After finally thinking about this my friend and I have wanted to put up our thoughts about our own Spiderman Adventure and see what you guys would think of it.

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My name Is Peter Parker. And this is the story of my life. When I was younger my parents left me in the care of my Uncle Ben and Aunt May. I have wondered for many years why they left. I remember my dad handing my uncle a bag with wit the initials R.P. but I am still confused why they left me. My life hasn't been easy since I am now sixteen years old and next week will be my seventeenth birthday. Every year I wish for the same thing to happen to have my parents come home and tell me why they left all those years ago. But I still haven't given up on hope this year I know I will find the answers I am looking for.

Peter's Pov

Basketball hits me. I turn around and see Flash sitting four seats behind me. Hey Parker nice catch he says with a smile even though I could tell that there was sarcasm in his words.

Flash Thompson blonde hair, blue eyes, about six feet tall wearing his usual jock outfit with sneakers and jeans. Everyone knows him as the football jock for our high school Midtown High.

The next thing I know a voice says behind me Students its time to pay attention and Mr. Thompson do try to pay attention.

I turn around to see that it's Ms. Denver our English teacher. Ms. Denver she has dark skin black hair wears a black dress and black dress shoes.

I notice that she is giving me a stern look as well. Now students open your books to pg. 28 she commands the class.

After class it was lunchtime and I went outside to eat also grabbing my camera from my locker so I could take pictures of the outside nature. When I got outside I saw a mob of my classmates in a circle right next to our schools fountain. As I approached the group I saw Flash yet again beating up another kid with his girlfriend Felicia Hardy smiling at the child's pain.

Felicia Hardy blonde hair, blue eyes wearing a golden necklace, a white long sleeve shirt with a pink vest on top, and a pink skirt to match and finally wearing white high heels. Felicia is the most popular girl in school. She only dates those who she deems worthy of her.

As I am watching I notice Flash sees me and says hey Parker take a picture of this. I very nicely tell him no. From what I notice he gets somewhat mad and replies don't be a sore loser and take the picture Parker.

I tell him once again to just put the kid down.

Then Felicia says as she is coming towards me come on Peter. She puts her finger under my chin. Do it for me she asks in a seductive tone.

I respond by telling her Sorry Felicia no, and tell you boyfriend Eugene to put the kid down.

Next thing I know everyone around me gasps in shock. I then look at flash and sees that he has put the kid down and looks pissed at me. Flash then comes at me and was about to punch me when a voice from someone in the crowd says. Flash don't you hurt him or you can forget about studying for you English test.

Flash, Felicia, and I all turn to see that the voice came from a girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, green eyes, wearing a blue sweater and a blue skirt to match it, and finally black heels.

The girl then says looking at Felicia. Leave Peter Parker alone we both know you have no interest in him.

The next thing I know Flash then grabs Felicia by the hand and the "wonderful" couple leave. Soon after everyone in the crowd starts leaving one by one until its just me and the girl there. After a few moments of silence the girl walks up towards me and extends her hand in a handshake and then says hey there that was a pretty brave thing you did there. Not many boys say no to Felicia Hardy and live to tell the tale, let alone call Flash Eugene. My name is Gwen Stacy and yours?

I quickly respond by stating Peter Parker but you knew that already didn't you?

I know who you are I was just wondering if you knew who you are she asked

Well thanks for what you did there Gwen. I extend my hand out to shake hers. Who knows what Flash would have done if you hadn't stepped in. As I am shaking her hand I noticed that she is blushing

She quickly says well I got to go. Quickly withdrawing her hand and runs pass me towards the school behind me leaving me alone next to the water fountain.

Gwen Stacy she seems nice I thought to myself as I walked back to school for physics.