plant. But c'mon guys, how badly could it possibly mess me up?

So, that was just the prologue, kinda giving you a look as to what happened to Rachel over her summer break. And for a little more background, this is taking place in Junior year and her change occured between Sophomore and Junior years. That places Rachel at age 16, Puck at 17, Tina 15, Artie 15, and the rest at 17. So, R&R and please, give good feedback and tell me exactly what you think. Ideas are welcome but I can't guarantee I'm going to use them.

Much love,