Chapter Five

"Rini!" Helios cried out.

"Diamond, this has gone on long enough!" Sapphire declared. Diamond glared at his brother.

"Don't toy with me!" He snapped. Helios rushed forward but his path was suddenly blocked by crystal. Diamond laughed.

"Are you afraid to fight me yourself, you cowardly snake?" Helios spat. Diamond just laughed.

"A snake, am I? Perhaps you'd like to see how snake-like I can be!" Helios, Endymione, Serenity, Sapphire and Rini watched in horror as Diamond turned into a giant cobra. A ring of fire circled around Helios and the snake slithered toward him. Helios turned back into a pegasus and flew upward. His horn gleamed.

"Helios!" Rini cried, sand now up to her middle. Helios flew at the snake and stabbed it with his horn. Diamond howled in pain. Helios flew over to Rini and pierced the glass with his horn and she fell. "I'm sorry" She whispered. Helios morphed back into a boy.

"It's okay" He said. Diamond began laughing.

"You little fool! You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on earth!" Diamond laughed. Helios glowered and grabbed Rini's hand.

"Rini!" Serenity shouted. "You have the power to defeat him" Rini nodded and closed her eyes. The silver crystal came out of her body and she held it high. Helios merged his golden crystal with the silver crystal and the light burned brightly.

"Your crystals are no match for me" Diamond laughed turning back into his human form, and held up his own crystal, which was black as night. Sapphire stepped forward.

"They can with my help" He said. "I can use the Sapphire crystal" Diamond looked at his brother in shock.

"If you use that you'll die" He said. Sapphire squared his shoulders.

"I don't care" He said. "Endymione and Serenity gave us a second chance. I don't why you are doing this, but I will stop you" A look flashed in Diamond's eyes.

"I don't..." He began. Suddenly there was a whirling wind.

"Don't be swayed Diamond" A voice said. "Power and riches can be yours once you rid us of these pests" Sapphire's eyes widened.

"Don't listen to him brother" He shouted. "Come back to us"

"I..." Diamond began. The black crystal glowed. "You're wrong, Wiseman!" Diamond shouted. He turned to facce the omnious darkness.

"Together as one" He said. Sapphire, Helios, Rini and Diamond raised thier crystals. Wiseman screamed as he was disentigrated. When the smoke cleared, Diamond shook his head.

"I am sorry" He said. "I will accept whatever punishment you have in store for me" Serenity walked over to the white haired man.

"I am partially to blame for not completely defeating Wiseman all those years ago" She said. "He turned my own daughter against me and I still gave him clemency"

"Sapphire" Rini was shaking the blue haired man. Diamond ran over to his brother.

"He used his crystal too, didn't he?" He asked. Rini nodded.

"I don't understand. Our crystals don't affect us like that" Diamond sighed.

"Sapphire was created by the crystal" He said. "Our father created him out of a sapphire crystal to use as a weapon" Rini gasped.

"That's horrible" She whispered.

"Yes it is. It is because of me that he is dead" Diamond said mournfully.

"You can bring him back" A female voice said. They turned to see the ghostly form of Emerald. Diamond's eyes widened.

"Emerald, I thought you were..."

"dead, I know" Emerald said. "I am dead. Wiseman killed me so I wouldn't interfere with his plans. I loved you too much to let you get hurt" Diamond sighed.

"How can we save my brother?" He asked.

"True love's kiss" Emerald replied.

"Sapphire doesn't have a true love" Diamond said skeptically.

"Yes he does" Emerald replied. "Her name is Prisma. She was imprisoned by the Wiseman. She has been released and is on her way here" It was not a second later, that Prisma and her three sisters arrived. Prisma ran to Sapphire's side.

"No" She whispered. "No" She gently kissed him on the lips. Everyone watched as Sapphire began breathing, as if he had only been asleep. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled.

"Rini, I want to thank you for saving my life" Helios said. Rini smiled.

"It was my pleasure" She said.

"I take it you have chosen a suitable husband?" Endymione asked smiling. Rini nodded.

"Him! I choose...I choose you, Helios" And they kissed.

Helios and Rini and Sapphire and Prisma had a double wedding and everyone lived happily ever after.