Summary: based loosely on Disney's Helios. Small Lady Serenity is tired of being cooped up in the Crystal Palace, so one day, she, and her cat Diana sneak out of the castle, disquised as peasants. There she meets an old friend named Helios, who lives on a rooftop and has to struggle to survive. She promises to help him be restored to his throne in Elysian, the Land of Dreams.

Chapter One

"Stop, thief! I'll have your hands for a trophy, street rat" Helios looked down at the loaf of bread in his hand and sighed.

"I have to eat too, you know" The guard advanced on him and he took off running.

He finally made it to an alley where, where his cat, Apollo was waiting for him.

"See what we have to sink to Apollo" Helios sighed. The guards came around the corner and saw him. Apollo jumped on his shoulder and they took off, escaping from the guards.

When they finally got away from the guards, Helios broke the bread in half and laid half of it in front of Apollo to eat.

"Someday Apollo, things are going to be very different" Helios mused. "I just have to regain my power" Helios hated living like this, but there was nothing he could do, not since his horn was stolen and the golden crystal with it. Without his power, he couldn't visit the land of dreams and nightmares plagued the children of Crystal Tokyo.

Apollo looked at his friend sadly. It pained him to see the Prince of Dreams reduced to begging in the streets for food to survive.

"You are right, Helios" He replied. "Everything will work out. We just have to find a way to get to the king"

"How?" Helios asked. "Without the power of pegasus, I'll never get past the guards. It's not like they'll believe a street rat" Apollo glared at Helios.

"You are not a street rat" He said firmly. "Never ever think that. You are Helios, the golden prince of the land of dreams and best friend to the King and Queen"

Prince Damion stormed into the throne room.

"I've never been so insulted" He snapped. King Endymione glanced at his wife, then at the Prince.

"You're not leaving so soon, are you?" He asked.

"Good luck marrying her off" The prince snapped before storming away. Neo-Queen Serenity sighed.

"Oh Rini" She said exasperatedly. "Perhaps you should go talk to her dear" Endymione sighed and stood, heading for the garden, his daughter's favorite place. He found her, sitting by the well, her long pink hair flowing. Her cat, Diana, was sitting next to her, holding a piece of cloth in her mouth. It was part of the Prince's uniform.

"Confound it, Diana! So, this is why Prince Damion stormed out" He crossed his arms. Rini sighed.

"He was a pig, your majesty" Diana explained, spitting the cloth on the ground. "I gave him only that which he deserved" Endymione shook his head.

"Darling, you've got to stop rejecting every suitor that comes to call. The law says you..."

"...must be married to a prince" Rini finished, sighing.

"By your next birthday" Endymione replied.

"Who came up with that stupid law?" Rini snapped. "It's wrong" Endymione sighed.

"That law has been in place for centuries, darling. It was the law on the moon kingdom and has carried on to the 30th century. that law has been in effect for over 20 centuries"

"Father, I hate being forced into this" Rini said, sighing. "If I do marry, I want it to be for love, like you and mother" Endymione sighed.

"Your mother was fifteen when we met, darling. She still had to follow the law, she just got lucky. Besides, our love has crossed centuries. We want you to be happy, but we are not always going to be around. Someday, you will be Queen and you will need a King"

"Try to understand" Rini said, facing the king. "I've never done a thing on my own" She looked down at her reflection. I've never had any real friends" Diana looked up.

"Hey" She protested. Rini smiled slightly.

"Except you, Diana" She ammended. I've never even been outside the palace walls"

"But Rini, you're a princess" Endymione explained.

"Then maybe I don't want to be a princess" Rini snapped. Endymione frowned and looked at Diana. Gaia forbid you should have any daughters" he snapped. Diana would have smirked, if she had been in human form. Endymione left the garden.

"I think you hurt his feelings" Diana reprimanded the princess. Rini sighed.

"I know. I just don't understand why Mother and Father are pushing for this. Why must I marry a prince, anyway. They're all snobs" She asked.

"What about Helios?" Diana asked slyly. "I seem to recall you two being sweet on each other" Rini sat down on the edge of the well.

"I thought he'd come by now, Diana" She said. "Maybe he doesn't want to marry me"

"Nonsense" Diana scoffed. "Helios loved you. My parents are getting worried. The dream world is in chaos"

"How do they know that?" Rini asked. Diana sighed.

"Sailor Pluto sent them to the dream world to find Helios. They couldn't find him. Mother says that the Elysian temple is in ruins" Rini gasped.

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" She asked.

"We didn't want to worry you" Diana said softly. "I am sure Helios is fine"

"I don't know where she gets it from" Endymione was saying to his wife. "you weren't nearly as picky" Serenity smiled gently.

"That's because I fell in love with you the moment we met" She reminded him. "Rini is young, and head strong. She has an independance about her and she's in love with someone she met as a child" Endymione shook his head.

"Helios is gone, Serenity" He said. "I fear the worst"

"Then why haven't you told her?" Serenity asked. "She's holding on to a fragment of hope that he'll come for her before her birthday next week. She can't move on unless she knows he's gone" Suddenly, two young men entered the throne room. Prince Diamond and his younger brother Sapphire of Nemesis.

"What can we do for you, Diamond?" Endymione asked. He was still cold towards the man who had once tried to take his wife.

"I believe I can solve your suitor problem" Diamond said, bowing.

"And how do you intend to do that?" Queen Serenity asked.

"I believe that my brother Sapphire, would be the perfect candidate for your daughter" Diamond's intention was to force Rini into a marriage with his brother in order to take control of the kingdom. Sapphire looked very uncomfortable with the plan.

"Is this your idea, Diamond?" Serenity asked, eying the white haired man. "Or is it Sapphire's" Diamond shot Sapphire a look, and the blue haired man refrained from speaking.

"I think it will make a great alliance between Nemesis and Crystal Tokyo" Diamond replied. The King and Queen exchanged a glance.

"It is not our decision to make" Endymione said. "I will discuss things with my daughter and get back to you"

"Very well" Diamond said. "We'll take our leave then"

As they left, Sapphire shot Diamond a look.

"Is this necessary?" He demanded.

"Yes" Diamond said. "Once you are King, we will take control of the surrounding kingdoms as well" Sapphire had long since been in his brother's shadow and had never spoken out, for fear of being punished.